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  1. Yossi

    You have to check out these 3 giants playing... you'll thank me.

    Tommy Emmanuel, Richard Smith and Jim Nichols at the Chet Atkins convention in Nashville, TN, July 2018. :banana:banana:banana:banana:band:dude:dude:dude Special bonus: Richard Smith:
  2. Yossi

    Great player: Vlatko Stefanovski- I never heard of him until today. Wow!

    Today is the first that I've heard of this player. Check him out.
  3. Yossi

    Invited on stage with Lazer Lloyd at the Squirrel Hill Sports Bar in Pittsburgh

    I'm very happy that I was able to get up on stage with a great blues guitarist from Israel while he is touring the USA and visiting my home city. A good friend of mine arranged that I would be invited up for a jam at some point during the show. It was nice especially to have my father and...
  4. Yossi

    Don Grosh Electrajet w/G90's, Redplate Magica & Two Rock Studio 35

    Hooked up with Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and Boomerang III relaxing during my lunch break. The Grosh Electrajet is a wonderful guitar to play. I hope that you enjoy the few noodles that I'm playing.
  5. Yossi

    What to charge for a duo gig at a restaurant?

    What do you think is a fair price to charge for three hours of playing, for a duo at a restaurant? We've played gigs together at events where we volunteered. Now that a paid job is a potential, I'm curious what should we really be charging?
  6. Yossi

    Did you ever gig and the bar/dinner tab exceeded what you would have been paid?

    This happened the other day to me. I got a gig at a new restaurant where my friend and I played background dinner music, guitar and violin. There was some pre- discussion of some of the payment being a dinner credit. The next day I found out that my bandmate's wife, 2 daughters, and...
  7. Yossi

    Hey, can my dad play your guitar? Ah, sure kid. (we'll he is paying for the band)

    This took place in June of this year in Jerusalem at my son's wedding. Everyone was enjoying the band and the atmosphere was super charged. One of my boys asked if I could come up and play guitar with the band and the guitarist / band leader agreed. I was then invited up and strapped on the...
  8. Yossi

    $62,000 for a Stevie Ray Number One Replica!!! Insane??

    I can't fathom who would pay anywhere near this price. Is this for real? https://reverb.com/item/2591085-fender-stevie-ray-vaughan-srv-number-one-replica-stratocaster-2003-sunburst
  9. Yossi

    Is tone in the fingers or in the crystal?

    This is insane!
  10. Yossi

    Keith Urban invites fan to come up and play...

    This is very cool. The guy nailed it.
  11. Yossi

    To play at my son's wedding was a high point.

    Once the music veered off the traditional wedding music, and the bands leader played Santani, Clapton and Pink Floyd. My son asked the guitarist if his father could play. This is the second and final song. The first was an on the spot blues. I had more fun playing than I ever had. The crowed...
  12. Yossi

    NGD: Fulltone Tube Tape Echo the 10 pound delay

    I just unpacked my newest purchase, a used Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and played it for about 45 minutes through two amps and my Boomerang III looper and it sounded awesome, awesome, awesome.... At ten pounds it will be mostly kept in either my office or home for personal use, as it is a bit too...
  13. Yossi

    Kemper Help: Should I erase the factory settings and just get MBritt's rigs?

    I've had the KPA for a couple of years already and I've never really bonded with it. I spend more time scrolling through amps and settings that either sound identical with other sounds, than I want to. Has anyone here hit erase and then started from scratch by erasing all the amps and then...
  14. Yossi

    NGD: New Grosh Day-NOS Retro. This knocked out my Fender Masterbuilt

    I got the best deal through Bad Axe Boutique on this used Don Grosh NOS Retro. The guitar looks brand new. The quality is superb and the sound is great. I love the neck carve. It is a very inspirational guitar to play. It stays in tune and I can bend notes all over without any issues. As good of...
  15. Yossi

    YouTube: '65 Stratocaster Closet Classic Masterbuilt Todd Krause VS. Grosh NOS Retro

    I figured that while I have both of these babies in my collection that I would A/B them and make a video demo to share. Both are great guitars. As you can see they both look alike. The Fender is a closet classic and has the aging effect which looks great. The Grosh is like new. Both guitars...
  16. Yossi

    Windborn's playing Led Zeppelin with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: WOW!

    This was one amazing performance. The Group Windborne was phenomenal and the music was incredible. If you ever get the chance to see Windborne do this in your city, GO!!
  17. Yossi

    Ram's Head Classic '73 v. 1 Stomp Under Foot

    I got this great new SUF Ram's Head version of the '73 Big Muff fuzz pedal. Matt's pedals are fantastic. I think I have about 10 by now.
  18. Yossi

    Covers that you like as much or more than the original

    This version of Sound of Silence by Disturbed is one;
  19. Yossi

    NGD: Don Grosh Electrajet standard with P90's. My first experience with these Pup's. I like them!

    Years ago I hear about the Don Grosh Electrajet and have wanted to try one. As things go, there was one for sale here on the emporium and after a few phone calls with the one selling it, we made a deal. It was not love at first sight but there was something there that said to give it a chance...
  20. Yossi

    Stomp Under Foot, Society of Fuzz 2015: The third and final Fuzz of the set came today!

    This is one major fuzz pedal. A heavy duty all out fuzz machine. Just came today and I decided to do a demo. Played with a Suhr Modern and RedPlate Magica Amp
  21. Yossi

    Must see museum: MIM, Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix AZ

    I recently paid a visit to a most amazing museum. The largest collection of international instruments anywhere in the world. If you have the chance to go there, you owe it to yourself to check it out. http://mim.org/ It was mind expanding.
  22. Yossi

    How do I take my guitar's neck measurements?

    I have a guitar for sale in the emporium and I can't find the factory spec sheet. What tools are needed and what and where are the measurements that should be taken to determine the main neck measurements? Primarily, how do we determine the radius? Thank you,
  23. Yossi

    NGD: Suhr Modern Custom, Guthrie Govan specs. My first Suhr!

    It is a pleasure to play. The guitar arrived packaged perfectly, and is set up to pro level right out of the box. Build perfection. A call out to Brian at Humbucker Music. Smooth transaction all the way. The guitar is so comfortable to play, and the modern elliptical neck carve is performance...
  24. Yossi

    Jimmy D Lane: Indegogo Crowd Funding to help a blues player make a record.

    My good friend Sruli Broocker has amazed me with his project. He will be bringing an authentic bluesman guitar master, Jimmy D. Lane back into the public eye for the first time in over a decade. What is special about Jimmy D Lane is not only his musicianship, but also his lineage. His father...
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