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  1. Matt F

    7/8 24 Fret Super Strats? Any Love?

    Wonder why there isn't a market for the 7/8 super strats like Valley Arts used to make? The old 7/8 US Valley Arts bring big money on fleaBay :dunno. There seems to be a market.. Maybe it's just really small. I like them alot and how they feel and play. Maybe i'm in the minority here...
  2. Matt F

    Going to see Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin tomorrow night YouTube added of Encore

    So, my mother thought it would be a nice gift for my brother and I to see Dave Grusin and Rit and bought us tickets to see them. Pretty excited to see the small venue show, but the 3.5 hour drive there not so much. Hehe My brother and I were brought up listening to lots of GRP artists, thanks...
  3. Matt F

    NGD: 2011 Mcnaught VSC

    Delivery arrived :) It's been a couple years since I had a NGD. So, this is exciting for me. '11 Mcnaught VSC with Dark Cherry Sunburst. Here are the specs: Vintage Single Cut Diamond Flame Top Mahogany body and neck Brazilian fingerboard 24 3/4" scale,...22 stainless steel frets mop offset...
  4. Matt F

    Reverse Polarity Speaker Cables and an Attenuator?

    Just thinking about using a reverse polarity speaker cable when using an attenuator. Should the cable leaving the amp be reverse and then from the attenuator to the cabinet reversed. Or, should the cable be reversed polarity coming into cabinet from the attenuator only? Or from the amp to the...
  5. Matt F

    L/L Cool Jam (Lukather/Landau Content)

    Found this video Michael Landau and Steve Lukather and wanted to share.. Quality isn't the best.. But man, I would have liked to be there that night. Lukather and Landau Jamming :RoCkIn
  6. Matt F

    James Patrick Eggle Acoustics?

    Anyone have any experience with JPE Acoustics? The ones he made state side in North Carolina vs. The ones being made in England? Any owners here on TGP? Just Wonderin' MF
  7. Matt F

    Baker Metal Appreciation Thread. What up b(3)!

    This is now the most versatile guitar I own. I could play just about anything on it, it's a joy to play and is built very, very well. Just felt like sharing some B3 porn. It's Oxblood, 59 Neck Carve and Dimarzio pickups. Very fun guitar to play from mean Gene! I was wondering how many of these...
  8. Matt F

    New Pedalworx Website

    Looks like George B has revamped his website. Big improvement over the last one I think :) http://www.pedalworx.com
  9. Matt F

    My New Mcnaught G4 Tradition

    Hi, I wanted to share my new Mcnaught G4 Tradition. Body is Alder and top is Flamed Koa with gold hardware/Hipshot trem. Pickups are Wagner SRs. The neck is rock maple with rock maple board. The neck carve is a medium C and fast as hell. I don't think I have ever had a guitar that played quite...
  10. Matt F

    Please sell me on why I should use a Variac with my RSA31

    Hi, I have been struggling with volume issues while playing through my %13 RSA31. I have been told that using a Variac would be a good thing to try by lowering the input current to around 90. Don't get me wrong the amp sounds amazing. It is just too darn loud even at half power. What can I...
  11. Matt F

    Can Someone Please Help Me Confirm Impedance of My Cabinet

    I recently acquired a Carr 2x12 cabinet from another forum member. I had asked him what how many ohms the cabinet was before purchasing and said it was 16ohms. When the cabinet arrived there was a small piece of masking tape labeled 4 ohm on the output jack. Would that mean there are two 8 ohm...
  12. Matt F

    Carr Rambler Users. Favorite OD with Strats and or Teles

    Just got a Rambler. Love, love, love the clean tone, reverb and trem on the amp. I've been Having some fun with pedals this morning. However, my pedal stable is thin at the moment. What have you been using as your go to pedals for strats and/or teles? I would love to hear your faves :) From...
  13. Matt F

    Short Leads on pickups

    Hi, I recently purchased some Darkbursts from another member and the leads are too short for my application. What would the best method for extending those leads. Is it appropriate to just solder wire as extensions and cover with elec. tape? Or are there other options? Thanks for your advice...
  14. Matt F

    Email about future Mad Professor pedals

    Here is an email I got this am from Custom Sounds about future Mad Professor pedals: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hello tone lovers, This summer the weather has been mostly rainy so there has been lot of time to play guitar. Not spending time lying at the...
  15. Matt F

    Klon.... ..... .. I think I get it now...

    Well, I got a Klon last week and I get it now. Using it as a boost after an OD is almost magical. It fattens up and "woodies" the sound. I get it.. I now understand what post after post has been saying. Thank you, MF
  16. Matt F

    Replacing P/Us In my PRS CU22 & Swapping of Magnets

    I have a PRS CU22 W/ 5 way rotary that I am going to be installing Lollar Imperial 4 conductor pickups in. I posted this on the BAM forum but I wanted to know if changing the polarity of a magnet in one of the pickups is necessary? Here is the great response I got from a BAMmer...
  17. Matt F

    2006 Pedalworx Cactus Crunch 1st Impressions

    Mello M8s, Well, I got my new version of the Pedalworx Cactus Crunch yesterday from Tonefactor.com and I am really digging this box. It reminds me very much of the Tim in the sense that it is very open and adds dynamics without coloring the sound. It just sounds good. Playing a Strat into a...
  18. Matt F

    What are you using with your Tim?

    Got a Tim on the way and wondering what pedal folks would recomend putting in front of it? I'm going to be using a Fender Strat into a Fender Twin Reverb II head. Music style would be, well, I guess my own Rock-Blues meets Fusion. Looking for any input on what yall think works well. Oh yea...
  19. Matt F

    Analogman Beano Boost (Rangemasters) and Single Coil Strats?

    Any thoughts on Beano Boost with traditional S/S/S Strat? Thanks, Matt :)
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