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    Leaked Fender Player Plus models... Noiseless pickups and sweet finishes

    Really happy to see the wider neck, that was a deal breaker for me on the previous MIM. Really tried to gel with a Deluxe Strat but the neck just felt like a toy in my big bear paws. But dammit... why can't they offer a blue Strat with a maple neck? I'm sorry but Pau Ferro... ugh. In person it...
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    Why are there no threads about modding amp impedance?

    Hammond typically offers a multi tap version of every transformer they offer. If the original transformer wasn't multi tap, then their "1760" variant will be. E.g. Deluxe Reverb OT would be the 1750H which is 8 ohm only, but the 1760H for a couple bucks more is 4-8-16 EDIT: Note that some will...
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    Long and McQuade sales

    Their interest rate is currently 17% (as of last weekend). My credit card is 10.5%. You're correct about Gibson month being April. I think I got confused cause October is Yorkville month, which extends to Gibson products (Yorkville is the Canadian distributor). For October, if I look at the...
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    Which high quality guitar is the most uncool?

    I find them cool... but I keep trying different ones and being left uninspired. Every note sounds exactly the same, no matter how you play them. I get that this is a good thing for some people, but I'm just terribly bored playing them. Which I guess makes them uncool to me, but they look tremendous.
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    The guitar you want to love but just can't

    I bought one a couple months ago and returned it the next day. It sounded good and played well, but it sat in uncomfortable position for me (gave me hand cramps) when standing, and all the knobs bunched together so close to the cable jack made it a PITA to quickly adjust while playing as I like...
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    What is the maximum recommended DB difference between speakers in same cab?

    Yeah, I could swear at least one OEM used to label the sensitivity as being measured at 1KHz, but I can,t find any source so probably just me being in the wrong here.
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    What is the maximum recommended DB difference between speakers in same cab?

    It's not uncommon for people to mix Greenbacks and V30s in a cab, despite a similar sensitivity difference and even bigger power handling delta. Yes, one speaker is likely to overpower the other one, that's okay. As long as you like the result. (EDIT: I don't know where I got the 1KHz thing...
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    When I turned 20... Funny cause to me the 90's were the best decade. Coincidentally I was a teenager for most of it. At some point we have to realize that "good music" is often mostly emotional. Most people will say music happened to peak when they were a teenager. Some will still appreciate...
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    In your experience, what's the best grab and go tube amp?

    I'm gonna go with Mesa Triple-Crown 50 combo then. Insanely versatile, 3 channels,and no need for an overdrive pedal to get the lead channel to sound good (it sorts of has it already in with the Tight switch). Sure, it gets real heavy, but you don't have to use it that way. And the Clean is...
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    I need a great cab

    Used to have a 1x12 with a 65W Creamback too, it was cool but was always missing a little something and it didn't really like going above 15-20W or so. So I built myself a vertical 212 and got a second 65W creamback. Oh my, this is so much better. Like I went from hearing in 2D to 3D.
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    Mezzabarba vs Mesa

    You need to check out Kyle Bull's channel on YouTube (someone posted a video of his earlier in this thread). He demos and compares basically every high gain amp ever created. @BadSeed is is name here.
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    Mezzabarba vs Mesa

    Dumble is way more than a hot rodded Fender. While it has an overall architecture that is similar in clean mode, the tone stack is entirely different, and the Overdrive mode is something that Fender has never done to my knowledge, certainly not on a Blackface amp. The only other amp I know that...
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    Why do millenial and Gen Z like thin necks?

    I'm forced to stick with cheap Ibanez because the high end RGs have paper thin neck (17mm...) Somehow, somewhere, sometime, it was determined that the thinner the neck the better...because thinner = faster apparently. All the while here I am getting cramped hands when I have to spend an...
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    Gain Boost for a JCM800 that is not a SD-1

    I use it to get the best compromise. Cut just enough to get a tight gain, without it being too "light" sounding. To be fair, simple SD-1 into JCM800 got me some of the best compliments for live sound. It might sound weak by itself, but it sounds really good in a mix.
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    Long and McQuade sales

    In the recent years, even for events like Black Friday, they haven't offered much discounts (except a few key items, like I got my Micro Monitors for 75$ off last year), instead they'll offer 0% financing (usually just 6 months), extended warranty, or pay in 90 days. The Monster Days are in...
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    Gain Boost for a JCM800 that is not a SD-1

    For me it's a Klone (is that what the Mythical is?) And then the MXR Custom Badass Modified OD. The MXR has the 100Hz knob so you can tune the low end. Removing low end is part of the reason you use an OD, it tightens up the sound. I do add a resonance boost to my 2204s though, and sometimes...
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    Amp etiquette question: Is it appropriate to post gut shots of boutique amps?

    Well Ceriatone sells clones and clones with common mods, it would be quite dishonest for them to try to hide their amps' guts.
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    Amp etiquette question: Is it appropriate to post gut shots of boutique amps?

    As far as I'm concerned, people who would manage to figure out the circuit from the picture and build a clone... weren't gonna buy the real one anyway. I think it's more that sometimes people are pissed to find out that their 2-3k$ amp actually looks like a kit build inside using average...
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    EVH 5150 Iconic

    I'll gladly eat my words if I'm wrong. But Fender is marketing this as the entry level option in the line up. I feel confident they are not offering something that sounds just as good and is hundreds cheaper. I also know that many will swear it sounds the same if not better. I've seen enough...
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    Name the one amp that you always wanted but never owned.

    Mesa Boogie Badlander, because it never arrived
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    How to use Boss Waza TAE as attenuator

    You can use it as an attenuator, you can use it as a load for silent recording or headphone playing, you can use it as a DI, you can use it to add effects to an amp with no loop. You can do whatever you want with it. Plugging a speaker in it is optional, and when you do you have very fine...
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    EVH Amps

    If that is true, then the new Iconic makes a lot of sense.
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    EVH Amps

    It's a good question isn't it? I'm not sure how they ended up there. At its base, the 5150 is very similar to the SLO100, which EVH used at some point. But I guess that was still not enough gain for Eddie, because what they did is they changed it to have the tone stack be plate driven instead...
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    Mesa Boogie Suspends New Orders Through 2021

    I mean, Magnetic Components did shut down abruptly back in September 2020 IIRC. It left a bunch of amp manufacturers running around to find replacement manufacturers. Hammond has picked up a lot of the DIY slack but because of that a lot of their stuff is often OOS right here in Canada where...
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    EVH 5150 Iconic

    And I see they use JJ tubes and the JJ 6L6s are harder to find than a GPU right now (hopefully EVH has a stockpile of them)
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