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  1. sameoldblues

    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    Thanks! But I'll refrain from claiming madman status until I'm hand-soldering SM components...
  2. sameoldblues

    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    I believe that's 16 gauge. Used 18 PVC coated (stripped, naturally) on today's build of a tremolo pedal: working on the assumption that the tinning is better than it tends to be on uninsulated buss wire. Seems to have held true, it takes solder easier. Now if I could only get the damn pedal...
  3. sameoldblues

    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    Sad lonely man with a soldering iron wakes up with "like" alerts. Most love I've felt in quite some time, so I'm posting more. Shouldn't count as spamming since I've not sold anything yet. Dumbloid with a low mid knob. Two months old, sloppy, but built for personal use: Bluesbreaker...
  4. sameoldblues

    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    Errr...in an attempt to revive a (personal favorite) zombie thread, I built this point-to-point OD today, mostly in the interest of down-regulating my default mode network. Also because it was a ridiculous thing to do (given the widespread availability of PCBs for this circuit) and I like doing...
  5. sameoldblues

    Echoplex Clone/Copies

    ...errr...whoops, it was $300. At the top of your price range, but it would certainly be money well spent.
  6. sameoldblues

    Echoplex Clone/Copies

    I own an EP-3, which is without a tape cartridge at the moment, but still used at every gig for its preamp. My delays come from an El Capistan. It's a fantastic pedal, and as close to the real deal as you're likely to get. Be patient and watch the emporium...I scored mine (with a favorite...
  7. sameoldblues

    Delay pedal as Chorus?

    Used to do this on my TC Flashback. With a modulated delay, set delay time to minimum, repeats to minimum, and mix to taste.
  8. sameoldblues

    EP-3 Echoplex setting on El Capistan

    I own an EP-3, and was interested to read this, because I use the EXACT same El Cap settings as the OP. Echoplex still comes to every gig, but I run it without tape, just for the preamp; the El Cap takes care of the delays, and it certainly doesn't disappoint...
  9. sameoldblues

    Recommend me a pedal. Want chimey...sparkly.

    Try to scrounge up a Korg SDD 3000 preamp clone...it's what The Edge uses for cleans, and it doesn't get much more chimey than that. You might also try experimenting with different materials and thicknesses in picks (if you use them). They have a very dramatic effect on overall EQ.
  10. sameoldblues

    Show Us Your PEDALBOARD #32

    Been a lurker too long on these threads. Best pic I could get:
  11. sameoldblues

    Hendrix to Gilmour?

    Delay will be pretty important for Gilmour. You probably don't need another fuzz, as he used a Fuzz Face up through Wish You Were Here.
  12. sameoldblues

    Landgraff or BJFE?

    The LDO is, indeed, just another TS clone (had one for a few days). The BJFE pedals are certainly different. I might suggest trying a Bearfoot HBOD, which can be had on the emporium for around $160 used. You might like it, you might not... I prefer the BJF designs, myself. As an added...
  13. sameoldblues

    Fuzz Face Users: What Do You Stack With It?

    Never found the Fuzz Face to be a great stacker. It's probably the most antisocial circuit out there...
  14. sameoldblues

    New gear obsession comes with many questions

    A good buffer at the beginning of the chain would deliver the best results: it'll dramatically reduce the effects of anything else down the line. There are plenty of options out there for dedicated buffer pedals, or you could always just drop $30 on a used Boss DS-1 to put first in the chain...
  15. sameoldblues

    Compare the Diamond Comp to the Bearfoot PGC

    I've had both. The Diamond is capable of heavier compression and squashes the attack more than my PGC v1, and the tone knob is different. The PGC is just a really sweet tone enhancer, the Diamond basically leaves your sound alone until you start messing with the tone knob.
  16. sameoldblues

    Bearfoot Dyna Red Distortion vs Barber Direct Drive

    Completely different beasts. The Direct Drive is more in the TS camp, though with a flatter EQ. Never really did it for me.
  17. sameoldblues

    Strap fell off

    Yep, happens to every guitar eventually. The toothpick routine works. You might need to do it once or twice a year, but it's a great quick fix
  18. sameoldblues

    Volume knob riders, what's your 'leave on'dirt pedal?

    Really, really hard to beat a Ge Fuzzface
  19. sameoldblues

    Boss tuner a buffer?

    Shouldn't use a buffer before a fuzz face-type pedal like that, it won't sound or respond properly. You can use one after, but I've found in my own experience that this will make the overall tone a little brighter and fizzier. A Boss tuner will make a fine buffer.
  20. sameoldblues

    Bearfoot Emerald Green Distortion Machine!

    Amazing! My pedalboard already represents a pretty embarrassing percentage of my net worth, so what the hell...
  21. sameoldblues

    Transparent Overdrive/Boost with lots of sustain

    Sustain is too physical to really be altered by a pedal. Compression will give the impression of longer sustain, but at the cost of a higher noise floor. It all comes from your guitar, so a professional setup, adjustment of your pickup height, experimentation with different string guages, etc...
  22. sameoldblues

    Boutique builders : been caught zealing...

    You should split all these points into 11 different threads. This will yield the maximum number and variety of responses musing on circuit design, manufacturing logistics, and the issue of objectivity vs. subjectivity. You can then search amongst them for the answers that least offend or...
  23. sameoldblues

    Tone Monk Phoenix

    Yeah, a lot different. The Klon-inspired/cloned circuit, when used as an overdrive, has a very definite mid hump. Imagine a TS, with more bass, a ton more volume, and the mids shifted towards the lower end of the spectrum. It's not a transparent overdrive at all, it just sounds great (for the...
  24. sameoldblues

    favorite patch cables are...?

    $7 Evidence Audio Reveal patches from these guys: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2321196-Need-quality-patch-cables-on-the-cheap I've had mine for a year, and change my board around all the time with no problems or failures.
  25. sameoldblues

    Tone Monk Phoenix

    Phoenix? Had one, delivery took 4 times as long as he said it would. The pedal arrived with an intermittent volume issue, so I sent it back, and once again waited much longer than quoted for the "repair." Got it back, had the same issue. Could've sent it back again, but why bother at that...
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