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  1. magdream

    Backward Masking - Did it happens and how hard is it to do?

    Or record drums (drum machine, actually) at high speed, then bring it back to pitch for a big FAT drum sound. Naturally, the tempo would have to be adjusted up to compensate for the step down.
  2. magdream

    Vinyl? Really?

    Nice to see that Eddie Trunk is a member of TGP.
  3. magdream

    Who was your Inspiration for Playing Guitar

    Ace is why I play. Ace is why I play a Les Paul. Ace is why I play the way I do.
  4. magdream

    Rhythm players with a unique style

    Dave Matthews
  5. magdream

    I Still Think U2 Are Pretty Cool

    My top five U2 songs (today, tomorrow the list could be different) 1 Bad 2 Where the streets have no name 3 One 4 Walk on 5 All I want is you Honorable mention – The unforgettable fire
  6. magdream

    Who to listen to?

    Rival Sons for the heavier side, The Wild Feathers for the lighter. Robert Jon & the Wreck for somewhere in the middle.
  7. magdream

    Greta Van Fleet are more talented than most players here on TGP

    I know I'm in the minority but Marriott never did it for me. A good example of just because you can, doesn't mean you should. At least not. all. the. time. I'm probably in the minority with Myles Kennedy, His singing is fine and all but I don't get all the hype.
  8. magdream

    My challenge to you all. Find me a better first 3 albums then Jane's Addiction on their opening trio.

    VH (their first 4, actually) KISS Zep The Black Crowes Foo Fighters
  9. magdream

    What is this song? Anyone? "When you hear the voices..."

    The verses kinda have an Arc Angels thing going. Funny, this is the second time in a week that Clem Burke's shown up with a "side project" Recently saw this Dramarama video on MTV Classics. Also a cool tune.
  10. magdream

    Van Halen - Complete Zero Demo - 1976 (Unreleased)

    I think I may like the intro to "Doctor" (first one on the list) better than the one on II.
  11. magdream

    Should I get a refund?

    I saw Styx, Foreigner and Kansas in Vegas about 10 years ago, and Mick didn't play that night. His fill in was Doug Aldrich, so I was good.
  12. magdream

    What is this song? Anyone? "When you hear the voices..."

    If you have an Android phone, say ok google, what's this song? It should open your mic app, at which point you can hum the melody. It will then try to find the song. Not sure if adding random lyrics helps.
  13. magdream

    Original versions of famous covers

    Not exactly famous, except for Beth, which Peter covered himself, but was still news to me.
  14. magdream

    Spin's 2021 Top 50 Rock Bands Right Now, who's missing?

    Rival Sons, The Pretty Reckless, The Struts.
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