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  1. lindelltodd

    Sold Nord Electro 4D Keyboard 61 keys

    Selling my Nord Electro 4D with 61 keys and drawbar sliders. Need to thin the herd and make some space at home, so moving more "in the box". This keyboard has never been gigged, I'm the original owner, and has been kept in my smoke-free home office. Excellent condition, a couple of very small...
  2. lindelltodd

    Sold Apple-Mac-Mini-A-1347-Mid-2011-Desktop-Dual-Core-2-3-GHz-500GB-8-GB-RAM A

    Mac Mini (mid 2011 version) purchased new in 2012. Lightly used, mostly for Netflix streaming, but we've not needed it since adding an Apple TV. I upgraded the RAM to 8gb from the standard 2GB. Reformatted the 500 GB HD and reverted to Lion, which it shipped with, ready for you to register and...
  3. lindelltodd

    Jumping Channels - pedals in between?

    Typical 4-hole Marshall-style etc. setup. Is this possible, or will it possibly damage the amp? Can anyone think of why, or why you wouldn't do this? Seems like it would be a roundabout way to blend wet and dry channels together without having an effects loop available. I'd be interested in...
  4. lindelltodd

    Getting good sound out of GarageBand & laptop...

    Pretty sure that he's not expecting them to sound the same...sounds like he's trying to tell us the mix is out of balance and not as alive when listening through the laptop and earbuds. A good mix should at least translate over to those sources somewhat, despite the lack of hi-fidelity.
  5. lindelltodd

    Getting good sound out of GarageBand & laptop...

    As stated above, this is a non-issue. OP should reference his mixes in a few other places (car stereo, etc) and get some flatter near field monitors.
  6. lindelltodd

    NGD Martin HD-28VS!

    Not so much of a difference/advantage in sound, but there is a potential for a stronger break angle over the nut. I really just like the way they look. They're a little more difficult to string up, but a couple of times and you're good to go. The bigger factor in tonal difference on this one is...
  7. lindelltodd

    Sold Taylor 214e 2011 with K&K Mini

    SOLD Purchased new in July 2011. Kept in its case when not in use, very good condition with a few barely noticeable small surface blemishes (pictured). Plays very well with medium low action and good intonation. The neck size and feel is great for electric players. The stock pickup is a bit...
  8. lindelltodd

    Who would hire to build you this tele for $1,100 more or less

    MJT. Have Musikraft build your neck and drop ship for finishing/relicing. They'll take care of the body/hardware/pickguard as well. Put it together yourself and/or take it to a good luthier to assemble and finish the nut and frets. You could easily hit your price point going this route.
  9. lindelltodd

    you have to pick one: high end pair of mics or high end set of monitors

    Um, yeah...there's no place for cardioid dynamic mics in recording or live sound. Condensers on everything! :jo
  10. lindelltodd

    NGD Martin HD-28VS!

    1 3/4" nut, modified V neck...I play a lot more electric than acoustic, mostly Teles with vintage "C" profiles, and I still find this neck really comfortable. It's really close to the neck on the "Tweedy" as well.
  11. lindelltodd

    NGD Martin HD-28VS!

    Got it for a steal on Ebay, decided to take a chance. Arrived at the office a couple of days ago. Was set up with medium low action for light strings, the previous owner had used it mainly for finger-picking. Tuned her up and did some picking and based on the string gauge and setup wasn't...
  12. lindelltodd

    Eventide H9 owners- will either one do the following?

    Download the H9 Control App for your phone or computer (I prefer the computer interface) and explore all of the settings within the "Pedal" Tab and see if that answers your Midi questions. You can use the program in demo mode if you don't already own an H9. There's a slight delay when...
  13. lindelltodd

    Stutter when bypassing H9 with MIDI

    Well, the devil's in the details. It turns out that when I was switching from preset 2:1 to 2:2 I was also sending a MIDI signal to my second H9 (not mentioned above) asking it to reload the patch that was currently loaded and active. The stutter wasn't coming from my delay patch at all, but the...
  14. lindelltodd

    Musicomlab MKiii+ Output Routing question

    Thanks Shakkal, This works great!
  15. lindelltodd

    Stutter when bypassing H9 with MIDI

    New to MIDI in my pedal setup, and I'm having some issues when setting up a patch list for my next show. One example: I've set up my switcher (Musicomlab MKiii+) to send a bypass message to my H9 (delay) on bank 2:2. My delay is set up to preserve trails when bypassed. When I switch from bank...
  16. lindelltodd

    Musicomlab MKiii+ Output Routing question

    Gotcha. I was hoping to do this without a separate a/b box if possible. If I use the shorted 8 loop to route into the UAD how do I switch off Out B, which will be running into the amp? Is there a way to bypass the main outputs (Out A/Out B) without simply leaving them empty?
  17. lindelltodd

    Musicomlab MKiii+ Output Routing question

    I'd like to use all 8 loops for pedals...is it possible to create 2 switchable outputs in this scenario? I'm looking to run one output into my amp and another out to the hi-z on my UAD Apollo...using the same pedalboard for my electric and acoustic songs. I will not be running the 2 outputs at...
  18. lindelltodd

    Npd! Musicomlab Efx Mkiv

    Thanks for the info...just getting into the midi world on my pedalboard, trying to keep my budget under control though:-) Just bit on a MKIII+ on Reverb. If I take to it and want to expand my horizons I might upgrade eventually.
  19. lindelltodd

    Npd! Musicomlab Efx Mkiv

    Got it. I'm actually looking at buying a used MKIII+...Do you think the + will be editor compatible?
  20. lindelltodd

    Npd! Musicomlab Efx Mkiv

    Does anyone know if the upcoming computer editor will compatible with the MKIII?
  21. lindelltodd

    NGD! Pono 12-String

    This actually arrived on Thursday, but haven't had time to snap photos until today. Model OP12-10D, it's a parlor sized 12 string with Acacia back and sides and an Engelmann Spruce top. Here's some pics!
  22. lindelltodd

    ZZ Top is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

    The mixes on Jimmy Kimmel are always ass. Not the greatest performance, but ultimately not sure why I keep watching bands that I like perform on that show.
  23. lindelltodd

    Cover bands: What hard rock songs do you do that "kill"

    To the OP: that list would suggest that your singer has a pretty good range. Why no Soundgarden in the mix? Jesus Christ Pose Rusty Cage Outshined My Wave Black Hole Sun etc...etc.
  24. lindelltodd

    Convert Tele into 12 String

    Try this bridge plate: http://www.glendaleguitars.com/C01.jpg and these saddles: http://www.glendaleguitars.com/0659.jpg Works well for my Tele 12 conversion, you will have some intonation issues esp. on the octave frets...I had USACG build the neck and MJT finished it for me.
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