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    Sold Boss DM-2 mint-250 obo

    Black label japan. 80s. Works perfectly. 3205 chip. Paypal gift shipped.
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    Anybody rocking a Maxon D&S?

    Not the D&S II... Lemme hear you...
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    Since the Trio+ is getting a lot of attention, let's focus a bit on the Shoe Pedals + DOD collaboration.
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    The "marketing" of selling pedals in forums

    Many sale threads make me think about why people flip. "Best pedal I have ever owned'. "No pedal can compare to this one. I love it" "Amazing tone. Made wonders to my rig." Etc, etc. If you love it so much and made a difference to your sound... why the hell sell it? Discuss.
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    Zoom CDR-70 owners... controller

    The guy who built this switcher thingy for the CDR70 has released the schematic and code. Now, I need some arduino wizard to build it. Any leads? Maybe a group buy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz_j3HVF4Ow
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    ZOOM CDR-70 owners... saw this?

    http://lawrencedoss.blogspot.com/2014/08/my-tryst-with-hacking-zoom-ms-70cdr.html watch?v=Nz_j3HVF4Ow I want that. Arduino, anyone? :(
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    So Analog Mike worked on the East River Drive design...

    He says on rev...com that the pedal can be modded to boutique specs. How can this affect the whole boutique drive pedal market? Discuss.
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    It seems that other place made a BOTB again.

    Maybe the alumni will return?
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