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  1. J

    Old Pickup and Pot question

    Is it possible that the volume pot in my '81 Gibson L5 CES is under 200K ??? I just opened up the guitar to change the pickup, and decided to read the neck's volume pot (from the p/up hot end of the wire to ground, with the pots on 10) and my multi-meter is close to accurate. The meter reads...
  2. J

    Humbucker response is uneven

    You guys know all about pickups, I have a plaguing problem with humbuckers. I just got a new Epiphone 335 Pro. I needed h/bers for my newest regular gig and my P90's buzz too much in the room. Besides having an itch for a 335 with h/bers and it was on sale, it has many great qualities - the...
  3. J

    What's with Attenuators

    I found an attenuator in my closet, A Tom Schulz Power Soak. I never read anything about them, but I think I have a need for it now. I would like to control my amp output as others play through it at our weekly Jam sessions. I would want to do this from the front of the stage, requiring long...
  4. J

    Why the guitar buzz?

    Why does my guitar buzz or hum when I turn down the volume on the guitar? Strange. This is happening on a two hum bucker guitar. It sounds fine when the volume is turned up. Doesn't matter which pickup is on! Help please.
  5. J

    Got a 1960 Jensen P12r

    And it sounds wonderful in any amp I put it into. Problem is: I don't want to gig with it. In 15 -20 watt amps and playing in a band with a drummer, I know it won't survive. And there's not a lot of headroom when pushed so... What new speaker sounds the closest and can handle the gig? I am more...
  6. J

    Better speaker for a Princeton Reverb II

    With all the talk about available great speakers, and the tonal variations they offer, I'm in a quandary. I have a Fender Rivera design Princeton Reverb II, that is more like a Deluxe Reverb with its 22 watts, a clean channel and a dirty channel. I play an Epiphone Casino with Gibson P90's...
  7. J

    P-90 problem

    I love the tone I'm getting with my P90 equipped guitars: one an Epi 339, and an Epi Casino with Gibson P90's as stock equipment, the black dog ear version. Here's my problem, and it is not only with P90's, but I want to solve this dilemma once and for all. All is good until I bend a note on...
  8. J

    Quest for a Hollow Body Strat

    I love playing my Strat. At gigs or at home. But I love my hollow bodied guitars too. I have a Gibson L5 CES, a Guild Starfire III (fully hollow), an Epiphone Lucille and a 339 (semi-hollows). I've sold a few others that I hated to sell, but they take up too much room! I also had a Fender CS...
  9. J

    1st string troubles

    When I play my Epiphone ES 339 with P90's, I use DAddario EXL 110 strings, starting with a .010. On the gig, everything is fine until I play and bend the 1st string. The volume drops dramatically, I don't hear the note I am playing. The result is that this "disconnect" between what I am...
  10. J

    Kay Guitar Rehabilitation

    I bought a funky little early 60-ish Kay Thinline guitar. It's hollow, about the size and shape of a Les Paul, very cool checkered binding, black original finish, and a big ol' Kay neck. It was $225.00 but needs a few things, like frets and maybe a new bridge. Original pickups are the...
  11. J


    Please help me out here. All of our gear was lost last weekend in a massive basement flood. As far as the amps go, does anything in a tube amp survive a flood? will drying these things out yield any useable components? You will be sick if I tell you what we had down there, so I won't...
  12. J

    Andy Fuchs and Buzzy Feiten Talk on the radio

    Tonite, Mon. Nov. 3, at 8 PM Pacific time, 11 Eastern on http://www.latalkradio.com Channel 1 They'll be talking amps, guitars and tone
  13. J

    Adding foil to back of amp?

    Hey repairmen, I have an old DeArmond amp, the RT-15, that buzzes, hums and generally gets annoying. I have had noise problems with other amps in my apartment, so I can assume there are other problems. My newer amps are fine, as long as they are tube amps. With the Dearmond, I know I...
  14. J

    Eminence 10.in Speaker Time

    I need a speaker that will work both in a Princeton Reverb, and as a 2nd 10 inch in a Fender 80's Concert amp. I'm playing blues and bluesy jazz. I like some grit and sustain with mild overdrive, either from the amp or a pedal in a band situation. Humbuckers mainly. Here's the rub. In the...
  15. J

    P90's for a humbucker guitar

    I'll just throw this out there: I play an ES355 guitar with 57 Classic + p/ups. It's a semi-hollow. I dig the neck p/up position mostly. Been playing my Tele lately with a Lindy Fralin single coil neck p/up, Love the tone and feel. But I feel the need for the semi-hollow body. So...
  16. J

    CTS Alnico 10" speaker - alone?

    I will need a speaker for my 70's Princeton Reverb. I gig with it regularly. Will a CTS Al. 10" sound good if used as the only spkr. in the PR? I need a balanced spkr. with good bottom and not too bright. Thoughts please? Thanks
  17. J

    What Princeton mods do I have here?

    Hi folks, I am at a point where I need to shrink my stockpile of amps. I have too many cool ones, and want to bring two more out of storage! But, I don't really need them, and don't have room, plus, they don't get used that often. To help facilitate this move, I am looking at my Princeton...
  18. J

    Peavey Classic 30 amps / Jack Daniels

    I need a ballsier small amp for gigging. Played a friends' Peavey Jack Daniels which is a version of their Classic 30. Twice played it, twice loved it. Seems like the perfect amp for me but, does anyone know if the JD version is different and worth a few hundred bucks more than the Classic...
  19. J

    Help with Princeton Reverb reverb

    Last nite rushing to a gig, and wanting to carry a smallish amp, I hurriedly tried to change the spkr. in my PR. Having to pull the chassis because of the oversize OT, I mistakenly reversed the reverb in/out rca plugs, and turned the amp on. No sound! I then reversed the rca plugs, the sound...
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