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  1. supersoldier71

    I must be very sick!... I don't want any more guitars.

    I’m good also. At this point, I’ve had a fair few guitars pass through, and I know what I like and what I dislike right now. Tastes change, no doubt, but for now, I can find sounds I want ton hear. Also, the more I focus on music; playing, writing and composing, the less I worry about gear...
  2. supersoldier71

    There is a special on by Kenny G explaining why wimpy soft jazzers love him and true jazz aficionados disdain him.

    “Enemy of jazz, Kenny G…” was a phrase once heard on ESPN, back some time in the 90s, and it made me laugh, at the time. My mom likes him, I couldn’t care less; but bagging on successful musicians is just a thing. Also, who decided that “real” jazz was inaccessible?
  3. supersoldier71

    fender Player or vintera?

    I own a Vintera 50s Modified and it’s not really vintage-y at all. The neck and radius are the C shape with 9.5”, same as most current production Strats. The pickups are definitely in that vintage Strat neighborhood, but with a 2 point bridge, S-1 switching and locking tuners, it’s a very modern...
  4. supersoldier71

    Looks like the Mesa Boogie price increases are in

    Uh…you folks know that if no one buys an item at the higher price, it does indeed tend to come down, right? The idea IS to maximize profits. Whether it’s a small builder, or a large company, they should be setting prices to maximize profits. How do you set the cost of your own labor?
  5. supersoldier71

    Strat Players _ Favorite Pickups?

    I’m easy. About the only Strat pickups I couldn’t rock with were the stock ceramics in my first Strat. Had me thinking I disliked ceramic magnets. Turns out, I just dislike those pickups. But as aftermarket pickups go, I really dig Duncan’s Classic Stack Plus set.
  6. supersoldier71

    what are your "no go" on pedal choice??

    One hard pass: vulgar names. Yeah, I’ve gotten old, and no, I’m not rocking with any of the Steel Panther-inspired pedals.
  7. supersoldier71

    The Beatles are overrated

    No. If I had to categorize, I’d call this a cold take. Ice cold. The OP switches the metrics. Who’s the “best” classical composer? That’s a stupid question. The Beatles are on the short list of most influential rock bands because of a confluence of events: technological, social and...
  8. supersoldier71

    what are your "no go" on pedal choice??

    I own a couple dozen pedals, give or take, and any “no-go” I mention is probably represented in my collection.
  9. supersoldier71

    Neck profile…. big deal or no

    I care more about the neck profile than the fretboard radius, for sure, but since I really don’t care about radius (radii?) at all, it’s not a deal breaker. I find larger necks more comfortable, but I can adjust. My thinnest is probably the 60s Slim Taper on my LP Special, fattest is the 10/56...
  10. supersoldier71

    Whittled it Down to Two. How About You?

    Yeah, man! Nice gear! When I’m focused—when I stay focused—on music; playing, performing, writing and composing, I like me gear more, and when I do go shopping, it’s to address something specific. I’ve been carving out time each day to write lyrics. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but...
  11. supersoldier71

    Whittled it Down to Two. How About You?

    I have now gone through two expansion and contraction cycles. The current stable is 9 electrics, an acoustic-electric and a bass. Add three guitar and one bass amps, a fair few pedals and you’ve got a recipe for clutter. Clutter is my creative enemy, so remedying it is important.
  12. supersoldier71

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    I don’t see anything wrong here. Shaffer really enjoyed playing with great musicians. It’s one of the more awesome things about being a musician, and being a very, very good one.
  13. supersoldier71

    How do you choose new pedals?

    “Ooh! That looks cool!” That used to be the determining factor. Now, the pedal, or any piece of gear really, has to address a specific problem. I feel like I’m done with buying drive pedals. Most of the nuances between various drive pedals aren’t just lost to the audience, they’re lost to me...
  14. supersoldier71

    Anybody else leave Fender for Gibson?

    Most of my favorite recorded guitar tones were played on Gibsons, but most of my best playing has been on something other than Gibsons.
  15. supersoldier71

    Anybody else leave Fender for Gibson?

    Nope. Went the other direction. I mostly play Strats and PRS 24s. I like tremolos. I still dig my LP Special with Phat Cats though. It’s definitely in the rotation.
  16. supersoldier71

    Online music stores with no sales tax?

    In 2017 that was the case.
  17. supersoldier71

    Online music stores with no sales tax?

    No thanks. If you do crime, don't post about it.
  18. supersoldier71

    Online music stores with no sales tax?

    Here’s a totally 21st Century concept: “Let me ask how to circumvent a law on social media.”
  19. supersoldier71

    What Is The Classiest Looking Guitar And Why Is It A Black Beauty Les Paul Custom?

    I can’t disagree. Three pickup LPC is one of the few guitars I can just sit and stare at.
  20. supersoldier71

    Tight vs loose low end... what does it mean?

    I don’t find the terms to be inherently intuitive. I have found it better to be ignorant once, and ask a question, than to remain ignorant by not asking.
  21. supersoldier71

    Why is it that the market perceives Fender USA more valuable than a Warmoth neck?

    And that answers the question, partly at least. Partscasters and off-brand stuff suffer more depreciation. Great for you, as long as you’re not the one taking the financial hit. Price, value and utility are not always linked.
  22. supersoldier71

    Your go-to guitar….and why?

    Either my EOB Strat or S2 Standard 24. It changes. Also, it depends on what I’m doing. Playing live: see above. Songwriting? I’ll probably grab my Squier Tele.
  23. supersoldier71

    Amp Conundrum - Two Channel Amp vs 1 Channel w/ Pedals

    Both my tube amps have two channels. So does my SS head, actually. With my Mesa DC3, I don’t usually need any drive pedals. Frankly, I don’t think either approach is inherently superior. Either will require some forethought and practice time to dial in, and both will require adjustments at and...
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