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    gibson E335 vs E339

    any companies that are worth checkin out? i've been hearing mixed things about new gibsons
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    gibson E335 vs E339

    what are the main differences sound wise? I'm lookin to pick up my first semi hollow..doesn't have to be a Gibson at all, but I at least a decent one, maybe 1500$ max price...whatever company gets recommended, i find they come to those 2 rough sizes.
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    DMM sound in smaller package?

    what he said..I just snagged a pretty mint analogman DMM..waiting for it to get here..haven't actually played one yet, but as you can see I think the extra size will be worth it..has a place on my PT2 for sure
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    Boost, fuzz, overdrive, or distortion?

    i run a bb preamp with very subtle dirt..maybe in the territory if timmons..then my Diamond J drive is a little dirtier, for maybe a more light rock crunch..clean boost serves quite a few purposes as well when dealing with my mark IV
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    Hey everyone

    new member, from N.B. Canada...known on the megadeth forums and boogie boards under the same screen name..have had successful dealings and transactions on both...just wanted to say hi!
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