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  1. andybaylor

    Bacino Amplification -18 watt 1974 clone. (Old school metal)

    A wonderful amp. Not too loud.... but loud enough. ( Komplete drums)
  2. andybaylor

    Sold Vintage ADA MP-1 Price Drop!

    EDIT: It’s hard to play a full stack in isolation. Excellent condition, has never seen the road or a bar. Output pot is scratchy, but it’s nothing a shot of tuner cleaner can’t fix. $250OBO
  3. andybaylor

    ROCK BAND: Electric Mary

    Jesus H. Christ!!!!!! THIS is how it’s done:
  4. andybaylor

    Orange/Gibson amplifiers

    Looking for ALL information on Orange amplifiers when they partnered with Gibson. Prices? Schematics? Pictures from a catalog or a personal amp? We’d love that! (PM for text# if you don’t want to fool with posting) I am interested in purchasing as well. Thanks
  5. andybaylor

    Sold Lava/Van Dan Hul cable package. $550 new-only $335 shipped!

    Brand new Lava/Van Dan Hul cable lot. 20’ ra-ra, 12’ ra-1/4, 3’ ra-ra. The difference is incredible. It’s like a blanket being lifted off your rig. So much clarity, and tight low-end. $550 regular price- $350 shipped and paypaled!
  6. andybaylor

    Sold Glaswerks Super Overdrive II

    GLASWERKS Super Overdrive II amplifier. The venerable “Swiss Army knife“ of D-Style circuits. Get’s 70s through modern day tones. HRM and non HRM channels. Buffered FX loop. Reverb. Desert sky and DiLeo voicings. It’s all there. Incredible touch sensitivity and dynamics. Excellent/mint condition.
  7. andybaylor

    King of Tone options 2017

    My new KOT landed yesterday. WOW!! What a pedal. This is my second one. I didn't jive with the first one, so I flipped it. This one ain't goin nowhere. It's perfect! 1. Normal gain. From what I remember, the high gain didn't sound as natural. Not as "open" sounding as the normal gain. My...
  8. andybaylor

    Mrs. Smith

    The lady is killin it. And what a great look! http://www.worldofsmith.com/
  9. andybaylor

    Blues Pearl Amplifiers- BG50210-Culbertson 59 spec Burst.

    Here's a sample of my Blues Pearl amplifier, the BG 50210, (Designed for Buddy Guy) 59 spec Burst replica built by Marc Culbertson. IPhone 4K recording. No bells or whistles. Sounds quite similar to my Marshall... :) (FF to 4:00 for the solo bits)
  10. andybaylor

    Guns and Roses

    They are killing it. 150%. Haters? How's your band doing?
  11. andybaylor

    NEW! ISP Theta Pro DSP - Light gain demo

    Just like the title says. LOVE it.
  12. andybaylor

    ISP Theta Pro DSP-Culbertson 59 Spec.

    A little something featuring the ISP Theta Pro.
  13. andybaylor

    Vintage EH Big Muff Pi-Marshall Superbass

    All kinds of stuff! The video explains it all...
  14. andybaylor


    .... don't seem to have a problem with backing tracks. God bless them.
  15. andybaylor

    1974 Marshall Superbass-Third Power Hybrid Master Volume Mod.

    The Marshall Superbass. An amp loud enough to re-arrange your DNA. Tamed, with the Third Power Master Volume modification! Sounds wonderful with any pedal in front of it. (I'm using a Plimsoul for this clip.) 97-100 db-ish An amazing modification. Thank you, Mr. Scott.
  16. andybaylor

    Marc Culbertson 59 style Guitar-PriceLess amps Vibroclone-Blues Pearl.

    The title speaks for itself. Marc Culbertson 1959 style build. And BOY, it feels like an old guitar. Priceless amps Vibroverb clone. Jack Price makes a great amp!! Blues Pearl BG50210. I'm not gonna talk about it. It's too good. If you find one with orange drops, you're golden. Pass on the...
  17. andybaylor

    Joe Bonamassa/Tribut apparel

    I see Mr. Bonamassa posting ridiculously cool acquisitions on FB. (FWIW-He deserves every penny he's earned. Go Joe.) BUT, today it was four pre 55 Blackguard teles. on a kick-ass rug with his logo on it. Whoa. Lottsa money in the fashion industry....as opposed to other industries. I...
  18. andybaylor

    Not So Fast....

    Wow. I remember now. RIP to all. This post really hit home for me. Thank you for putting a face with the tragedy. RIP Metal Matt.
  19. andybaylor

    Herbie Herbert Interview. (Journey Manager)

    The Journey Story as told by Herbie Herbert. Pretty wild read. http://members.cox.net/mrcarty/
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