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  1. billboneys

    Sold Germanium Fuzz Face Clone

    BYOC E.S.V. Fuzz Germanium version. BYOC's take on the Fuzz Face with added internal bias. One screw hole was not drilled all the way hence the missing screw. Solid build and works great. $65 shipped and PP'd CONUS.
  2. billboneys

    Sold Smitty Tonebender MKI.5

    Another great Tonebender from Mark at Smitty Pedals. This one has a pair of OC75's. It has couple chips but sounds great. $110 shipped and PP'd to the CONUS
  3. billboneys

    Sold BYOC Large Beaver Ram's Head

    BYOC Large Beaver V2. In bare enclosure with standard BYOC knobs. $65 shipped and PP'd
  4. billboneys

    Sold Catalinbread Topanga Reverb - CHEAP!

    Dang! Wish I would have got mine at that price. Great deal for a great verb. GLWS.
  5. billboneys

    Sold Manlay Ronno Bender

    I've got one from 2014. Looks great, sounds great. Has box and instructions. Box is a little worn. Mine has the switch but no power supply. I don't think he's done one with power but I could be wrong. I'll take $200 shipped and PP'd if your in the US. Thanks.
  6. billboneys

    Sold Fulltone Soul-Bender V2

    For sale is a Fulltone Soul-Bender V2. I've found myself with way to many fuzz pedals so this is one of several to go. This was built in 2017 and works and sounds great. A previous owner either scratched it or scratched their initials in it but it's been painted back over (see pic). $100 shipped...
  7. billboneys

    Sold Faceless FX Ripken's Bat Germanium Fuzz Face

    Are there any demos of this online?
  8. billboneys

    Sold Ended

    Great avatar. GLWS.
  9. billboneys

    Sold Wampler Velvet Fuzz 2

    I still don't see them. Anyone else? Just seeing a gray minus sign.
  10. billboneys

    Sold Wampler Velvet Fuzz 2

    Photos not showing up for me.
  11. billboneys

    Sold BYOC Mouse (Rat Clone)

    BYOC Rat Clone. Works great. NOS LM308. 4-way selector switch covers multiple Rat models with the different clipping styles. Has a few chips but sounds like it should. $75 PP'd shipped to CONUS only.
  12. billboneys

    Sold Arc Klone V2 With Bass Switch

    Any interest in a JHS Twin Twelve?
  13. billboneys

    Sold Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx Reissue

    Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx Reissue in like new shape with box. $75 shipped and PP'd CONUS.
  14. billboneys

    Sold Lovepedal Super Sic Tone

    $65 shipped CONUS. Works great with some light scratches on the back. Includes box. Thanks.
  15. billboneys

    Sold DOD Phasor 201

    Both mint with box and goodies. Shipped and PP'd CONUS only. Phasor $OLD$$$ Carcosa $OLD
  16. billboneys

    Sold Bearfoot Model H 3K

    In great shape and working condition. Includes the box and paw paper. $125 shipped and PP'd CONUS. Only trade I'd consider is a JHS Twin Twelve. Thanks.
  17. billboneys

    Sold Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin

    Killer cranked tweed sounds out of this one. In good shape with box and paperwork. Also includes a Temple Audio designs quick release plate. $125 PP'd and shipped CONUS only. Thanks. Watch Andy channel Neil Young.
  18. billboneys

    Sold DOD 440 Envelope Filter

    Just got it in. Not for me. $50 shipped CONUS only. Pulled out, played, and it's back in the box. Thanks.
  19. billboneys

    Sold Price Drop Walrus Audio 385

    EDIT**Cool pedal just thinning the herd**. Feeling self conscious after reading this thread https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/favorite-cliche-tgp-lines.1897012/ Bottom line, it ain't a Rat. Mint condition with box and candy. $135 shipped and PP'd to the CONUS only. Thanks...
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