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    Hotone Tape Eko delay pedal, where to find ?

    Hi all, last night I plugged my Boss MS-3 from my guitar board with my Bass Station 2 synth, that was a lot of fun, especially the delays. Now the MS-3 isn't really hands on, so I'm thinking I should get a dedicated delay pedal for the synth. I looked around with features I'd like in mind and...
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    peavey transchorus 210, feedback ? mods ? drives ?

    hi all recently got this amp on the used market for not so much, the analog chorus circuit is gorgeous, the size and weight perfect for me, reverb tank good enough, drive channels horribly fizzy and plastic-y. i got this amp because i started playing with a soon to be touring band that required...
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    can anyone identify this mic stand model/brand ?

    i bought two of those mic stands from a used parts store, they didn't know the brand or model, i really like them and use them with synths on an on-stage msa5000, they don't wiggle too much compared to my other stands, would like to get a third one but can't find which model or maker it is from...
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    Sanding rosewood fretboard to get lighter wood colour

    I was wondering if sanding my medium-dark rosewood fingerboard would turn it into a lighter colored rosewood ? I prefer my rosewood light ! changing the neck on my 80$ mustang isn't an option. might be a cheap guitbox but it's my main axe. it's the orange one on the left... wish i could...
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    Which amp to use with my modeler ?

    Hey guys and gals, I already own a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 which has guitar amp simulation on-board, i'd love to use it efficiently when performing live, i don't own a working guitar amp at the moment, was shopping for one and was wondering what y'all use for an amp with your modellers ? I...
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    Line 6 M5 lag when switching preset via MIDI ?

    I want to use this pedal in a setup where synth also goes through it, the presets on it would be midi triggered, though i'm wondering if there is a lag (audio cuts or effect not in yet) when changing presets while audio is passing through like the eventide M9 does (which renders it unusable for...
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    no idea how much this guitar's worth... Reverend Reeves Gabrels

    So a few years ago i bought this guitar for 500$ CAN. The idea was that i wanted to replace its stetsbar with a stop tail and keep the tremolo for another guitar, i figured since the stetsbar alone goes for 300$ CAN, i was getting a free Reverend guitar in the process. Turns out the project...
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    Guitar metal flakes refinish question with video.

    Actually is a bass, i'm trying to get a light blue metal flakes finish for my bass, kind of like in this video : But very noob to this, i read a lot on the subject, but it's hard to get answers because a lot of folks have conflicting opinions, i guess there are many ways to go about this. So...
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    Few questions about the Eventide Timefactor

    Anyone here care to share their experiences with the Eventide Timefactor ? I have a few questions : I heard some nice chorus samples from it, but can you also make phasers and flangers ? (without delay) And about that chorus setting... i heard it in set up in stereo in a youtube vid... but...
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    TC Viscous, toneprint editor settings ? (vs Corona and Vortex)

    Anybody here own the new TC Viscous Vibe ? I noticed that the Vortex and Corona are essentially the same pedal because they share the same programmable settings in the toneprint editor. I'm wondering what new parameters were added to the new phaser oriented TC pedals ? The Viscous Vibe also...
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    Tech 21 OMG alternative... MI audio Crunch Box

    Really like the demos of this pedal, i don't know much about high gain pedals, but i need one for a song or two and i really like where the mid hump is located frequency wise with the girth knob. But it's out of my price range, i'm wondering if there are other comparable pedals for less money...
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    Flanger like Vortex or Corona but with a mix ratio

    Hi all, i own both the Corona and Vortex and i figured out too late they were actually the same pedal, both store the exact same settings in the editor and are essentially the same effect housed in a different enclosure EXCEPT that the Corona has a mix value while the Vortex doesn't. I'm...
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    Jazz Bass neck pickup positioning in short scale.

    Hi, I'm building a sort of jazz bass type instrument, but with a short scale, 30". I'm not sure exactly where the neck pickup should sit, is there a rule of thumb for this sort of thing ? Thanks !!
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    stereo reverb in horizontal enclosure ?

    Is there such a thing as a stereo reverb pedal in a sideways/horizontal enclosure ? like a zvex pedal ? Reason is i'm starting to think about my synth setup and there is some space for a few horizontal pedals on my Juno Alpha 1. And it needs some reverb, maybe delay too but couldn't find a...
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    Delay for Self Osc with just the right range

    I use as much delay as i make space ship sounds which is not a lot. But i'd like to put one on my board for both of these duties, even if it's just for one or two songs. What i'd like is a delay pedal that does nice self oscillation but with just enough range on the delay time so i can really...
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    Which tech 21 character pedal for cleans direct to PA in a live setting

    Looking to get a tech 21 character pedal for my rig, I need to go direct to PA 99% of the time when playing live. I'm using a VHT tube buffer -> to a character pedal -> to a GT the Brick DI -> PA Only need it for live, i'm looking for a good clean tone for funky rhythms mostly, might get a...
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    Which trem model do you prefer pictured on my guitar ? (photoshops)

    I'm wondering which one would you go to having the choice between the two. I own this guitar without a trem and i'm torn between the two models here is what i'm considering. Top picture / jazzmaster style trem : the good--- -I prefer the feel of it -the handle reaches farther which i...
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    rack compressor for both guitar and bass in a live setting ?

    Hi, in my present project, i sing lead vocals and play bass mostly, but occasionally switch to guitar while the bass is covered by a bass synth from one of the keyboard players. i'm using tech 21 VT bass deluxe for bass and will start using a tech 21 blonde deluxe for guitar on monday (it's in...
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    Cusack Fuzz V.2 alternative

    Back in the days, i used to have this pedal, loved it, really my type of fuzz. While i don't know much about fuzz, i know that a good few pedals are in the ballpark of this type of fuzz tone, but i'm not sure which they are and i can't afford a Cusack. Is there an alternative ? i don't mind...
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    Tech 21 Blonde Deluxe, where to buy ?

    Hi, I've emailed tech 21 and they refuse to ship it to me to Canada, sucks, i've been supporting their products since so long and recommending them all through the years and i got what seemed to be an almost automated or copy-pasted response. Does anybody know of any place that sells and...
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    4PDT toggle switches, difference in quality ?

    Is there really such a difference in quality between those kind of swtiches ? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2A-250VAC-6A-125VAC-ON-ON-4P2T-4PDT-12-Pins-Toggle-Switch-Rubber-Cover-/310570950234 I need to buy a few and was wondering if there is an advantage in paying more for those. Francis.
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    TC vs. Boss digital reverbs and delays

    So i tested these four pedals with my DX7 synth yesterday, here are my quick thoughts : The TC pedals have a much clearer, pristine sound that reminds you of a studio piece of gear, your tone also remains pretty intact, the different types of effects are different in their behaviour but on...
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    Battery consumption analysis in digital reverbs and delays

    While it's always best to use an adaptor, in some cases you're forced to use batteries, or it's plain and simply worth it for other reasons. This isn't an issue for most pedals but then comes your digital reverb and delay with ridiculous battery life. I'd like to discuss the best ways to...
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    Digital Delay that self oscillates ? (with ST in and out)

    Here's another one. What digital delay pedals out there feature stereo ins and outs and can also self oscillate and create ramping pitch effects by moving the time knob with the feedback way up high ? Thanks.
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    12ma draw from a reverb pedal

    Is that even possible, i'm guessing the website is wrong. http://store.harrysguitars.co.uk/biyang-rv-8/ The lowest draw from a reverb pedal that i found is version 1 and 2 of the Wet Reverb, but when they added spillover trails, they also removed the battery compartment :huh
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