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  1. sameoldblues

    Sold Snouse Black Box (Bluesbreaker clone) $65

    Up for grabs is my Snouse Black Box. Killer boost/overdrive and a part-for-part clone of a 90s Marshall Bluesbreaker. Selling because I don't play out anymore, so I don't have to worry about my original Bluesbreaker getting damaged or stolen...and don't need two of the same pedal. Side by...
  2. sameoldblues

    Sold TC Electronic Flashback Delay (minty) $95 Shipped/PP

    Title pretty much says it all! Selling only because I've downgraded in size (and features) to the Flashback Mini. Couple years old but lightly used and near mint. Velcro (hooks) on the back, and missing two of the small rubber footpads, but I'll include non-original adhesive-backed...
  3. sameoldblues

    Sold RYRA Klone, Bearfoot Dyna Red, Catalinbread Belle Epoch

    This is my "I just bought a Two-Rock" pedal sale... Not interested in trades, looking to recover my bank account at the moment. RYRA Klone: Fantastic pedal with a clean boost that really fattened up my 18-watter. New amp has all the juicy low mids I could ever hope for, so I'm moving this...
  4. sameoldblues

    Sold Emma Reezafratzitz V2

    ROCK MACHINE! Incredible, tweakable, amp-like distortion pedal for mid-to high-gain sounds. I'm strictly a fuzz kind of guy for gainy sounds, but was able to justify hanging onto this for use on a few Van Halen songs in a classic rock band. Would still love to keep it, but looking to upgrade...
  5. sameoldblues

    Sold J Rockett The Dude Pedal

    Up for grabs is my mint condition Dude pedal by J. Rockett. Comes with the box, paperwork, and even the little plastic pouch for the pedal! Figured I'd take a gamble and experiment with a D-style pedal, and it sounds really cool, but I just don't see it being a sound I'd use that often for my...
  6. sameoldblues

    Sold Bearfoot MGMV Mini Vibe

    Not quite "Mint Green..."this is a standard speed MGMV in what I suppose was a limited run color. Impossible to properly photograph how deep/beautiful the paint job is. Wanted to love it because it looked so damn good on my board, but I've never really bonded with any modulation pedal...
  7. sameoldblues

    Sold Catalinbread Topanga

    Catalinbread Topanga reverb, great condition, works perfectly, no velcro. Comes in a plain white generic box rather than the Catalinbread box(the same way it came to me). Best reverb pedal I've ever heard, and last one I'll ever try to like...it's confirmed, I'm a delay guy through and...
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