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  1. macmeda

    Looking for a Unique, Interesting Overdrive Pedal

    I just got a Tone Freak Naked OD and you kind of described it. Dynamic Expressive Touch Sensitive And easily tweakable with the couple knobs and toggle. I’m really happy with it. I can’t say that about most pedals.
  2. macmeda

    What are millennial (or zoomer) bends?

    Pic’s ?
  3. macmeda

    Hendrix Monterey Strat

    “What a hang …….”
  4. macmeda

    FS Jackson Charvel JT6 Tremolo (vintage 80's)

    Your PM is full. Do you have the arm?
  5. macmeda

    New Tim by Paul C

    Do we still just call him like we used to to order?
  6. macmeda

    Sold Drybell Unit67 $200

    I’m about to list a bunch of great pedals at quick sale prices. PM me if you’re looking for something
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  8. macmeda

    Question about acoustic guitar with built-in pickup into a PA..

    It’s only one song but I’m prone to rabbit holes. Thanks
  9. macmeda

    Question about acoustic guitar with built-in pickup into a PA..

    Thanks for the reply. Over on the Simplifier thread I was told it will work in that fashion.
  10. macmeda

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Can I use my Simplifier just to run my acoustic with built in mic into the mixer/PA? Thanks
  11. macmeda

    Question about acoustic guitar with built-in pickup into a PA..

    I have a DSM & Humboldt Simplifier and a DI out of my Marshall SV20. Will either of those work?
  12. macmeda

    Question about acoustic guitar with built-in pickup into a PA..

    I have never plugged my acoustic into anything. I want to play through the PA and I am wondering if I need anything other than a cable in between. I have some EQ petals, boosts etc.
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  15. ‘87 Jubilee

    ‘87 Jubilee

    ‘87 Jubilee
  16. macmeda

    Sold Jam Pedals: “ Fuzz Phrase “ Limited addition, Mint, $275

    FOR SALE: Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase Limited addition As new condition, ships with everything it originally shipped with ( bag , box , etc) $275 PayPal’d and shipped conus. Incredible fuzz, have 2 keeping my old one.. Please PM with any questions No trades considered at this...
  17. macmeda

    Sold Drybell Unit67 $200

    FOR SALE : Drybell Unit67 , Boost /Compressor in mint condition. Everything that was originally shipped is included ( yes even the Pick key fob) $200 PayPal’d and Shipped conus. I’m am not interested in trades of any kind Please PM with any questions. Thank you
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