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    converting Hagstrom 12 string viking into 6

    Hello folks. I have a question for the more experienced guitar techs out there. I have a Hagstrom viking 12 string that has amazing pickups and looks great but i dont play as much 12 string as i was expecting so I took off the extra strings last summer but it had issues staying in tune and the...
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    Hello fellow ampheads. I have been having some issues with my reverb rocket RI 2x12 and was hoping someone could shed some light on it. I run the ampeg in stereo with a Traynor yba1. The past few weeks i have been noticing these intermittent pops and static/crackling along with volume cutting...
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    another how to get this sound thread

    Just need some quick advice on this hollow but mid rangy sounding guitar tone in a song... I have Boss EQ pedal but its off my board at moment.. Is there a way to get this tone with the EQ or just amp eq alone and fuzz/drive? Tone is when the guitarist joins the bass at the beginning.
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    Pre amp or power amp tubes dying? or guitar

    Just wanted some quick advice here.. I plugged into my Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2x12 this morning and cranked the reverb and it made a crackle as I moved the reverb up and was working fine but when I switched to my much higher powered bridge pickup after a few minutes the volume started cutting out...
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    BATW Pharaoh Siamese Dream BMP ?

    I got this pharaoh pedal and loved it for so long but have stopped using it in favor of a more tight and punchy Malekko Sloika for my main distortion... I would love to find a setting on the pharaoh though for that tight scoopy Big Muff sound from siamese dream (mayonaise, Silverf*** etc) but...
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    Marshall JCM 2000 DSL tone stack EQ?

    I use two JCM 2000 DSL half stacks at rehearsals with my drummer and they sound awesome with my pedal setup. I was wondering if anyone knew their EQ curves on those amp heads.... I usually have the EQ knobs on the heads all around noon with none of the bass boost or mid shift switches on... My...
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    Changing strings to higher gauge

    hey quick question if anyone knows.... I have an Ibanez artist tuned to CGCGCC and it has had the same EB .10 gauge strings on it for 2 years now and still sounds pretty good but is starting to not hold tune. Bought some new EB Beefy slinky .11 gauge since the guitar is downtuned a bit and I hit...
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    How does the Pharaoh compare to Russian Muff

    Anyone who has experience with both help a brother out.... I use a Bass Big Muff with the Dry switch on and like it now and will keep it on my board but want to find something with the same vibe and sound but more low end and headroom and volume. If you have any other fuzz suggestions feel...
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    Boss GE7 weird settings?

    Post your weird settings for you graphic EQs! I just got one and am loving the 400hz boosted all the way and a bit of the bass sliders lowered. Super cocked wah QOTSA sound and sounds wicked ontop of my Muff. I don't get to play my setup till my jam tomorrow but would love some ideas to get...
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    Opinions on old Peavey Deuce II head+cab

    might trade my Ampeg combo for an old Peavey Deuce II head with 4 6L6s and a Peavey cab (still waiting to hear what is in the cab) I want this setup cause I would like more power and headroom BUT does this amp take fuzz/dirt pedals well ? Hard to find info on these online. Is it much different...
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    setting up Noise Supressor

    so I plugged my noise suppressor in last in chain as a usual pedal last night for first time using any kind of gate/suppressor and it worked and blinked reduction light when playing clean but when I kicked on my main fuzz my semi hollow feedback and the light didn't light up at all am I...
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    Facebook band page sharing

    done a thread like this and had success getting a few likes and checking out some of TGP users cool bands and liking their pages. Misewell do it again here is mine https://www.facebook.com/Recluseband post yours and like each others pages. Dig it
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    Noise Supressor or Noise Gate?

    Looking for suggestions on what to buy.. I use a lot of bass with a semi hollow Fender Starcaster and Russian fuzz BUT I also do a lot of pauses and the low end feedback is uber annoying. What would be better a noise gate or noise suppressor ? and what brand ? don't wanna spend too much and...
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    Non boutique fuzz pedal with good low end

    looking for a new fuzz for variety. My main is a Bass Big Muff PI with the dry switch on and I love using that pedal but figured misewell add a new fuzz for variety or to mess around with. Only issue is I have a store credit that has non boutique pedals. The most boutique they have is Zvex and...
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    Marshall Valvestate 4x12 any good ?

    Was wondering if this cab would sound good with my '66 Traynor Yba-1 ?It is the backline at a gig and never used one before. I use a Russian muff as main fuzz sound...
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    Question about running 8 ohm AND 4 ohm cab

    Ok I would try searching but this questions is pretty specific... I have a 1966 Traynor YBA-1 head with two 8 ohm outputs for cabs... I have been running it into an 8 ohm PA ported 1x15 cab but wanted to add a 4x12 and the Traynor one I really want is 4/16 ohm. I know the Traynor can run 2 8...
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    Anyone use a Metal zone ?

    I am curious .. I know its popular to rip on them and hate them but I dunno I am considering getting one to add to my setup so I can have my main fuzz sound and the metal zone for tighter tones. I was jamming with one and a whammy v last night into a JCM 2000 dsl with some buddies and with the...
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    Attaching non boss FS to RC-3 ?

    Can I attach an amp 2 button footswitch to my Boss RC-3 so I can stop playback easier and change presets on the fly ? Or do I have to buy the boss one. I ask as I have several footswitches laying around now unused
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    Question about running stereo amps

    Want to start running stereo (from stereo outs on Boss Tera Echo at end of pedal chain) My main setup would be 76' Ampeg VT-22 and an Ampeg GVT15H into a ported 1x15 Peavey cab. But at rehearsals I am going to use two Marshall JCM2000 DSL half stacks at either side of the room. My question...
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    Fender M-80 SS head output ?

    I have a made in USA black carpet covered Fender M-80 Solid state head (spring reverb, no chorus) and it is LOUD even at the lowest volume setting. I use it set clean with pedals and it is pretty killer.. Anyways I am not 100 percent sure what the wattage is on the head exactly. Anyone know ...
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    Marshall 1960B 4x12 ?

    So I'm thinking of a trade to get this cab... To be brutally honest I dislike the 1960a cab and those speakers in them. Is the 1960B different tonally ? I read some find them thicker/fuller which is what I am after Also are they super heavy or the same weight as the 1960a cab ?
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    Questions about Joyo British

    I want to run this in front of my Fender M-80 Solid state head to give it a nice edge of breakup sound with the Joyo left on all the time. my questions are does the Joyo Amp Simulation series have the speaker simulation ? and do they stack well at the end of the dirt chain so I can give my...
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    Will I blow my speakers ?

    Someone I know blew their Mesa speaker with a baritone so I worry about running my B standard tuned Jaguar into my Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2x12 with the stock Eminence Ampeg labelled 12" speakers ... will it blow the speakers at loud volume or should I be safe ? Just want to hear some opinions...
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    NGD Squier VM Jaguar

    I've been off single coils for years now and have been a devoted Humbucker guy but I recently saw this Jag at my local music store so I decided to give it a whirl for such a low price... It had a terrible buzzing bridge when I got it home and would not stay in tune but man did it feel and sound...
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    What is a good FREE audio editing software

    Don't need anything fancy just something to do stereo panning with and EQ and pitch/tempo changes.. Effects would be nice too I have audacity now but it is a real hassle to pan certain parts to left/right Thanks!
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