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  1. B. Howard

    Floyd Rose Pro routing question

    No. See drawings here. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1711/6239/files/Original_Floyd_Rose_Route.pdf?3229667518251469701 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1711/6239/files/FR_Pro_Routing_in_Inches.pdf?10199693857680416961
  2. B. Howard


  3. B. Howard


    Anybody here got the dating info for Hagstrom guitars? It's a Swede from the early 70's, batch 864. As always thanks!
  4. B. Howard

    Spraying metal flake

    Nope, no better DIY.... but we got better pro options like UV cured poly that buries the biggest flake in 2 coats. 2K urethane is flammable and toxic so proper equipment is required beyond just a spray rig. It also has a long enough open time that it must be done in a dust/bug free environment...
  5. B. Howard

    Stunning autumn quilt finish: any idea how to achieve this result?

    I use Behlins solar lux dye stain on the bare wood to highlight the grain. In this case black. You can use the dye stains as colorants in some finish systems. But trans-tint is the standard.
  6. B. Howard

    Stunning autumn quilt finish: any idea how to achieve this result?

    Somewhat complex but not technically difficult. First part of the recipe is the wood. You must have wood with the appropriate amount of figure to achieve the absolute black grains in the 3rd step. 1. Sand and prep maple, type of finish used may affect available grit choices but 320 by hand...
  7. B. Howard

    Pickup Winders?

    I only wind a few pickups here and there but this is my low dollar set up. https://howardguitars.blogspot.com/2015/11/40-pickup-winder-here-is-look-at-myshop.html
  8. B. Howard

    NOS Mahogany Stash ?

    The only time it is really worth cutting up furniture is for BRZ RW. Solid mahogany is worth more as furniture.....
  9. B. Howard

    Is it possible to re-radius a TOM bridge and/or tailpiece?

    For my custom builds which almost never have the Gibby radius ( compound is my standard) I buy tunematics with unslotted saddles and cut the slots as required for spacing and radius with my nut files. Procedure is easy.... make a small notch in each saddle to hold the strings at spacing. Set...
  10. B. Howard

    What sort of production volume is needed to drastically reduce body blank cost?

    Guessing you didn't read this...... Never said building alone. I am in the majority. I build guitars yes. I also restore, repair, run a retail shop and used to bulk finish guitars for small shops all around the country. As a finishing operation I have dealt with dozens of companies just like...
  11. B. Howard

    What sort of production volume is needed to drastically reduce body blank cost?

    It's not about lumber costs. Buying lumber in bulk doesn't save much....It's sold by the BDF. I used to buy containers full of mahogany and spanish cedar when I ran a furniture and cabinet shop. Might get a 10% break over 2000 BDF? It's the labor.... the milling, squaring, gluing, cutting...
  12. B. Howard

    Learning nut and fret work

    I am in Magnolia DE, about 2 hours out of DC. Call or email if you want to talk about it.
  13. B. Howard

    Removing Refin Latex Paint

    You are not likely to find a nice looking finish under that, let alone save it.
  14. B. Howard

    Learning nut and fret work

    Some shops like me offer classes and workshops on topics like this. No substitute for learning hand to hand.
  15. B. Howard

    Gibson blueshawk

    That is a treble bleed. Looks like it is meant to brighten one of the switch positions tones.
  16. B. Howard

    Epoxy advice please

    I like the System 3 epoxies. I use T-88 for all structural applications (read that as re -repair of failed and botched repairs). The general purpose with medium hardener was my pore fill a decade ago and is a fine adhesive for new work like setting carbon fiber rods into necks or other places...
  17. B. Howard

    Can this check/split on my 335 be repaired?

    Like Terry said, very fixable now. Let it get dirty and chipped out more and it will get more difficult and expensive.
  18. B. Howard

    Need a luthier to finish a project 7 string explorer I butchered.

    Without seeing it I can only say so much but from what you say this would be some pricing here... Ebony fret board replacement , I do several of these a year and they price out at $250+ depending on binding and inlays . Finishes start at $500 for full fill, full gloss clear. Bursts, stains etc...
  19. B. Howard

    Help - Broken Guitar Body

    There is not a single Luthier employed at GC! Should just get a refund now cause your gonna get disappointed twice on this deal I'm afraid.
  20. B. Howard

    Help - Broken Guitar Body

    Any and all paint chips, no matter how small are very important! Bag em in a small ziplock with a piece of card board so they do not break up any farther. This is because this is a metallic finish and it will be very difficult to touch up seamlessly. A lot of folks don't care how it looks until...
  21. B. Howard

    Refinishing a Fender CS relic neck

    I agree, always hated that look and feel..... You will hear no difference after re-finishing. A few thousandths of an inch of resin isn't going to make an audible difference.
  22. B. Howard

    Possible to repair poly finish chipping?

    Very tough spot. Edges and corners are the hardest to touch up. While CA is what most recommend it's only because that's all they have available. Autobody cut in clears for panel repair work very well in situations like this if you have an airbrush. It will look better and in the end usually is...
  23. B. Howard

    New Gibby fingerboards and a potential problem

    This isn't the type of thing that will be an imediate problem.... It will be a down the road thing, 10 or 15 years out when they all start coming undone in mass if they do cause a problem. Also will be more of a problem on guitars that are not cared for as well because every rapid or drastic...
  24. B. Howard

    New Gibby fingerboards and a potential problem

    Oh I am sure it is for anti counterfeiting.... just as much as tracking on the factory floor. It's the lack of glue surface contact that is disturbing! I could care less about electro tracking gizmos. But how about hiding somewhere else?
  25. B. Howard

    Clear coat?

    Pore fill is not mandatory and closed pore woods like maple do not need any. But if your body is say ash or mahogany the pores will be pocks in the otherwise smooth glossy finish. Unfilled woods are typically finished in a very low gloss finish.
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