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  1. K

    DIG users: favorite switch or expression?

    Curious as to what others are using, haven't made up my mind yet...
  2. K

    Anyone else having issues with D'Addario?

    I've been using NYXLs for quite a while, and like their longevity. They also stay in tune very well. Today, I went to string up one of my guitars, and 4 of the strings were bent so badly (at both ends) that I could not use them. So, I pulled out the spare set in my other guitar case. The G...
  3. K

    Sound City Amps at NAMM?

    What's the deal with these, anyone know yet?
  4. K

    The Aristocrats last night...

    Amazing. Second time watching them and they were great. For those curious, Guthrie was using 2 Charvels and a Victory amp with 2x12. The only thing I could see on the floor was a Fractal unit, no pedalboard. :D
  5. K

    Suhr Guitars under new ownership?

    Looks that way... http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/AVLP/news?id=107574
  6. K

    Fryette Deliverance 2

    Loop and fooswitchable more/less, Fane speakers... LpCC4Yf7R4w
  7. K

    Fryette + Fane?

    Hmmm http://www.fane-acoustics.com
  8. K

    New Dunlop Echoplex

    muahaha http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/20104-rig-rundown-the-cults-billy-duffy
  9. K

    Fryette Valvulator GP/DI Tube Guitar Recording Amplifier

    New from Fryette... "The Fryette Valvulator GP/DI is an all-tube low-power guitar amplifier, preamplifier, direct box, and all-around low-volume-playing solution. It is specifically designed to work in situations where you can't or don’t need to play loud, such as late-night playing and...
  10. K

    Any Sunn historians?

    Back in the 80's I recall seeing a Hendrix signature amp head in a local music store. Not the 60's models he actually used, but a model with his sig on it. Google has turned up nothing. Anyone ever see this model, from either the 70's or 80's?
  11. K

    Fryette Deliverance 60

    Recorded using my cheapo camera's mic... 5Zey26dHiC8 oIO2Obc7cgY
  12. K

    Fulltone '69 anybody still use it?

    I sold my big box '69 a few years ago when they were discontinued, and was just thinking how nice the new one would look on my pedalboard...
  13. K

    Fulltone Cables design flaw?

    I've been repairing some of my old cables lately, one of them being a Fulltone with the old ends (not Neutrik). Apparently, these connectors are never meant to be reused; you have to remove some plastic to remove the plug, and it's full of black goo. The cable itself has 2 center core wires and...
  14. K

    Fryette Memphis does Hendrix

  15. K

    Iron Maiden touring USA this summer!

    Woohoo, gonna try to catch them again and VH!!!
  16. K

    Univibe: first or last in chain?

    Where do you put your vibe? Just curious. Ive seen it both ways.
  17. K

    If everyone else is doing it...

    Should Steve Fryette? http://www.fryette-users.com/forums/showthread.php?3738-So-everyone-else-is-doing-it...
  18. K

    What's with the Eminence speaker shortage?

    So, I recently fried the Eminence P50s in my VHT/Fryette speaker cab. When I check the Fryette site for replacements, I find that they are out of stock, and support doesn't seem to want to give an ETA for them. I check around to see what other Eminence speakers are similar and come across the...
  19. K

    The first thing I saw at the Smithsonian today...

    Got bored, so I went down to the Mall in DC and walked around all day. The first thing you see in the American History museum? PRS Dragon... Good work, Paul!
  20. K

    PRS discontinues the Custom 22.

    http://www.prsguitars.com/custom/index.html Also, the Sunburst 22 and 245 are gone. Boo! :dunno
  21. K

    Friend's country jam

    Here's a pal of mine, JD. He likes to sing rock, but we're always telling him to do some country... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NNr0mp5P8Q
  22. K

    Bogen ECC83?

    Who made these? I pulled one from a 1974 Challenger and stuck it in V1 of my VHT (I usually keep a grey plate RCA in there). It sounds very, very nice. The high end is beautiful. I don't have a USB cord here, so no pics right now.
  23. K

    I think I'm going back to GHS strings...

    So, I used Boomers for a few years, but switched to Balls awhile back. They have less tension and seemed to intonate better. Put some GHS Burnished Nickels on my Strat yesterday. Very nice. A little tighter than EBs, but nice tone. The intonation seems very good. Anyone else using these?
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