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    Vinyl? Really?

    Fidelity is overrated for me. Vinyl’s limitations, distortion, and even crackles and pops are pleasing to me. I also find visual “noise” (via actual film) to be desirable. A little white noise sounds good too. However, we have no room here so the turntable and records are put away and use Apple...
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    Motley Crue - Isolated Bass track from Kick Start My Heart - MIDI?

    that's a robot, maybe it's really the bass on the track, i don't know. the big picture result is fantastic, so who cares?
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    Joined new band, will have a 3-5 minute guitar solo spot, what do I play???

    I’d work up acoustic cannonball rag or some such and find a way to segue into the next tune with the band. A bit flashy and also Provides contrast to the band sound.I’m not sure it’s stylistically appropriate, depends on your song list. I guess it depends where you are but a 3-5 minute...
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    Do private lessons one on one online work?

    I feel like it depends. It definitely works but if it's my money I want to play a duet with my instructor.
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    Led Zep Seattle 77

    I watched this recently and was absolutely blown away by bonham and jpj—they are like a freight train. I think Page is great but he’s definitely out of it here.
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    Band member availability

    Once you know the details you can tell them yes or no. If it’s a “no” the why is none of their business.
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    Hendrix best live tracks

    I’ve listened to (watched) Monterrey And bog a million times, they are both great (killing floor might be the “best” opener ever) in different ways. Can’t wait to check out some of these others, thanks.
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    Kurt Cobain - pretentious?

    Never met the guy but he had a great voice and wrote some great melodies. Nirvana rocked as well.
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    Masters of the Wah

    Many greats listed above. This is one of my favorites:
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    What kind of audio quality did most people have access to in the 70s?

    Turntables sound great, like a crackling fire along with your music. my iPad into an ev elx 112p is pretty sweet too. No noise and loud as you want.
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    Playing Sweet Home Alabama at a gig. Your opinion?

    I played it twice in a half hour (By request) in an acoustic duet that was hired to draw people into a less crowded room of a bar so they could keep Squeezing people into the place and not violate fire codes. (Pre covid) I had worked out all this fancy chord melody stuff and ended up just...
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    How good was Cult of Personality: Living Colour

    The tune & album knocked me out when i first heard it. Still great.
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    Steve Stevens isolated guitars

    So great. Ingenious use of the electric guitar.
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    What was something little that improved your playing drastically?

    Anytime I’m forced out of my comfort zone in public. Often it’s painful but I usually come out of it thinking I survived and it really puts focus on what needs work. related: playing with really good/great musicians, especially ones who are honest and passionate. Sometimes they aren’t “nice”...
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    Tip jar at gigs? Tacky?

    Well it’s been a net positive, so I think they’re great. The most effective is a repurposed old roomba with a bucket and Christmas light on it.
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    For those who were teens in ‘77, what was your reaction to Never Mind The Bollocks?

    I think it’s a great rock n roll album. Didn’t hear it till the 80s, alongside other punk and hardcore music that was fun to skate and destroy to. I was told that “punk rock sucks” but the cook at the restaurant I worked at, which was perfect. I wasn’t into the fashion and the other stuff, just...
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    Music related ethics question of sorts...

    That’s fast. In the past I’ve found it takes (rough average) me an hour a chart for a basic lead sheet of a song. I’m not sure if that included corrections post rehearsal or not, it’s been a while.
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    I declined a New Year's gig. Am I unreasonable or hard to work with?

    Wow, that’s totally unreasonable. NYE gets hazard pay, never mind wedding plus 3 hours in the car.
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    Soundchecking during a gig

    I think hiring someone to just mix with a tablet is a good one, though it might be hard finding someone willing AND able. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sound check at a bar / restaurant. I got spoken to once for a super brief “line check” of two mics and my guitar (“tsp, tap, zing”) I did at a...
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    RIP Art Neville :(

    Rest In Peace. One of the best shows I ever saw was the Meters at tramps (long gone) in Manhattan in the late 90s. Started at midnight I believe.
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