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  1. JonnyQ

    Is it weird/wrong that I can't really play any songs?

    To be provocative, I will plainly state it is not weird (as in uncommon) but it is wrong (not on any moral or ethical grounds, but rather in consideration of the inverse, the right. You asked the question, which the suggests the crucible known as your musical journey is in search of something...
  2. JonnyQ

    Flatted Fifth Chords

    or treat the b5 as a #4, compose around lydian triads and soar like a John Williams' score.
  3. JonnyQ

    It’s The Chords That Make Modes Sound....Modal

    4 pages in, six sheets to... it is my organized belief that melodies make modes sound modal not unwrapped chords, accentuated intervals, with a specific tonal home
  4. JonnyQ

    Examples of pop songs with min/maj7 chords?

    pink floyd "us and them"
  5. JonnyQ

    Vibrato makes me sound better than I am...

    Yes, it is odd. Actually, the people I have met along the way who seemed the most "anti-bend" of jazz "purists" with the loudest vitriol were other guitarists and guitar teachers, not horn players, not even pianists. Aside from loving classic blues players from as a long as I can recall, I was...
  6. JonnyQ

    Vibrato makes me sound better than I am...

    Paradoxically, if an impeccable use of vibrato can accentuate one's playing, to me there's nothing that can make one sound worse than a bad vibrato (out of rhythm, flailing around pitches, seemingly devoid of a musical reason.) And, oh, the tragic grimaces I received from jazz guitar professors...
  7. JonnyQ

    Melodic Minor 3nod fingering

    Except natural minor has minor 7th, melodic has the major 7 Harmonic minor with natural 6 could be visualized but @guitarjazz summed it up nicely
  8. JonnyQ

    Critique my playing please

    Like a bad digital delay, I will try not to repeat the best advice that has proceeded me. There's some nice playing throughout and interesting themes in places. On the whole, this track seems more like a noodling practice with yourself than a song, which is a great way to start generating...
  9. JonnyQ

    Creating modal progressions for rock guitar

    I tend to think of Lydian (and modal sounds in general) not as a cause of the progression, but rather as an effect of the melody, a melody that highlights a specific interval. And in the case of Lydian, it's the #4 and the root that, when consistently occurring, create the "lydian sound."...
  10. JonnyQ

    Tomo Fujita is a awesome teacher

    I think this all a matter of context, and in particular, the strange way a thread title creates expectations. In fact, and in fairness, Tomo didn't post the video here, nor did he slap the... Tomo Fujita is a awesome teacher topic heading. Ironically, such a headline, can be both true and...
  11. JonnyQ

    Simple A Minor Blues For All. Come Play! Rock /blues Jazz

    The reverb/delay actually befits the track...and your lines sound integrated...as opposed to playing above the track. Good show
  12. JonnyQ

    Tomo Fujita is a awesome teacher

    Very true. But it looks like the student (assuming it's a student) is getting schooled here...not in a negative way.
  13. JonnyQ

    Rogue Guitar Shop not answering...

    Everyone is still selling overpriced partscasters, including Fender ;) But, yeah, the heated environment and dubious history of the TMG founder left a lot of scorched earth.
  14. JonnyQ

    One interpretation of all you need to know about theory and what is jazz

    How so much sonic wonder can stem from one chord (or perhaps based around a more Eastern view of tonal centre) shows there are vast melodic opportunities to be found where others might see limitations. In my top 3 of all songs of any genre of all time, not that my list matters to anyone else ;)
  15. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    Also likely easier than playing a real B3 for most guitar players. Ain't nothing like a good tool in the right hand of a skilled craftsperson to get the job done as well as one is capable of.
  16. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    Assuming this formulaic paradigm was true (aside from the caveats that much of "death metal" thrives in odd time signatures, "house" is usually driven and derided by the "one" only, and "emo" is a now a fairly phased out genre that was devoid of any sort of swing or backbeat elements) how many...
  17. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    As it happens, this rock guy now has a big tax bill so I have to sell some gear. I should have played TAXMAN but then I thought what a funny opportunity to play Giant Steps for my advert.
  18. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    TAG, as I have read his posts, for all his personal opinions, does not attack individual TGP members on a personal, individual level. If you actually read the TOS, you will find moderators do not watch or search forums for inappropriate conduct. Instead they rely on and have asked other members...
  19. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    You are part of community, not an ordained authority with right to attack a. fellow member's musical skills, abilities, intellect on a personal level. When a community member fails to comply with the basic tenets of decency as explicitly expressed in a TOS agreement, it's kind a act of another...
  20. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    Your opinions have moved into the area of personal attack. Not only uncool, against the rules of this forum. Please govern yourself accordingly.
  21. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

  22. JonnyQ

    Frustrated with my playing

    Not everyone can...but that doesn't stop them.
  23. JonnyQ

    Rock vs Jazz.

    What about Jazz Flute versus Rock Flute?
  24. JonnyQ

    Trouble with understanding chords...

    In terms of learning chords from Ted Greene, I think (and because it's fun to embed images) it's more of offering a newbie bicyclist this rather than this thing
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