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  1. jeffwith1f

    Gibson Flying V's

    It took me more than a decade of looking across 4 countries to find the right one.
  2. jeffwith1f

    Gibson Flying V's

    OMG, nice V. These are pretty uncommon. Glad you are liking it. If you are looking for another and don't want to get into very expensive stuff, yeah, go for an early 90's '67 R.I. model. They are well made and haven't appreciated to stupid levels yet. My 1990 Black RI is the guitar the...
  3. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    Given that there are only 6 of this model, I think I know where half of them are. small community. More people need one of these. as I told Eddie when he told me I was buying the last of the import Korina models: “Take my money and make more!!”
  4. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    Sweet! You leave it stock?
  5. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    What was the last quarter?
  6. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    When I saw it, I had to double check my tomes to make sure it wasn’t a refinish. Original. (Although likely sprayed at factory over a maple/walnut body). Rare doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Maybe...one has to be the right buyer.
  7. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    but but but...they’re awesome. I get it. Definitely not for everyone. I used to think I loved all the oddball pointy guitars, then I joined a pointy guitar group and got told my beloved V’s and Explorers weren’t pointy, and saw all sorts of things that I definitely would not want to be seen...
  8. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    when I first saw it I thought it was neat. A month later when I realized I hadn’t stopped thinking about how cool it was, I realized it had jumped to the top of my wanted list, especially at the very reasonable price. not for everyone, but definitely for me.
  9. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    wasn’t it the Strat that finally broke the staid back of Gibson? It’s been such a classic long before I was born, I Can’t envision what it would have been like for it to be perceived as “space age”. To break with that vision of Gibson as an old person’s guitar McCarty et al went full-blown...
  10. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    Korina with white guards? I’m shocked more people haven’t done this. They’d also look good with black guards, if he makes more, he should do that.
  11. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    I have a V2 that I purchased from the 12th fret several years ago. It’s black sparkle. They actually have a walnut one in stock at the moment (and an RD Standard). Hard to believe the prices these much maligned oddballs are selling for these days. The Walnut V2 is asking $3999 CDN!
  12. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    In fairness I bought mine. Just writing a review because I like it and feel the world should know these exist.
  13. jeffwith1f

    NGD - 2018 Carlino Stadium Series “Lost ‘59” Identity

    I’ve always had a fascination with “shapes” guitars and their outlandish lines flaunting conventional norms of guitar styling. Ever since I got my third guitar, a 1990 Gibson ’67 RI, I’ve become something of a specialist in the Gibson modernistics. Flying V’s, Explorers, and Modernes were...
  14. jeffwith1f

    Guitars and Tunings - How Many Different Do You Have?

    I have used 6-7 different tunings (at least) over the years, and often would use 4-5 to play a given gig. I always had way too many guitars on stage at this show I had a relatively restrained 4 instruments. probably did drop D from a standard tuning without a second instrument. the Black...
  15. jeffwith1f

    Guitar of the day...

    for possible more info see: http://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/showthread.php?t=208870 there were also V's made like this called Flying V XPL.
  16. jeffwith1f

    Pioneers of the Gibson Explorer

    There were only 19 original explorers made. That would be why you don't see many before they were reissued in the 70's. Rick Neilson has 2 of them now. jerk.
  17. jeffwith1f

    What is a vintage Bigsby worth?/How to identify?

    the value of an old bigsby is about -$50 to -$2000 depending on what guitar they are attached to. interestingly enough if they are *not* attached to a guitar, they are worth positive money.
  18. jeffwith1f

    Good Electric Guitar choice for Open E tuning

    I use this tuning on both a Robot Les Paul and a Robot V. both sound fabulous. both also auto-tune to other tunings after I'm done. flame on.
  19. jeffwith1f

    Best guitar for hard rock/Metal/instrumental with in 1000$

    flying v seriously, a used 67 RI model should run you will under $1000 (like $700), and none more rock than a v. be the only kid on your block with a proper gibson v.
  20. jeffwith1f

    NKD - New Korina Day, Bacchus V!

    nice heel cap.
  21. jeffwith1f

    Explorer recommendations....

    I have a early-mid 90's USA prod explorer, and it is awesome every time I pick it up.
  22. jeffwith1f

    Looking for a second guitar.

    flying v seriously
  23. jeffwith1f

    The stupid guitar you'd never buy (...or would you?)

    I bought a Moderne. (I bought 2 actually)
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