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  1. J

    When I heard_________I had to get a wah!

    Season of the Witch, Stephen Stills from the Super Session album with Al Kooper.
  2. J

    Songs with great Fuzz Pedal tone

    Don't bring me down. Eric Burdon and the animals.
  3. J

    Any Stephen Stills/Manassas fans here?

    This brings back great memories. I'm a huge Stills fan.
  4. J

    The Wrecking Crew

    Is this movie for sale on DVD ? I would love to buy a copy.
  5. J

    Anyone remember Nicolette Larson?

    She also did some work with Neil Young and recorded one of his songs. I think it was called " Gonna take a lot of love". I thought she had a really good voice and I enjoyed her work.
  6. J

    ? and The Mysterians Appreciation Thread

    I saw these guys at Mt. Holly in Mi in the 60's when 96 tears was a hit.
  7. J

    The Bob Seger you may not know - pre-Night Moves

    I saw Bob many times at jr. high and high school dances in the area. This was in the sixties and his live show was great. I loved his early stuff like East side story and Persecution Smith.
  8. J

    I like Johnny Rivers

    His version of Memphis was one of the first songs I learned to play.
  9. J

    stephen stills 70`s bbc doc on youtube

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm a huge Stepen Stills fan and I really enjoyed it.
  10. J

    Amos Garrett can still do it!

    Really nice to hear Amos still playing so well. I havn't heard that song in years.
  11. J

    "Best GC in the Detroit area?

    Try the Flint store it seems to be better than Southfield. I think they have a better selection. I agree the Southfield store does seem dull.
  12. J

    Rick Danko of The Band, is he faking it?

    Can someone tell me the name of Levon Helms book?
  13. J

    Is Rubber Soul the greatest Beatles album?

    Revolver and Abbey Road are my two favorites, but Rubber Soul is really a great album.
  14. J

    Domo Arrigato, Mr. Vibrato..yer fav string shakers?

    Mike Bloomfield B.B. King Leslie West SRV
  15. J

    Chuck Berry covers

    Johnny Rivers had hit with Memphis and Maybelline.
  16. J

    Hendrix, SRV, John Mayer & Others Do This Lick - How's It Done?

    It's rapid pulloffs it kind of fades, the hardest part is getting a feel for it.
  17. J

    Neil Young's soloing style

    Listen to Cowgirl In The Sand, Down By The River, Cortez the Killer all of these have that Raw style Neil is known for.
  18. J

    What were your first impressions of the Beatles ?

    I was in Jr. High in 64 and I totally agree with everything Vaughn C said. Every week after the Beatles hit , Ed sullivan had a different British group on and we couldn't get enopugh of it. Great times.
  19. J

    Favorite post-Beatles album?

    I think Harrisons All things must pass really good songs.
  20. J

    13th Floor Elevators

    When Your gonna miss me first came out I thought the Bass player was doing those runs on the bass come to find out they had a jug player, very different.
  21. J

    Skip Spence

    I was listening to the first album yesterday ( cassette ) 805 and Someday are amazing songs. The whole album is very good.
  22. J

    T Bone Wolk has died

    Sad news RIP.
  23. J

    Pop hits of the sixties...

    By the time I get to Phoenix......Glen Campbell Witchita Lineman Glenn Campbell
  24. J

    Dave Mason not forgotten masterpiece

    Great record his name isn't mentioned that often.
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