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  1. majorminor

    An old V front tweed Super

    Got to talking to a guy about vintage tweed amps yesterday and he mentioned having an old V front Super and would I like to see it? Um....YEAH! Speakers are original and the amp has been sitting awhile so didn't hear it, but seeing it was cool. What do we know about these pre 5F4 Supers?
  2. majorminor

    Eminence GA10-SC59 is a killer 10" speaker

    I have these in 3 amps now and they really are something special. In tweed or blackface amps I like them better than even the 10" Celestion gold which is saying something. First amp was a custom Tweed Bassman build. Many speakers don't fit up in the upper cabinet so I wound up rolling the dice...
  3. majorminor

    What's your typical DB target range?

    ....for home practice and/or band level playing? I recently downloaded an a iphone ap called DB Meter Pro. In a smallish room, about 6 feet from amp, according to the ap I'm typically playing at 90-95DB average with occasional spikes up to 102-105DB. Maybe 30 minute sessions 4-5 times a week...
  4. majorminor

    3rd time Electradyne

    I had a 27" widebody combo years back. I drove 2 hours to try a 2x12 Lone Star Classic sure I was going to buy it and left with the Electradyne after about 30 seconds of Les Paul in to that blue channel. It's my favorite MESA ever, having owned a MKIII, and both .50 and .22 caliber combos over...
  5. majorminor

    Two Rock Traditional Clean 40/20 how loud?

    I know this is tough stuff to describe and talk about, but curious to know if a Traditional Clean 40/20 1x12 combo in 40 watt mode is similar in terms of volume, heft, and clean headroom as say a mid size blackface amp like a Fender Vibrolux Reverb or Pro Reverb etc? Running 4ea 6V6 you would...
  6. majorminor

    Vintage Vibrolux Reverb speaker question.

    These are the original speakers in my 1969 Vibrolux Reverb. These are Utahs I’m assuming? I was told when I bought the amp a number of years ago that 1 speaker was original and 1 was original re coned. These speakers actually sound good to me but don’t like to be pushed too hard. Things start...
  7. majorminor

    How many Nocasters are too many?

    Asking for a friend...
  8. majorminor

    Tweed or Marshall?

    Which one, which model, and why? For me it's tweed. For the most part my tone is clean and pushed clean up to maybe occasional mid gain. I also prefer combo amps and those resonant open backed pine cabs, and few amps are as aesthetically pleasing to look at than a tweed amp. Lastly the wide...
  9. majorminor

    R6 project finally comes together

    About a year ago I bought a 2004 R6 from an on line dealer. Described as excellent playing condition with non original Gibson P90's. Weight at 9.6 lbs and neck specs 1.004 to 1.063. So a club for a neck and I'm one of those guys that likes the 9 to 9 1/2 pound Les Pauls usually. This one also...
  10. majorminor

    I don't like a Les Paul that's TOO light

    I'm going against the grain here but my anecdotal experience based on playing 15 or so modern Les Pauls is that I like them in the 9 to 9 1/2 pound range and non weight relieved. Heavier than that they still sound great but I start noticing the weight a little. I'm sure they are out there, but I...
  11. majorminor

    PRS McCarty 594 Semi Hollow opinions

    Any players thoughts and opinions about this guitar? Is a stuck in the 50’s Les Paul Gretsch Strat guy playing mostly cleanish in to a Blackface reverb amp gonna click with one? I’m shopping for a new guitar and am thinking of trying something completely different.
  12. majorminor

    NGD Gretsch Players Edition Black Falcon

    Some time within the last few years Gretsch started making some models in both a "Vintage" matching spec and a new "Players Edition" version of some of their classic models which is just sort of a modernization tweak to address some of the quirks of the vintage spec models. Main differences in...
  13. majorminor

    Vibrolux Reverb Weber 10F150 + what?

    I think I'm going to experiment with my '69 Vibrolux Reverb and take the original Oxfords out and put two new modern speakers in. I happen to have a nice sounding lightly used Weber 10F150 laying around and am looking for suggestions for pairing with another speaker. Thinking maybe 10" Celestion...
  14. majorminor

    Do you miss having a 110V outlet on your amp?

    My first "good" amp back in the 80's was a Mesa MK III and had a 110 3 prong outlet. It was the norm on the old Fenders then too. It's a feature I rarely see on newer amps and kind of miss. I would think you pedal board guys would love that feature.
  15. majorminor

    Do you think the Gibson Les Paul "True Historic" is here to stay?

    I have no idea if the splitting of the Historic Les Paul line in to True Historics and the CS variants has been successful for Gibson. I see Wildwood with 33 of these in inventory which seems to be an accumulating supply. As in there was perhaps a pretty quick sell off on these initially that...
  16. majorminor

    Les Paul Special or Junior?

    Just wondering what you would prefer and why? I'm thinking about running down one the of the VOS custom shop versions. I'm thinking Special just for the versatility of the 2 pickups. I spend more time playing clean or cleanish than full on dirt.
  17. majorminor

    Why just TMB tone stack?

    Any builders out there ever experimented with an in the circuit tone stack that was more than just treble, middle, bass? Just not required or a great idea waiting to happen? Seems like in some circuits these controls affect not just tone but break up characteristics. Wondering if an amp that had...
  18. majorminor

    Blackface Princeton Gut Shot

    Talking to a local guy who is offering a very clean looking '67 Princeton Reverb w/ original Oxford speaker( I think). These rarely come up within driving distance for me so I'm inclined to look in to the deal. Old, possibly original RCA preamp tubes. 3 prong power cord in place. Seller thinks...
  19. majorminor

    Anybody running 2 Princeton Reverbs?

    Just wondering how it sounds/works. I would imagine there might be some weirdness with 2 amps oscillating slightly differently? If it sounds good what do you use to split your guitar signal? Curious minds.
  20. majorminor

    Right amp + Right guitar = Magic

    The other thread inspired me to dig out my 69 Vibrolux Reverb tonight as it's been several months since I played through it. It's a nice sounding amp that I'm usually playing a strat or tele through. This particular amp has a somewhat stiff and steely tone to my ear with those guitars. It may be...
  21. majorminor

    Looks like the new Gibsons have landed

    Specs prices and pics http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/new_arrivals.htm I think I'm going to go home and enjoy my 2013 R7 tonight :)
  22. majorminor

    Who here gigs on guitar with a horn section?

    Never had the pleasure. Looks like it would be a...uh... blast.
  23. majorminor

    What's your favorite thing about a Telecaster?

    Mine = 2 knobs and a switch right where you need 'em
  24. majorminor

    Recommend A Tweed Amp For Me

    I've got the itch for another tweed amp to compliment my Tungsten Crema Wheat. Just seeking some input from guys using some of the mid wattage tweeds in the wild. Because I have the Crema Wheat I'm not too interested in a straight up 5E3 as I get all the grind I want so I think I'm more...
  25. majorminor

    Have a Crema Wheat Do I need An 18W Marshall?

    I've sort of had the itch for awhile to get an 18 watt Marshall so I can get my 80's on from time time. I've been running a Les Paul through a Tungsten Crema Wheat cranked up a bit and I'm starting to think why bother. Yes there is some more and slightly looser low end there but it's a glorious...
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