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  1. v75swd

    Can anyone describe the tonal difference between an Xotic RC Booster and Klon (or clone)?

    I have an RC Booster, I like it a lot. I mostly use it for a bit of a boost or something xtra on my clean tones. Its great. I know nothing about the Klon, except the reputation. I watched a Pete Thorn video today and he was running a clone into his dirtyish amp and his tone was killer. He...
  2. v75swd

    Smaller foot-switch for the Bogner Ecstasy 101B?

    Anyone know of an aftermarket or custom function footswitch for this amp that has a smaller footprint? Maybe a narrow strip with all switches in a row? The stock footswitch is a beast. I have an older Furman SPB-8 pedalboard and I'd like to find something that is small enough to fit on that board.
  3. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    I have been laboring over this for quite awhile and finally was fortunate to get a little extra cash flow earmarked for this amp. I bought myself a Esctacy 101B, it's used but only 4 months old. This is my first Bogner and hopefully my last amp. Any time I've heard this thing, I have been amazed...
  4. v75swd

    Bogner Ecstacy 101B questions

    Is this a good deal? I'd like to buy one of these, I don't have a lot of knowledge about these, but every time I've heard them they sound great. Is this a good year, 1999? Are mods common with these? Any concers? Is this a good price? http://sacramento.craigslist.org/msg/5224860055.html Any...
  5. v75swd

    Midi backing tracks - seeking alternative to Korg Triton

    I'm in a 4 piece, 2 gtrs, bass & drums kinda band. I use my Korg Triton for playing sequenced keyboard parts on some songs. I've had the thing for ever and I'm getting tired of packing it around and starting to become concerned that it's going to let me down. I use 3 outputs, one for click to...
  6. v75swd

    Looking for a Hiwatt Custom 50 DR504

    I would love to get my hands on a Custom 50 from the late 70's early 80's. I'm interested in the two input variety. I had one in the early 80's and got rid of it. I know that based on that reason alone, I don't deserve another, but I'm willing to pay a fair price. Thanks for your time.
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