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  1. Ransom

    Anybody buy the new Rush - "40th" - Permanent Waves?

    I'm not buying it since I've already bought the album several times over, but I agree with your take regarding the drum sound on Fly By Night! I'm a huge Rush fan and have thought the same thing about the crisp and raw drums on that record for many years.
  2. Ransom

    What album or song made you start playing guitar?

    I started on bass, and that inspiration first struck when I was 12 and had a ride in the back of my brother's Cutlass Supreme that had a killer stereo in it. I was generally a country music fan at the time, but my bro popped in "Moving Pictures," and cranked "Tom Sawyer." The grit and rumble by...
  3. Ransom

    Mastodon Anybody?

    Crack the Skye is a killer album.
  4. Ransom

    Poll: Your favorite Spinal Tap song ???

    "I know for I told me so..."
  5. Ransom

    What is it about Rush's "Losing It"?

    Plus the electric violin doesn't exactly raise the spirits within the song! But it's a great tune regardless. Lyrically it's one of Neil's best.
  6. Ransom

    Name your top 3 "must-own" albums . _ .

    Venus Isle - EJ Electric Ladyland - Jimi Olias of Sunhillow - Jon Anderson Yeah, one of these things is not like the others!
  7. Ransom

    Thinking about Keith Emerson's suicide... So sad!

    I'm a huge ELP/Emerson fan, and was devastated at the news of his death. I was at my desk at the office when I learned of it. I find it incredibly ironic that Keith was a very outspoken opponent of gun rights, yet that's precisely what brought his demise. :(
  8. Ransom

    ELP ~ Newsweek interview with Greg Lake and Carl Palmer

    My guess is that these were two separate phone interviews which were pasted together. But other than that uncomfortable exchange, this was an excellent article. HUGE fan of ELP here.
  9. Ransom

    Geddy Lee fans

  10. Ransom

    Still one of the coolest guy in the whole world...

    Oh, and I bought an old Celestion Greenback from him which I use with my Marshall 1-watters. :)
  11. Ransom

    Still one of the coolest guy in the whole world...

    EJ is my favorite artist on this planet, largely due to what a great guy he is. To say nothing of his musical ability! LOL Very easy-going and cool dude to meet. I have an Electromagnets press kit that he had a minor freak-out over when I showed it to him and asked him to autograph it. He...
  12. Ransom

    Thrash Ballads

  13. Ransom

    OK, Here We Go Again: "Best Spinal Tap Drummer"?

    Ric Shrimpton = BEAST! Just watch him play "America" from the Royal Albert Hall show from '92, starting around 2:02:
  14. Ransom

    What Musical Genius do you Respect Most?

    Probably Keith Emerson. He wrote some incredibly complicated music.
  15. Ransom

    Nick Menza Died???

    Man, I am really bummed. Between Nick and Gar, the two most creative Megadeth drummers are now gone. Nick was my favorite of them by far. :(
  16. Ransom

    Anyone here admit to being more of a guitar enthusiast, than a guitar player?

    That's me to a T. I have no shortage of stress. Largely because of this, I don't have much time to play, but my guitars (and music in general) are my mental getaway. They're all functional works of art.
  17. Ransom

    Frank Marino - Poppy

    Frank is simply awesome. "Real Live" is nothing short of incredible.
  18. Ransom

    Metal riff masters- Who is your favorite?

    Mustaine for me; nobody else comes close! As mentioned in the OP, "SF,SG...SW!" is stellar. It and "Endgame" are my favorite Megadeth albums and both are riff city.
  19. Ransom

    RUSH R40 New Amp Addition This Tour 2015

    That one absolutely needs a leak-proof amp cover.
  20. Ransom

    Frank Marino thread

    As mentioned earlier, "Real Live" is a stellar double live album. Great stuff.
  21. Ransom

    So what Everly Brothers albums/songs should i hunt down?

    Wow, there's a broad stroke! Start with "Poor Jenny."
  22. Ransom

    Van Halen's most underappreciated tune?

    "Feelin'" is my pick...great song with plenty of emotion.
  23. Ransom

    Male singers who sound extremely feminine

    Despite being a fan of Mr. Big, I think Eric Martin would fit in this discussion.
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