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  1. jbealsmusic

    "Right Now" - Jonathan Beals / Original Song, Rap/Rock/Funk/Metal (What would you call this?)

    I'm influenced by rock/fusion, rap, metal, and funk. I wish I knew how to categorize my music because it doesn't always fall into any one of those genres alone. In any case, it's the most honest version of my creative self that I can put out there. I hope you find something to enjoy within it...
  2. jbealsmusic

    Mini WGS ET90 Demo (Canadian Content)

    We quartered off a section of our warehouse so we can do audio demos of speakers. Taking requests on what you'd like to hear first. Here's a mini demo of the WGS ET90: Some folks requested a DIY video on how we mounted our acoustic foam panels for our studio/demo area. The full version of...
  3. jbealsmusic

    Canadians - Next Gen's Customer Idea Portal

    Ever wanted more influence over your parts supplier? Now Is Your Chance! Introducing Next Gen's Customer Idea Portal A place where you can post ideas about our products and services, and other customers can vote on them. The ideas and suggestions with the most votes get more resources devoted...
  4. jbealsmusic

    Hipshot On Clearance!

    EVERYTHING MUST GO! We are selling off what we have left and dropping their product line from our selection. Get it while you can because we will not be re-stocking or special ordering any more Hipshot products.
  5. jbealsmusic

    Fastener Guide

    Hi all, We spent some time today putting together a fastener guide for amps/cabs and instruments. Fastener Guide Suggestions welcome!
  6. jbealsmusic

    What's inside a mini switch?

    We took apart some mini switches and included some basic repair tips. Enjoy!
  7. jbealsmusic

    Line 6 Variax Standard Review (Video)

    There was a time when I had a LOT more free time on my hands and spent a lot more time in this forum (the modeling section in particular). Anyways, when researching products that I'm interested in I often find the same info in every review/demo. So, once in a while I like to put together a...
  8. jbealsmusic

    WGS - Warehouse Guitar Speakers in CANADA!

    RESERVE YOURS FROM THE FIRST BATCH Public and wholesale customers alike have been asking us to make this happen and we like to deliver! Our first stock order will arrive mid-July. We are taking pre-orders, which will help to speed up the process of getting to more sustainable levels of...
  9. jbealsmusic

    Tube Amp Repairs and Noise Levels (bothering neighbors)

    How do you guys deal with it? Just curious because we rent the storefront portion of our warehouse to an amp repair shop. It can get VERY loud when he's testing amps for issues. Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. I've even been on the phone while he's been doing some amp testing and sure...
  10. jbealsmusic

    New Hammond Distributor In Canada!

    We are now a Hammond distributor! As always, if you see it available on our site it is in stock and ready to ship. If you need something from Hammond that you don't see, let us know because we can get it for you. Amp Chassis/Enclosures -...
  11. jbealsmusic

    Canadians - We Need Your Feedback!

    Communication is important for any business and it is extremely valuable going both ways. We love the feedback we get from our customers! Although I don't post too often, I do occasionally creep around the internet and see mentions and suggestions for our little website. That said, I have a...
  12. jbealsmusic

    Canada's Source For Guitar & Cab Parts

    Canada's best source for almost all of your parts needs! http://nextgenguitars.ca/ Cab Parts: Everything from tolex, tweed, and grill cloth to hardware, speakers, and wiring. Guitar Parts: Guitar kits, machine heads, string guides, nuts, fret wire, bridges, control plates, electronics, and...
  13. jbealsmusic

    NextGenGuitars - Canada's Source For Speaker Cabinet & Guitar Parts

    We just received a stock order of tweed fabric and grill cloth. Many more products are on their way for this month. Stay tuned for updates on more fret wire, Hipshot hardware, guitar parts, and more! It's finally here! Genuine tweed fabric. Not a cheap knockoff or vinyl equivalent. This is...
  14. jbealsmusic

    Hello from Canada

    So, I've been reading/posting here since about 2010, but never actually introduced myself to the boards. Name is Jon and I live and work in Ottawa's west-end town of Nepean. Background is incredibly varied... Music store sales/management, fast-food, pastor, personal trainer, Registered...
  15. jbealsmusic

    Video on McCormick Analog

    I don't know much about amp electronics, so I could have easily stayed for several hours and listened to him talk gear. Fascinating stuff! 5kBDVaMTUps I really liked the Fender reverb mod he goes over at around 21:45. I can't tell you how many people I know who have gone nuts looking for...
  16. jbealsmusic

    NextGenGuitars - A web store for Canadian builders and luthiers.

    We love guitars and speaker cabinets. We also love building guitars and speaker cabinets. However, we hate that we always have to order from the US because there are no Canadian suppliers for most of the parts we want. So, we're making the investment to be the supplier that we wish...
  17. jbealsmusic

    Black Friday Deals? In Canada?

    Anyone see any good Black Friday deals on music gear? Especially from Canadian stores. In previous years I've managed to snag some good deals, but this year seems pretty dry...
  18. jbealsmusic

    Next Gen Cabs - Shop Thread

    I've seen a number of threads like this on other forums that turned into a wealth of information and discussion. So, I figured I'd create one for our little shop. I'm happy to discuss anything about cab building. Wood choices, glues, hardware, build methods, speakers, etc. I'll share...
  19. jbealsmusic

    Modern Rock Demo - Mostly Free VST Plugins

    *I posted this a few weeks ago in the demo section which is a bit of a ghost town, so I figured I'd re-post it here.* Just finished this demo song... I'm not much of a singer so watch your ears! https://soundcloud.com/jbealsmusic/jonathan-beals-another-way The Details Guitars: TSE X50 and...
  20. jbealsmusic

    NAMM '14 - Antares Autotune Kits for Guitar

    Remember that variax-like thing that had autotune? Well it's back this year... http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/namm-2014-antares-unveils-auto-tune-for-guitar-installation-kits-591622 Highlights -Kits for nearly every type of guitar (must be installed by authorized luthier) -Autotune...
  21. jbealsmusic

    Stereo guitar wireless option!

    I found this, which says it works for instruments as well as line signals: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766504-REG/Jangus_JM_WAL35_Wi_AudioLink_Professional_Stereo.html IdHm-J1Y2oM Looks like it can be used in many different ways (instrument wireless, IEM, or other stuff). Pretty...
  22. jbealsmusic

    Digitech?? Are you out there?

    I just read a post on Digitech's facebook saying, "More DigiTech multi-effect processors have sold since 2008 than Boss, Line 6, and Zoom combined." I find that hard to believe but it did get me thinking... The RP1000 was probably the single best bang for my buck I've ever spent on a...
  23. jbealsmusic

    Coaxial Monitors

    *EDIT: Ignore the poll... I'm just keeping the list going. Hey all, I've been using an RP1000 and ELX112p happily for some time now. I do, however, find the ELX112p to be a little on the heavy side and it has a bit of a larger footprint on stage than what I'd like. I've been looking into...
  24. jbealsmusic

    Question about JTV guitars

    I actually tried them out and liked most of the tones I could get out of them. However, I did not have the chance to bring them home and work with them. Thus, some questions... 1) When you switch between semi-hollow, gibson, and fender "guitars" does the output of the guitar change to reflect...
  25. jbealsmusic

    YouTube GT100 vs HD500

    Just found this video and I thought the guy did a decent job (except for the clipping on the crunch/high-gain stuff.) I could find uses for all of those tones, but the one that stood out to me was the HD500 clean tone with the boost starting at 1:04. 9uK22wJtjHA It's a good day to be a...
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