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  1. BeeBaa

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    We have the football game one TV and an ’80s videos channel on another. I’m seeing a lot of cringeworthy computer animations that may have been programmed on a pocket calculator. I just saw an Alan Parsons Project video starring a guy watching a football game and some woman is mad about this and...
  2. BeeBaa

    Boss BF-2 flanger — where in chain & how much juice?

    Thanks to @Tootone ’s tutorials, I finally have some idea how to use this pedal, which I’ve had for a long time. I can get more than just steel drum and jet plane sounds out of it. So now I’m wondering: do you run yours at the front of the chain? The end? Before fuzz or after? Before drives or...
  3. BeeBaa

    Fender Violencemaster

  4. BeeBaa

    Recommend me a pedal

    It should cost between $75 and $250. Possibly more or less, depending. I want it to do something to my signal. Maybe distorting it, repeating it or modulating it in some way, or altering the volume or tone either periodically or by a fixed amount. I can’t be bothered to tell you what tones I...
  5. BeeBaa

    DS-1. SD-1. I have them both. Every time someone mentions one …

    … I have to stop and think: is that the orange one or the yellow one. Every damn time. I think I might have brain damage.
  6. BeeBaa

    Watch strap packaged better than most pedals

    Just got a watch strap in the mail. It’s silicone, so it’s virtually indestructible. It was wrapped in a small, soft foam bag, wrapped in tissue, placed in a velour(?) bag, which was put in a plastic bag, and it all went in a small cardboard shipping box with two huge chunks of bubble wrap. It...
  7. BeeBaa

    PRS is making guitars

    Can we at least agree on this.
  8. BeeBaa

    PRS makes the PRSiest guitars.

    This is my hot take and I’m standing by it.
  9. BeeBaa

    Anyone actually use the extreme modulation on the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy?

    I think it's a great pedal. My only complaint would be that the usable part of the modulation runs from about 11:57 to 12:03 on the Depth knob. You have to make the tiniest microadjustments or you easily get to the insanely warbly modulation, or worse—a crazily careening aural mess when the...
  10. BeeBaa

    Next time you feel bad about owning pedals you don’t use much, think about Stinger meets

    My work buddy owns a Kia Stinger. A $50,000 sporty car. He’s tricked it out with thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of aftermarket upgrades. He uses it for two things: 1. To commute through stop and go rush-hour traffic. 2. To go to Stinger meets. A Stinger meet is where numerous owners...
  11. BeeBaa

    Are Tone Benders having a moment?

    I love fuzz, and have several Muff, Fuzz Face and Superfuzz variants, along with a Carcosa and a Peach Fuzz and all sorts of others. But somehow the Tone Bender was never really on my radar. And even tho I’ve perused guitar forums off and on for years, I have to say I don’t remember hearing much...
  12. BeeBaa

    Show your 1-pedal pedalboard!!!

    And explain why you would take the time to put just one pedal on a board. ;) I’m actually curious to know if anyone does this.
  13. BeeBaa

    Where are all my USB cables???

    I used to have lots of them, back before printers and camera docks were all wireless. Now I need to update the firmware on a couple of pedals and I can’t find a regular USB cable to save my life. This is going to be a major problem going forward. I’m just not always going to have the right...
  14. BeeBaa

    It’s “pedal,” not “peddle.”

    I try not to be an internet spelling cop, but I mean, come on — it’s right there in the forum title! *points to forum title*
  15. BeeBaa

    Vendors, I appreciate it when you have a Vendor badge and use your company’s logo for an avatar

    I like hearing from pedal makers. It’s great to get their perspective on why they make the choices they do. But I also like instantly knowing it’s a vendor chiming in, because it helps me understand that commenter’s point of view. It’s always a little weird to me when someone who looks like a...
  16. BeeBaa

    That pedal or band that you like — why is it so terrible?

    There, I just handed you the template for 90% of the troll posts on here. Guaranteed to get hundreds of responses. Boss pedals, why do they suck so bad? What is it about Pink Floyd that makes them the absolute worst musicians in history? If that format doesn’t work for you, you can try the...
  17. BeeBaa

    Definitive proof that tone is indeed in the fingers

    Every time I get a new dirt pedal, I use my fingers to adjust until it sounds exactly like all of my other dirt pedals. QED.
  18. BeeBaa

    For those of you with synesthesia …

    Which sound better, blue pedals or yellow?
  19. BeeBaa

    TGP’s ideal pedal

    Just announced: the *****ing ****** ****er, TGP’s holiest of holy grail pedals. TGP’s ideal pedal is the size of a Korg SDD-3000. It has side jacks and requires a 37 1/2-volt center-positive proprietary power supply. It’s a clone of a clone of a Mooer ring mod, gooped by Mason and released...
  20. BeeBaa

    Where to get Big Muff repaired?

    I stomp on my early ‘90s black Russian Big Muff and the light comes on but nothing else. I’ve never needed to get a pedal repaired before so I have no idea where to start. Does EHX fix these and, if so, are they the best option? If you use local guitar shops for pedal repairs, how do you know...
  21. BeeBaa

    Oh no! Prymaxe’s spring sale is ending today!

    This will be my last chance to get 20% off effects and more until Prymaxe’s 20% off Memorial Day sale starts tomorrow!!! *rushes to place order*
  22. BeeBaa

    Does the Boss DD-500 nail the DD-2 emulation?

    I’ve been surprised how much I like the Vintage Digital setting on the DD-500. Of course I can never be happy just enjoying the thing that I have, and to create a need for something else I started watching DD-2 and DSD-2 YouTube videos. And they sound great. If you have both a DD-500 and a...
  23. BeeBaa

    Suggested name for modulation pedal

    If any of you are designing a modulation pedal, may I suggest that you call it the Explosive Space Modulator. The name should appeal to fans of modulation, of Looney Tunes and of explosions. Which is pretty much anybody. To my knowledge, gleaned from 15 seconds of extensive googling, this name...
  24. BeeBaa

    Pedals that can do everything from OD to distortion to fuzz?

    I’m looking for flexibility for use on a small board. When I try to think of pedals that can do overdrive, distortion and fuzz, I come up with the Rat and the Carcosa. They both cover a lot of ground, both in terms of gain and tone tweaking. Maybe a Fuzz Face in the sense that you can dial...
  25. BeeBaa

    The Crappy Pedal Club

    Every expensive boutique pedal has its own thread. As well it should. You paid top dollar for your tone-enhancing box; naturally you want to sing its praises and congratulate yourself for your astute purchase. But where does that leave the rest of us? The bottom-feeders, the cave-dwellers, the...
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