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    WTB Friedman Cali

    Looking for a Friedman Cali. I have a Les Paul standard is trade or work out a cash price.
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    Backward Masking - Did it happens and how hard is it to do?

    There are a bunch of songs with backward masking, but was it on purpose? If someone wanted to do backward masking in the old analog days, wouldn’t it take a lot of effort and planning to layout? How would this work?
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    FSOT Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus - Trade for Lp custom, r7, Friedman

    I have a 2002 gibson les Paul standard premium plus top and a 1996 gibson sg standard for sale or trade for a gibson les Paul custom or maybe a custom shop r7. We can discuss. I may be willing to sell individually. Both come with original gibson case. They both have the brown/tan with pink...
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    WTB Freidman BE100 Deluxe or JJ or SS

    Looking for a Friedman. Let me know what you have. Im in Cleveland.
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    FS Guitar Mill Telecaster Body - Red

    Alder, red, guitar mill body that is shielded in the cavities. 4lb 4oz. Sounds good. Price Dropped - Sell for $400 Nocaster blonde with a CC age. Hum Hum and 3.8lb 1 piece. This is loaded with high end pots and emerson cap. It has Wolftone Marshallhead mk2 pickups installed and a...
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    Duncan JB vs Full Shred vs Burn

    I am looking to add a different variety to a few guitars. I have a JB in one and its great. Full, full mids, low mids, and pushes the amp where I like it. I am looking to put in either a full shred or burn in another guitar that is an exact backup. I was leaning full shred but the burn might...
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    Is is the Guitar or the Pickups?

    I have a high end custom shop build super strat that is hum/hum and floyd rose. The use their pickups and these are the hotter wind at 8.3k. But the guitar doesnt sound great. I have to re-eq my whole setup for this guitar and it still doesnt have the drive I expect. So I tried my other...
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    Voodoo Lab GCX Question - Multiple Rigs

    Can I have 2 different tacks, one each with a GCX, but control both with 1 ground control? I dont mean linked, I mean a rack at home and a rack at the studio. All I need to carry is a guitar and the ground control. I know it says 1 ground control can run 4 GCX but I dont know if that means...
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    Humbuckers in a Telecaster - Spacing and 1 wire conductor

    I am building a hum hum telecaster. I’m not sure if I need f spaced bridge and or f spaced neck. I think I need the bridge but I can’t find many f spaced neck pickup options. What do I need here? and how do I wire up 1 wire pickups into a fender tele cobtrol plate? Not sure how you would...
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    Marshall Plexi vs 800 vs High Gain Amps - I dont get it...

    I have been playing guitar for 30 years. I have a studio and I know all the "tricks" to get a good, big sound. But I am talking about sitting in front of an amp and playing. I have owned many amps chasing the marshall sound but only to be let down every single time. I owned 800, 900, 2000...
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    Tube Testing Results - Do Current or Transcond Matter?

    I recently bought a lot of tube to work on some amps and have backups. but I am now confused on matched sets and if the testing translates to a "sound" or outcome. Example: All EL34 for this and apex tested... I have a set of EH that test 42 current and 6900 Mullard 28 current and 5840 Tung...
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    Friedman BE100 (newer version) vs BE100 Deluxe

    Ok, I own both so I have my opinions but I am curious to hear what others think. I am trying to find info on the Friedman site about the BE100 features but its not listed. Did he stop making these? I find that hard to believe. What are the actual differences in the design of the amp?
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    Gibson Humbucker Covers and Spacing

    I have a set of gold covers and I have a set of nickel covers that are replacement from Gibson. I ordered the gold in Neck Neck and the nickel in Neck Bridge spacing. I have a set of 57 classics from a 2002 les paul that I wanted to swap covers but both the bridge and neck are spaced the same...
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    Marshall dsl hum

    I keep reading about marshall dsl hum but no videos that really show it. What is this hum and is it normal? I picked up a dsl that has a hum, no guitar plugged in, any channel, does not get louder as the amp turns up. If I engage the deep switch, it gets louder. it’s not overwhelming but it’s...
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    Boss Tube Expander vs Shur IRRL vs Ox Box vs St Rock React

    I am going to jump in and get a box for recording and to just tame the power of the amp in the room at times. It is mostly for recording though. The St rock caught my attention and the functionality of it seems really good, plus spdif for recording. But I heard the boss is the best one out right...
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    Orange thunderverb 100 mk3 tube layout

    Trying to figure out which tube is for the reverb. I can’t find a tube chart anywhere.
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    Isolation Transformer for Effects Send

    What is an isolation transformer and why would I need one for my effects loop send to an effects unit for a Wet/Dry rig? BE100 to a cab and effects send to a rack unit to a power amp. Why do I need a transformer there?
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    Peavey 5150 Resonance and Presense Knobs not working

    I have a 5150 that works and sounds fine except the resonance and presence knobs dot adjust anything. My 6505 works fine as it should. What could be the issue here? Where do I start?
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    EHX Super Switcher and 4cm Gate

    How do I hook up a noise gate in 4cm with the Super Switcher? Guitar in to noise gate and out to the super switcher. Then the SS has a send/ret for a loop but I cant figure out how to complete the wiring to make the gate work in the loop as well.
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    Wet/Dry/Wet Amp Setup Help

    I am looking for some advice on a WDW or even WD rig and my gear. This is 2 fold because I have a rack setup and I have an amp/pedal setup. So I need to separate these out. I understand most of it but not all. WDW - AMP and PEDALS I have a Friedman BE100 DLX (no line out). I have a power amp...
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    Gibson Les Paul Toggle Switch Wiring Help

    Rewiring a guitar and decided not to rewire the toggle. Now I have to figure out how to rewire the existing toggle to a 50s wiring kit. Here is a picture before I took the stock stuff out. White - Neck pot, middle lug Red - Bridge pot, middle lug Bare Ground - There is a bare ground that is...
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    What is Happening in This Chord Change?

    I heard this song on the radio yesterday and the chord change really threw me off. Its a simple progression: capo 5 C G/B Am G Fm7 G It does that for the intro, then the first part of the verse. But on the 2nd part of the verse the G after the Am gets weird. It turns into a Gm somehow and...
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    JCM 900 Mk3 2100

    The 50/100 watt switch on the back doesnt seem to do much for me. Should it? And is there a known issue with these switches? I guess I worry its broken and stuck in 50w.
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    Boss EQ200 Question

    The manual for this pedal is not good at all. There are a lot of routing options to get into and figure out but one thing that I cant find for sure is accessing the memory. I can save manual presets in the memory bank up to 127 spots I think. But I cant access them. When I click through the...
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    9-42 vs 9-46 on Trem Guitars - Tension Differences?

    On an 80s 25.5" shred guitar or any guitar in general, is there a tension difference on the high strings when the low strings are heavier or loose? 9-42 or 9-46 have the same gbe strings. Does putting heavier EAD strings increase the tension on the gbe? I imagine they do but no calculator...
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