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  1. Matt F

    NGD - And now, for something completely different....

    Yea, I agree about the setup. I would take it to someone to look at the neck, nut, saddle, ect. I recently took a custom OM Martin in for setup and a little tweak here, a little file there a miniscule shave to the saddle and she now plays beautifully. I'm in central Florida and have been taking...
  2. Matt F

    Show us guitars other than Fender or Gibson

    Mcnaught(y) VSC
  3. Matt F

    let's see some couch photos

    I see what you did there.. :rolleyes:.. hehe
  4. Matt F

    What is the favorite acoustic that you've ever played?

    A toss up for me. A couple of them I own. However, the one that I can still remember 22 years ago was a jumbo maple/spruce Goodall that was just all kinds of right. That guitar still haunts me.
  5. Matt F

    My New McNaught XD627 Build has begun!

    Bow Chicka Wow Wow
  6. Matt F

    What's your dream guitar!

    Pie in the sky would be a Manzer Metheny model. I've never played one, but I dream of it ;)
  7. Matt F

    let's see some couch photos

    Axe4me Looking at that collection.. I just cried one man tear.. Great lot
  8. Matt F

    Post a really good picture of one of your guitars .....

    That Lents is sooooo delicious. Solid maple body? Nice...
  9. Matt F

    Favorite Taylor

    That was going to be my suggestion. Something in the x14 line. I hear great things about the new 800 series, but haven't played one. For doing both you can't go wrong with the x14 series, especially if rosewood/spruce is your thing :). If you were just doing solo guitar work I would have...
  10. Matt F

    Favorite Taylor

    Billy, are you doing fingerstyle work or singer/songwriter strumming?
  11. Matt F

    Gene Baker & b3 leaving PBG

    I too wonder what Gene has on the horizon. I saw some headless prototypes on his facebook page that look pretty wicked. I for one would be interested in a B3 headless/ergonomic design.
  12. Matt F


    That Breedlove looks great! Can't go wrong with hog/red spruce OM. Play in great health and make some great music with her!
  13. Matt F

    What's your impression on how Martin and Taylor players differ?

    I own both. I always hear folks talk about Taylors playing better than most other acoustics. Other example "Taylor is the acoustic for the electric player" etc. I have a 1993 Taylor K12c (koa/engleman spruce) that I've owned since it was new. It plays great and sounds equally great. Nice warm...
  14. Matt F

    PSA - Acoustic Strings at MF

    Yup, I just posted a PSA before reading your post. So, I deleted mine. That is a killer deal and will be nice to restring and baby some of my 'neglected' acoustics :). Make Great Music! Matt
  15. Matt F

    Sold 2006 PRS Paul Reed Smith Artist Package Singlecut 20th Anniversary Brazilian Rosewood

    Man, that's a beautiful guitar. Love the top on it. Good luck with the sale and with your new home. Wish I was in buying mode. I would pick this baby up if I had the funds ready.
  16. Matt F

    The Keeley "Caverns" Reverb & Delay

    I'm going to bump this because I've just checked some YouTube videos (Mike Hermans and Lance Seymour's) and this pedal has my ear. Would love to hear some feedback from folks who end up ordering one of these.
  17. Matt F

    Recommend Acoustic Pickups

    I use the K&K Trinity system with a Solstice preamp. I am always happy with my amplified tone in all of my acoustics.
  18. Matt F

    Johan Gustavsson, "The Green Guy"- Coming Soon

    That's pretty classy mate. Play her in good health :)
  19. Matt F


    Right on man. LOVE that quilted green top. I would love to play that one.
  20. Matt F

    [NGD] Myka Dragonfly #124 - "Jega"

    Wow. That is beautiful. Mr. Myka is quite an artist. Make great music with her!
  21. Matt F

    Ron Kirn Strat...All I know is....

    That finish is SUPER SEXY TIME! Congratulations. She looks spectacular!
  22. Matt F

    Martin OM vs. Collings OM

    J.T. speaks truth.
  23. Matt F


    Damn MMD, you've got quite a collection going on there in a short span of time :). Well done sir.
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