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  1. hazmat33

    Sold Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine rackmount head (Reverb.com)

    https://reverb.com/item/24525995-mesa-boogie-m3-carbine-rackmount-head-2010-black Mesa/Boogie M3 Carbine 300watt bass head in good condition with plenty of surface scratches but works perfectly. Simple controls and a very loud 300 watts. see pics on REVERB link above for details of condition...
  2. hazmat33

    Sold BOSS BR-600 portable recorder - $80

    Boss BR-600 recorder complete w box, bag, manual, XLR -> TRS adaptor, new batteries, stock memory card and two additional 1gb memory cards. Everything to get you started. $80 Pix on my reverb listing. http://rvrb.io/2000s-br-600-recor-kwpavb PayPal fees covered and free shipping in lower 48...
  3. hazmat33

    Sold Fulltone '70 v2, $70

    I apologize immediately for having to direct you to my Reverb.com store for pix. https://reverb.com/shop/mattys-music-1 Prices are cheaper here and include shipping and Paypal fees in the lower 48 USA Fulltone '70 v2 w box, paperwork $70 will trade for a Digitech Cabdryvr or other cab sim
  4. hazmat33

    Sold EQD Spires...looking for Korg Volca FM, fuzz, psych

    $130--- SOLD or trade for: Korg Volca FM Fulltone BIG BOX '70 Fulltone '69 (big or small) MJM London (ge or si) other fuzzes (nasty or nice) psychedelic noise makers EQD Dispatch Master...or other single space delay w reverb EHX Mel9 *try me* Comes w box, paperwork, label still intact on...
  5. hazmat33

    Sold Foxpedal Magnifica Deluxe dual reverb

    Prices include shipping & reg PP fees. Lower 48 USA shipping only. Unfortunately I have to direct you to my Reverb.com listing for pix. Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter $180---SOLD Foxpedal Magnifica Reverb Deluxe dual reverb $140 Box, picks, label friendly velcro...
  6. hazmat33

    Any current bands doing Syd/early Gilmour Floyd style psych rock?

    Lately I’ve heard bands ripping off Zeppelin’s style, and there’s numerous Sabbath wanna-be’s, but anybody doing the early Floyd vibe? I’ve heard a few cool Crippled Black Phoenix tracks that are awesomely Floydy.
  7. hazmat33

    Sold DOD Carcosa

    $70 shipped/PP'd in the lower 48 USA. No pix yet but it's in excellent condition with box, no Velcro.
  8. hazmat33

    Sold Keeley tap Phaser, $95

    Prices include shipping/PayPal in the lower 48 USA only Earthquaker Devices Spires W box, paperwork, label friendly Velcro. $OLD https://flic.kr/p/YRjMLG https://flic.kr/p/C97C5f EQD Organizer no box, no nuthin $old https://flic.kr/p/YaqyRq https://flic.kr/p/YaqyCu Seymour Duncan Vapor...
  9. hazmat33

    Sold Fender Modern Player Jazzmaster w Railhammer pups - $420!

    $420 Shipped/Paypal'd in the lower 48 USA only Great guitar not being used. No trades! Fender Modern Player Jazzmaster w Railhammer Clean Cut pickups -in Excellent condition. It has been played but there are no major breaks, cracks, nicks, or gouges. -NO case or gig bag -Body: Mahogany...
  10. hazmat33

    ISO fuzz to boost muff into gated or velcro territory

    For my psych/space rock band I've settled on a Black Arts LSTR as my main tone (pedalboard into a Mesa 50 cal > Sunn concert slave > '75 Marshall 4x12 & a Mesa 2x12). It's a versatile muff and I've dialed in a nice Russian muff tone. I'm looking for something to occasionally boost it into a...
  11. hazmat33

    Sold Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe w top-jacks!

    $160 shipped/PP'd in the lower 48 USA only This is the standard dark green box w the copper plate. In excellent condition BUT the copper plate has some slight discoloration/oxidation. Velcro on bottom. All jacks on top.
  12. hazmat33

    Sold Analogman Peppermint Fuzz -- $125

    $125 shipped/PP'd in the lower USA ONLY. Has on/off Fuzz pot & internal bias W/box, paperwork, Velcro Trades: Basic Audio Spooky Tooth Solidgold FX Agent 13 Digitech Obscura Psychedelic trems/delays
  13. hazmat33

    Sold Lovepedal Super Sic Tone $60

    Looking to trade my Lovepedal Super Sic Tone (sst) for something else. Great fuzz on guitar or bass. Sell for $60 shipped/PP'd in the USA. Photobucket is acting goofy for me. Pic available via text. Looking for: -Digital delay (prefer boss) -weird psych noise makers -fuzz
  14. hazmat33

    HH Jazzmaster pickup upgrade question

    (I also posted this over at the Offset Guitar forum) I finally got another JM back into the stable and I have a question. Modern Player JM incomming: I've read the pups are crap...BUT I will give them a fair shake before swapping them out. I have a few sets sitting around: All Gibson...
  15. hazmat33

    Sold Lovepedal BoneTender (gold)- $75

    Catalinbread Karma Suture -no box -Velcro -$110 SOLD!!! Lovepedal Bonetender -limited gold -w box & paperwork -$old TRADES -Both for a Basic Audio Spooky Tooth -cutting fuzzies w top jacks -Zvex Fuzzolo -Sennheiser e609 mic -Lovepedal Super Sic Tone
  16. hazmat33

    Sold Catalinbread Karma Suture

    Prices include shipping & regular PayPal in the lower 48 USA only. WOULD LOVE TO TRADE FOR A FUZZ FACTORY!!! BMF Ge Spot MKI -Great MKI tone bender variant -# 2/21 from 2015 batch -w box, paperwork, Velcro $130--SOLD Catalinbread Karma Suture -no box, has Velcro KEEPIN IT!!! Earthquaker...
  17. hazmat33

    Sold BOSS MO-2 Multi-Overtone...trade for BIGSBY B3 or B30

    Trades: BIGSBY B3 or B30 Lower 48 USA only please...I ship USPS priority mail w tracking and expect the same. EQD Hoof Reaper No pic but it's the current version W box & label friendly Velcro $165---SOLD BOSS MO-2 multi-overtone W box, paperwork, Label friendly Velcro No pic yet looks...
  18. hazmat33

    Sold EQD Cloven Hoof

    No pix just yet. Prices incl shipping & reg PayPal fees in the lower 48 USA only. No international sales. Earthquaker Devices: DUNES -exc condition w box & bottom label friendly Velcro. $125...SOLD CLOVEN HOOF -orange graphics -exc condition w box & bottom label friendly Velcro. $110...
  19. hazmat33

    Sold Fulltone 2B boost

    $85 shipped/PayPal'd in the lower 48 USA only. Has label-friendly Velcro Trades: Top Jack fuzzes or reverbs Try me
  20. hazmat33

    Sold Black Arts Fnord

    I have to clear out some stuff...too many choices aren't good for me. prices include shipping & regular paypal fees. sorry...lower 48 usa only please. Way Huge Green Rhino Red Llama $60 -- BOTH SOLD Wattson EYF-6 SuperFuzz $125 -- SOLD Earthquaker Devices Dream Crusher $80 -- SOLD Tentacle...
  21. hazmat33

    EP-pre style boost pedal with top-jacks

    Any makers? I know there are tiny enclosures with jacks on side but I'm specifically looking for one with top jacks. Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. hazmat33

    Versatile FuzzFace variant with TOP-JACKS

    looking to make my drive options all pedals with top jacks for easy pedalboard swapping. The last piece is my fuzz face style pedal. Right now I'm using a Crosstown. I'm not interesred in a reissue mini. Any other options? Thx
  23. hazmat33

    Cleveland, OH -- 9/30 -- gonna be loud, VERY LOUD!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. hazmat33

    My 7yr old daughter and her PRS sister

    I like to show this off every so many years. It's my 7 year old daughter and her PRS which share the same birthdate. Pretty neat, huh? It's a Custom 24 in Amber About a month after my daughter was born I started calling/emailing around to see if anyone had a PRS with a specific "born on"...
  25. hazmat33

    I want one more fuzz and I'm done...help me pick

    With the weekend sales I think I'll blow my paypal balance on another and final (yeah, right) fuzz. I have: -Mojo Hand; Crosstown (FF) & Zephyr (Sam Ash) -Solidgoldfx; Rosie (mkii bender) & Agent 13 (?) -Black Arts; Pharaoh (muff), Fnord (?) -EQD; SoundShank (buzz around) & Hoof (muff)...
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