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  1. Blueswede

    Help me go ampless

  2. Blueswede

    New HeadRush Pedalboard

    One quick question....does the HR have a built in tuner for silent tuning?
  3. Blueswede

    Suhr ACE Analog Cabinet Emulator

    I just ordered one on Reverb.....
  4. Blueswede

    Suhr ACE Analog Cabinet Emulator

    I was told 3-4 weeks...
  5. Blueswede

    Question for those who sold/returned Amplifire

    I gave it a shot, but much preferred my Kemper.....
  6. Blueswede

    Who's Using the Kemper Live

    I've been using my Kemper for 2 years at my church, 3 services each Sunday. We all use IEM and I couldn't be happier. Very consistent sound week to week. Very simple set up. I use a couple of OD pedals in front and love my tone. Never had an issue.....
  7. Blueswede

    Soooooo many Kempers

    I love my Kemper......!
  8. Blueswede

    Going to try this amp modeling thing again...maybe a Kemper and/or Atomic Amplifier???

    I've been using my Kemper onstage with our worship team for the better part of 2 years. We all use in ear monitors and for me it is the best solution. I don't use a bunch of different profiles and I use a couple of OD pedals as well. My sound is always good and I spend very little time tweaking...
  9. Blueswede

    Trouble ordering Kemper remote

    I"ve been trying to order one through their site, and it gets to the "heidelpay" part of it and all I get is a blank screen. Rather frustrating......if you're going to sell something, please make sure that the site actually works!!! Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Blueswede

    Amplifire question......

    This is correct.....in my haste to play with this new device, I somehow overlooked the included power supply. And yes, I did play for an hour...:banana
  11. Blueswede

    Amplifire question......

    Oh, you mean the one that came in the little white box that I somehow missed when I opened the big box......that one? What a dummy I am!! I can only blame it on this being Friday, after a very busy week.....my brain is trying to shut down. Should have waited till tomorrow. Thanks so much...
  12. Blueswede

    Amplifire question......

    What is the recommended power supply? Am I correct that it needs to provide a minimum of 1 amp?
  13. Blueswede

    Amplifire question......

    Definitely something wrong with the unit.......looks like it's going back to Atomic. :dunno
  14. Blueswede

    Amplifire question......

    So I finally got some time to hook up to my Amplifire, and for some reason, it doesn't want to do anything. I have power to it, the screen reads "Amplifire Firmware 1.0, but no matter what I turn or push, nothing happens. I have it hooked up to my CLR.....no sound, no nothing. Just power to the...
  15. Blueswede

    I still LOVE my Kemper!

    It's called ToneKing Drive TIM- The author is And44
  16. Blueswede

    I still LOVE my Kemper!

    I have been using mine live at church for the past 2 years. I only use one profile and a couple of drive pedals. Really works well, the tone is always the same. I know that there are so many other profiles out there, but this one just seems to do the trick for me. The worship leader is a huge...
  17. Blueswede

    Who thinks the Kemper sucks?

    Maybe a dumb question but what is aliasing?
  18. Blueswede

    Who thinks the Kemper sucks?

    I've been using my Kemper almost every week for the past year. I found one amp that I really like, I add a few OD pedals and I am set. Just like a real amp. I don't need 50 different amp sounds. The effects sound great to my ears. For me and my needs, it is the perfect solution.
  19. Blueswede

    I still LOVE my Kemper!

    I've had mine for about a year.....I use it every week at my church. Although there are a zillion profiles out there, I found one that I really like and use a couple of pedals for boost/overdrive. It is so simple and so reliable. I haven't cranked up a tube amp since then, with the exception of...
  20. Blueswede

    Kemper live questions???

    I've used this same setup for over a year at the church I play at. I"ve been using in-ear monitors as well, and absolutely love them. Get the best you can afford. I am using the 1964 Ears through a Shure PSM900. A bit costly, but well worth it.
  21. Blueswede

    Talk Me Out of a Kemper

    If I did, I"d spend the rest of my life feeling guilty.......... I love mine:rockin
  22. Blueswede

    Kemper sighting....!

    That was my thought as well.....all I can say is that he sounded great!
  23. Blueswede

    Kemper sighting....!

    Went to see Lyrnrd Skynrd last nite and the opening band was the Outlaws....I always enjoyed their music and was looking forward to seeing them. They did not disappoint at all; although they only got 30 minutes, they truly rocked the house. The main lead guitar player had a Marshall cab with a...
  24. Blueswede

    Advice on going "amp-less"

    Ok, so I'm a bit older than you and am the lead guitarist for the worship team at my fairly large church. I started out using an amp on stage, which was always too loud. Then went to using an isolation cab. That worked ok, but then discovered the Kemper. I have been using it along with the...
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