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  1. thecornman

    Mike Rutherford using Squier Bullet Strats on latest tour!

    I was reading an article about Mike Rutherford using Indonesian made Squier Bullet Strats on the latest Genesis tour! Apparently he loves them including the stock pickups. His tech does change out some of the hardware though, but Mike insists that he leaves the Squier emblems on them. Good...
  2. thecornman

    Heads up for fellow Canadians!

    Just wanted to give a heads up to my fellow synth lovers in Canada that Long And Mcquade's is having a blowout sale this Friday and Saturday Feb. 10th and 11th and they are selling the Roland Boutique JU-06 and JX-03 for 199.00 as well as the JU-08 for 299.00! I have been wanting to give one of...
  3. thecornman

    Volume dial on your guitar! Please learn to use it.

    Anybody else have one of those people in their band that do not know how to use the volume dial on their guitar? The singer of my band who also plays guitar does not touch it ever. If he is the first one at a practice you get to walk in to him blasting away at full band volume well everyone...
  4. thecornman

    Pedals for live use?

    This one is for those of you that actually play out with a band! What pedals in your experience have less then impressed you when used at home at quite volumes, but then when used in the band mix at gig volumes ended up being perfect? Or what pedals sounded great when playing alone at home...
  5. thecornman

    TC Electronic Dark Matter and MojoMojo?

    I have been seeing the TC Electronic Dark Matter and MojoMojo all over the place going for really low prices! Why are they going for so cheap? Discontinued? Those of you that own either what are your thoughts on them?
  6. thecornman

    Home and live?

    Are the sounds you like at home by yourself the same ones that work well live with your band mix?
  7. thecornman

    Huge pedalboards?

    Something I always wonder when I see posts of some of these huge pedalboards on here is how many of you actually gig with these things? If you do what type of music does your band play? Do you find you actually use all the effects you have on your board during the show? Do you ever find you...
  8. thecornman

    Dr. Green pedals by Hayden amps?

    Anybody ever hear anything about the Dr. Green pedals being made by Hayden amps in the UK? I was snooping around on Ebay today and found a few of these new being sold for dirt cheap with free shipping here in Canada at least. Checked out the demo's and a little info about the company and...
  9. thecornman

    Suggestions for dirt pedals!

    Does anyone else find it laughable when someone asks what dirt pedal they should get without giving any info like what kind of amp they are playing through, what style of music they are playing and if they are playing in a band setting or just at home and everyone just starts throwing out the...
  10. thecornman

    Pedal repair?

    I have a question about a small problem I am having with a couple of pedals I have? The problem is when I am plugging in a power adapter into the jack it will cut in and out. Once I move it around I can get it to stay working, but I would like to fix it so it doesn't cut in and out, because I...
  11. thecornman

    Fuzz guys?

    Okay question for you fuzz guys that are playing in a band? What style of music are you playing with your band that you are making it work for you?
  12. thecornman

    EHX Glove and East River Drive?

    Anybody try either of these EHX OD pedals out? I see them all the time going for about 60 new on ebay which is about what an OD should go for! Just looking for any opinions on what they are like from those who have tried them? I have no need for another dirt pedal, but at the price they are...
  13. thecornman

    Maxon OOD-9?

    Anybody using a Maxon OOD-9 Organic Overdrive? If so just wondering your thoughts on it? Found a couple of them recently for pretty good used prices, but wondering what to expect from them if I pick one up?
  14. thecornman

    Builders time?

    Just wondering how long it takes around for an experienced pedal builder to put together an overdrive pedal from start to finish?
  15. thecornman

    What do they know?

    All the hype you always read about all the boutique pedals out there, but yet so many of the pro's are still using Boss pedals. Joe Walsh has 9 of them on his current board. Prince uses almost all Boss pedals. Sure they use them, because they are reliable as hell and easy to replace, but from...
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