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    Which high priced pedals are worth it?

    My favorite big cost ( also big box) pedal is the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe + I have tried for years to replace it due to its size and I can't find anything that compares. It lives on my board forever! The absolute best in its class IMO
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    How much of your solos do you hear in your head before you play?

    sing what you want to play as you play it. It will shorten the gap between your brain and you hands. Also if you are just wanking the key, its a good way to wake up your ears and reconnect with what you are playing. Sometimes it also works as a cool little trick for entertainment purposes. Keeps...
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    Biggest let down purchase of 2018?

    Red panda Tensor, I even used an expression pedal. I could not get anything inspiring out of this pedal that was usable for actually playing the guitar. I hoped it would do some cool tape stops and starts but even those were sort of underwhelming. I usualy lean to spaceman wizard type of sounds...
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    Best pedal purchase 2018

    Bought a bunch of pedals this year, only one that stayed home was the El Capistan. I keep most pedals based on gigabilty and this one is really friendly on stage and can get wild and back without presets and toe wiggles on knobs. Just a well designed, usable echo pedal.
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    Best pedal purchase 2018

    I bought one and played it for 30 minutes and sold it on reverb 20 minutes after for a cool 4 dollar profit. (covered my fees) I just didn't even see a use for it. Maybe I jumped ship too quick but I am a sonic wizard style player (ha!) and couldn't make the magic happen.
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    Using a looper in a band, live?

    Its totally possible. Unfortunately its like all things, it just takes some practice and a little trial and error. I love having the option on my board. Sometimes its gets used in between songs as a pad to get to the next tune. Have fun!
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    Does Anyone Use a Flatpick For Slide?

    How about Lowell George or Delaney Bramlett? Those guys are great slide players and they use a pick all the time!
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    What's the WORST piece of playing advice you've heard?

    "you're too loud" haha just kidding.
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    Nail tearing away from fingertip

    This is why I pack some nail clippers in my guitar case. Nothing worse than a nail tear that makes its into the meat of the finger.
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    Let's cut to the chase: Who is your FAVORITE guitarist?

    Changes all the time... but right now its Bill Frisell and his back catalog.
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    Every time I come here....

    yup, im the one with the butter knife.
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    Every time I come here....

    You guys make me wanna pick up my ax. Thanks for that! things that used to go over my head now go right inside! haha :idea
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    lesson video I just made on a cool etude/exercise

    yeah I was doing everything with a pick. I couldnt come near your speed but I did follow everything. ha!
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    lesson video I just made on a cool etude/exercise

    I made it through the first half tonight. Im leaving the second half for tomorrow! Thanks! I learned from this.
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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" regarding performance

    I want to add....I love the quote. All this analysis is just disgusting.
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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" regarding performance

    you ****ing people. There are no rules. Its a totally subjective ride.
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    Does anybody have any experience with the guitar grimoire book on rhythm guitar?

    I have three of those books and they are pretty hard to work out of. I got some great chords out of one of them but have since moved on to other material; primarily the internet.
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    3 Ways to Learn a Chord Progression

    this was a good read, thank you.
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    ebow technique

    the picking hand is still very much in control with an Ebow. You can shape the attack and tone of the sound by moving to and from the pickups. Biggest thing as with all things is experiment and practice Do they still come with that cassette tape with all the tips?
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    at what price break do you guys think the slant 6v would be a steal. 2.4k?
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    I fear this dreaded drive channel that everyone keeps saying is really bad. I have a tonemaster head that I think is probably similar to the Slant 6v on the drive channel. Just way too much gain. used in controlled doses it sounds great but it can cover some pretty heavy territory (which I never...
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    this will be used at clubs. I am not sure that I want to make that jump in price range when vintage is so much cheaper.
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    I have been looking at the Carr slant 6v and the Two Rock pro 22/35 I am wanting something that will get me decent breakup at a low volume. I really like the Carr amps and don't know too much about the Two Rock. Should I pull the trigger on one of these amps or should I save my dough and...
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    Two Rock Studio Pro35 and Hard Truckers cab...speaker suggestions?

    EVM 12L's are super clean but very heavy.
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