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  1. S3bird

    Why are hardtail strats so rare?

    My uncle had a late 70's hard tail Strat in a darker stain, black pick guard and a RW fingerboard. Also had a sloppy 3 bolt neck which is what I mainly remember about it lol Wouldn't a Nashville Tele get you pretty close and they have in production for a while?
  2. S3bird

    What’s more ergonomic? 335, Explorer, Firebird or Flying V?

    Standing up I really like the way a Firebird feels, especially with a long strap. The edge of my hand lines up pretty nice with the bridge as I like my right arm mostly straight and the neck pointed up. However they are a big guitar, something to be aware of on a small stage or just hauling it...
  3. S3bird

    My Bird is Back

    It was in the shop since June. Combination of miscommunication and new saddles that never came in. Frankly it's been a wall hanger for years but after the fret level/intonation/set up it plays great.
  4. S3bird

    My Bird is Back

    I just got my Firebird back from a much needed set-up. I bought in in 93 a week after graduating from high school. Anyway the frets were leveled and re crowned, trus rod and intonation adjusted. Frigging plays good again. Unfortunately I managed to pull something in my left index finger so she's...
  5. S3bird

    Talk me out of buying a Gibson Explorer

    If you can afford it why not. Especially given your story go ahead and do it. Worst case is you sell it down the road. Should hold most of it's value. I've never regretted getting the better version
  6. S3bird

    Strat or Tele?

    I don't think there a wrong choice as they are both iconic for a reason. I find Strats very comfortable to play and can't imagine not having one (currently have a Highway 1 with RW board). One the flip side I've been through 3 Teles and not likely to get another one any time soon.
  7. S3bird

    BC Rich is bought by 2 people. A rock star and being rebuilt from the ground up.

    CC is who I thought of first. Those old Poison videos he way playing a different one every 5 seconds LOL In all seriousness I would love to get a Mockingbird someday (hardtail or Floyd).
  8. S3bird

    2021 purchase plans

    Thinking of a Gretsch centerblock Jr and a new amp. Possibly a Blues Jr
  9. S3bird

    New Version of HM Strat - Do you think it was a flop for Fender?

    If I found one for the right price and happened to be in an 80s mood I might snatch one. I remember the local shop had a pink one back in the day which at the time I thought was pretty cool. However a used Dinky scratched that 80s Superstrat itch. Thought the new ones are a lot of money...
  10. S3bird

    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    I bought a used Jackson Dinky Pro and a left over Martin (the sale of my AS Tele was used to partially fund it) Sold/got rid of a few lower end guitars and amps which really felt great.
  11. S3bird

    What's your history with USA made guitars what brand did you keep the longest

    Bought my Firebird V in 1993 a week after I graduated from high school. Still have it and it's not going anywhere. It's also the longest I've kept a guitar. Have bought a total of 3 Gibsons, 2 US Martins and 2 US Fenders. Kept them all except for the AS Tele (didn't care for the glossy...
  12. S3bird

    Teisco Spectrum reissue acrylic?

    Didn't BC Rich offer lower end acrylic in the early 2000's? Sort of wanted a green Mocking Bird that probably would have been a wall hanger lol
  13. S3bird

    Well, well, well...what do we have here?

    Either they were expensive back then or entry level guitars made now are very inexpensive. Of course to be fair we're not talking neck through.
  14. S3bird

    Well, well, well...what do we have here?

    Cool, my first electric was the same model Cort, but in black (gold stripes and everything).
  15. S3bird

    True Fenders that say "Squier Series"

    My first Strat was a mid 90's MIM red with a rosewood fingerboard Bought new). Had the little "Squire Series" on the headstock. Nice playing guitar but the electronics were meh
  16. S3bird

    What song REALLY shook you and made you pick up guitar?

    Def Leppard was the first band I really got into. Was drawn in with Hysteria and played plenty of air guitar but started getting older releases. The song "High N Dry" (really the whole album) just did it for me. That riff was so tough sounding, especially compared to the pop/hair metal MTV...
  17. S3bird

    What guitar brand do you have the most of?

    3 Gibson's (Firebird, SG & Les Paul Special) Used to be more of a Fender guy but down to just my old Highway 1 Strat
  18. S3bird

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    It would have to be a Firebird for me. I liked the looks of Explorers but somthing about the more rounded lines and reverse headstock of the Firebird really caught my eye. Hysteria was the first record that was huge for me and Steve Clark played one. Got to play a new reissue and an original...
  19. S3bird

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    I have an early 90's Firebird V and a 2017 SG. They are different animals in both feel and sound. If I want something that sounds a bit more like a Fender without actually being one the Firebird fits that nitch nicely. The SG is such a rock machine to me, weighs almost nothing, super easy to...
  20. S3bird

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    My 2017 SG with my 1974 S100
  21. S3bird

    Explorer Custom- Yay nor Nay?

    I like it a lot, you would not have to twist my arm to play it lol However my favorite is still a simple natural finished Korina (or mahogany) with a white pickguard and covered pick ups
  22. S3bird

    Show me your Les Paul

    My 2012 Special
  23. S3bird

    Is there a direct influence to the guitars you have?

    I'm guilty I have two in my collection, specifically my Les Paul Special is because of Dean DeLeo and it's ended up being one of my favorites. My Firebird is linked to both Steve Clark & Allen Collens. Everything else is just because lol
  24. S3bird

    Calling all Explorer Lovers

    While they aren't quite the same thing I find Explorers and Firebirds to be very comfortable to play (at least standing up). I got my first Explorer last year but have had the Firebird since 1993
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