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    Questions about cables

    Ha! Good one!
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    Boss cs-3 compressor/ sustainer?

    Still on the fence with the CS-3 I see......Man you know you don't really need that comp....if you did you would already have it! Put it lower on your list for later!
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    Boss compressor/sustainer??

    Good deal for an MIJ but within price range of a used MIT. I own one and it's pretty good. Works well for many styles... country, Floyd, etc. It's a solid unit.
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    My Boss Pedal Collection (3/4's complete!)

    :dude Sweet! I look forward to more of your reviews and good luck with the collection! I have 10 Boss pedals these days. I like buying them used and under $50. My Boss collection.... all MIJ (cool factor:)) except the models that are only MIT made. FZ-2 FT-2 DS-1 PH-2 BF-2 FZ-3 MT-2 CS-3...
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    DIY dirt: I'm starting to have my doubts..

    These days the kits can be more expensive than a new/used, MIC knockoff/clones. The DIY typically comes with better quality components of course. I built two of the BOYC kits (two knob bender and phase 90) and they came out sounding pretty cool. Fuzz Central is a pretty cool site for old dirt...
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    Boss experts! What Boss dirt pedal to finish my all Boss PT Mini...?

    PW-2 Power Driver or FZ-3 Hyper Fuzz would be cool. Not a gain pedal but the FT-2 Dynamic Filter is fun if you can find one for a decent price.
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    What is the most overrated pedal today?

    Just about anything vintage.....most that stuff is garbage compared to today's gear offerings!
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    Best "Gilmour in a box" pedal?

    On the cheap....Get one of those big Boss multi FX units... GE-80...GT-100....
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    Hendrix sound from pedals?

    That champ amp has a few modulation FX built in (iirc). I would go with a wah and a fuzz at least. I like the 535Q wah that Dunlop makes. It's versatile. Dunlop also makes all those mini fuzz pedals which are cool. Those two pedals and maybe a tube screamer if the amps OD don't do it for you.
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    a genuine Wah worth the money.

    Funky! That dude did a good job of "pulling" the tones from the wah. I like that.
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    EVH Phase 90 - Help me decide!

    It's a good deal if works and is not beat. They go for about $125 new.
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    Run Tremolo in Tempo or Not?

    Never had a trem pedal with that feature.
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    Musician's Gear Cables...

    The Pro-Co stage-master cables series comes with Neutrik connectors and you can buy about a 20footer for around $12 iirc.
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    My Phaser sounded better before my Distorton!

    I have also been using phase in front of dirt with good results.....
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    You're favorite pedals under $100

    Lots of used "over the counter" pedals from Boss, MXR, EH, etc for under $100. Old DOD pedals as well.
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    Hosa to Lava or not?

    :agree Isolating the issue first is a good idea!
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    MIJ and Vintage Boss Pedals

    I like the MIJ stuff as well but there are also MIT only version pedals like the the FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz which are pretty cool too!
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    Non-MXR based phasers?

    I like the Boss PH-2 Super Phaser.
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    What pedal do I need?

    Some kind of vibe pedal.
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    Voodoo Lab Tremolo Alternatives?

    IIRC...Voodoo addressed their foot switch issues some time ago.
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