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  1. J

    Is this an authentic Klon or no?

    I bought an early unit from Bill when they first came out, It had a very loud hum and I sent it back. When it arrived back it had no serial no. The original board did.
  2. J

    Lovepadal Retailers

    Motor city guitar in Waterford Mi carries some of their pedals. I am headed there tomorrow to get the Lovepedal super six SRV mod.
  3. J

    Played a Maestro phaser last night...

    I had the PS-1 one and loved the fast speed Leslie sim it did.
  4. J

    The very 1st distortion pedal you ever owned ? .......(face palm )

    My first fuzz pedal was a Mosrite Fuzzrite that I bought brand new in the 60's.
  5. J

    Klon discussion threads (merged)

    I got a Gold Horsie when they first came out.
  6. J

    When did Seymour Duncans become so uncool?

    I was wondering if any of you have tried Duncan lipstick tubes and what your opinion is of them?
  7. J

    Your favorite Broadcaster pickups?

    I think the Ron Ellis is the best I have tried.
  8. J

    Your opinions: Best Strat Pickups

    I have posted before about how much I like the Don Mare Josie Vaughan wraps and with the guitar they are in they do it for me. Great 60's strat tone. I recently picked up a used partscaster on the emporium with Ron Ellis pickups and they are fantastic. They are clean and clear when played...
  9. J

    Ron Ellis strat pickups are off the hook`

    Hey pbradt nice slide playing I've got Rons pickups in a Strat and Tele and I find when I play with just a slight hair on the tone (usually a 60's Super Reverb) there is something very special going on with the attack on these pickups.
  10. J

    Ron Ellis strat pickups are off the hook`

    Hey Wichita, are these a low output pickup? Can you give anymore details about what you like about them?
  11. J

    I was such a dork for selling my Klon for $400 3 months ago....

    I have a Gold one I got it way back when they first came out and Ken Fischer did a review on them. I had no idea the were worth that much money.
  12. J

    What's the best way to use a Tubescreamer?

    I usually turn the gain way down and kick the volume up it just seems to add more balls, but still retains your original tone.
  13. J

    Christmas pedals!!What did Santa bring you?

    I had a Boss loop pedal under the tree.
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