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    Question: What pickguard for my 1996 Fender Yngwie Strat?

    I believe the 11-holes 60's vintage style that Fender provide should do, but just want to be sure. http://www.fender.com/guitar-bass-parts/pickguards-backplates/3-ply-white-11-hole-vintage-mount-sss-stratocaster-pickguard-with-truss-rod-notch/ Thank you.
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    What is the best tube amp (combo) under $600 in your opinion?

    I'm thinking about buying either Fender Blues Jr. or VOX ac15c, but still open to other choices as well.
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    got accused of being "rude & immature" in the Emporium, so here my first post

    Almost a year of being a member here, this is my first time that I received something not so nice in this community. I've done, not a lot but, some deals here that went so well and making me loving this site. Here's come my first post here ever, so I don't have the impression of "new member &...
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