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  1. ErnieBall

    New Fender Tone Master Super Reverb!

    Purchased a TMSR last month after another gig where my tube amp sounded like **** and its been the best guitar purchase I’ve (ever?) made. Played my first gig with it last night and it was revelatory. Sounded big, full, amazing, loud (but not) and every OD I’ve ever thrown at it has sounded...
  2. ErnieBall

    Muzishare X7 - an affordable hand-wired KT88 integrated made at the Line Magnetic factory

    Just took delivery of mine and have got it set up . Listening now and it is pretty stunning. Set up was a breeze and biasing took no time at all. Ive got it on a low-med volume for the first few hours and it sounds extremely full and lush. Initial impressions are extremely good. Oh, using...
  3. ErnieBall

    EarthQuaker Devices ... do you like them and what are your favorites?

    I went from having 0 EQD pedals to having 4 (westwood, plumes, hoof reaper, rainbow machine) . I've found that their drives stack so incredibly well with eachother so I'm kind of digging being in the ecosystem .
  4. ErnieBall

    Meris Mercury 7 vs. Walrus Slö

    Mercury7 sounds beyond amazing
  5. ErnieBall

    The New Boss DD-200

    What is the fix ?
  6. ErnieBall

    Np’sD Boss Od200, Md200 And Dd200 !

    just ordered a dd200 tonight and can’t wait - enjoy !
  7. ErnieBall

    Strymon Iridium!

    made some videos with this thing. Honestly it’s hard for me to part with $$ that doesnt get used with my band (scheming on that) but this thing is sooo worth it. I have played my electric more in the last 4 days than the last 4 weeks at home combined. It’s just easy and it sounds good which are...
  8. ErnieBall

    Strymon Iridium!

    Would love to see a stereo set up with a real amp !
  9. ErnieBall

    Strymon Iridium!

    Super interested in using this as a stereo setup with a real amp. set up would be : guitar > board > stereo out from flint > 1 to amp / 1 to iridium — amp mic’d and iridium DI’d . This is totally possible right ?
  10. ErnieBall

    Aux Preset Switcher for Nemesis Delay?

    Hey all - purchased an Analog Endeavors aux3 a while ago with the idea of setting up a bank up / down for the nemesis and a favs for my flint. Are there any manuals out there for how to this with these specific pedals? I havent found much and want to make sure I dont miss anything - thanks!
  11. ErnieBall

    Mr. Black BB-74x

    Ive been playing with mine for the last 30 minutes or so and I think thats how this one is meant to be. Initially, I was a bit miffed at the sound coming out - but I've got it dialed in. Its a fairly dark pedal (through my rig anyway) and my tone and vol on the pedal are dimed and then riding...
  12. ErnieBall

    Quick review of Chase Bliss Brothers

    Agree with this - it sounds amazing with my band. Its such a strange OD pedal man - there is just something about it. I've never played one quite like it.
  13. ErnieBall

    Quick review of Chase Bliss Brothers

    following up on my comment from earlier this week: this pedal is ****ing insane (in the best way). I am loving this thing - with the faves it is really re vamping my whole tone. I think what Kenny said is also spot on , its kind of like a psychological thing "I can sell all these drives and just...
  14. ErnieBall

    Quick review of Chase Bliss Brothers

    Got Brothers this week and I am liking it so far. Don’t know if I’m love yet. I will say this is a spectacular pedal and literally every knob turn is useful. Also it keeps the clarity of notes better than any other dirt pedal I’ve ever played. My only complaint is it may have more distortion on...
  15. ErnieBall

    Have you found THE amp yet? If so what is it for you?

    I think its the Victory V40... this thing -- oh my goodness. Such a great amp and havent even tested it with my "real" speaker yet.
  16. ErnieBall

    Phish's Trey Anastasio upped his tone game?

    His marshall tone on fall tour is some of my favorite of his 30+ years. Vegas was dialed in perfectly.
  17. ErnieBall

    Another "help me find an amp" thread

    Check out the Victory V40
  18. ErnieBall

    Phish's Trey Anastasio upped his tone game?

    Digging his tone - I like the addition of the marshall - still thinks he needs a bit of squash from the compressor to fully blend in with the band. See: Dicks 2016 - thought his tone that run was next level.
  19. ErnieBall

    Best $1200 ES-335 Clones? Greco, Yamaha, Ibanez, Seventy-Seven...?

    I had a Greco SA 700 and loved it - sold it off on some SG gas, but wish I had it back. Check out their 70s models, they are really nice. Ive got a tele coming tomorrow from them!
  20. ErnieBall


  21. ErnieBall

    TTB w/ Taj Mahal and Jerry Douglas.

    Taj is the absolute best.
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