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  1. Ape Factory

    Looking for a custom roasted mahogany body, roasted flame maple top

    Hi guys! I'm basically looking to duplicate a body I already have which was made by Musikraft a few years ago when they were doing custom work. I want a hardtail body to mate to a completed neck. The major points I'm looking for... -Strat shape -roasted Mahogany body -roasted flame maple top...
  2. Ape Factory

    Gotoh Stealth tuners

    If you go to the Gotoh site, there are specs for the hole size. It's been so long, I can't remember what size they needed to be. Something like 8mm comes to mind but do not take that as gospel and be sure to look it up.
  3. Ape Factory

    Yamaha Revstar RS502 P90 goodness

    Haven't compared them myself but I've soured on the hotter version. Going to replace them with something else at some point just not sure what. But I don't like the overall tone compared to most of my other guitars, just doesn't emphasize the right frequencies. It generally is very picky when...
  4. Ape Factory

    Was interested in this guitar before seller screamed at me

    Hearing inflection over the internet via reading text is a true talent. Who's voice do you hear exactly?
  5. Ape Factory

    What kind of laptops are you using?

    MacBook Pro, 2019 15" i7 w/16gigs of RAM but a majority of it done with a 2012 Mac mini which I've modded to the max with dual SSD drives, max RAM, etc...Upgraded that recently over a Mac mini server, circa 2009 and it was quite a dramatic improvement in the performance department. 2012 is...
  6. Ape Factory

    Shielding cavity on humbucker guitars yes or no?

    Ground wire to the bridge. Guitar is as silent as they get, no noise issues. And yes, the cavity cover are painted as well.
  7. Ape Factory

    Yamaha Revstar wraparound bridge design/materials flaw…

    I'm a modaholic and I thought about dropping in the Tone Pro's bridge immediately after purchasing since it's used on the higher end guitars. One of the first things I did was disassemble the guitar and examine all the hard parts. I did note the bridge material seemed a bit porous and was very...
  8. Ape Factory

    BKP Black Dog, Suhr Aldrich, other higher output passives?

    I've strangely never done Lollars but need to. I heard a guy in Austin playing a 335 and his tone was just exceptional. I usually don't bother working guitarists on the job (cause you look like a stalker) but I had to ask about his setup and he had Lollar Imperials in there.
  9. Ape Factory

    BKP Black Dog, Suhr Aldrich, other higher output passives?

    No probs...I tend to like similar pickups it seems. I'm a big Rewind fan and Electric City killed it on the one set of pickup I bought from them. I tend to go unpotted. I don't do a lot of high gain stuff at all but have started to venture there more recently and with recent events, I have a...
  10. Ape Factory

    Shielding cavity on humbucker guitars yes or no?

    If you feel the need, MG Chemicals Supershield is good stuff and easy to apply.
  11. Ape Factory

    BKP Black Dog, Suhr Aldrich, other higher output passives?

    I have the Aldrich, the Black Dog and the Rebel Yell (set). The Aldrich bridge is very loud and punchy with a very thick bottom end. I really enjoyed it but it wasn't as versatile and didn't clean up well. Dimed or nothing. I still have it but currently not in one of my guitars. It's...
  12. Ape Factory

    FM3 thread is a bummer. So here’s a happy Axe-FX III thread.

    Because an amp has never, in the history of mankind, blown a tube on stage. Ever. Ribbing aside, you don't know what you're missing. Modelers do come in different flavors that suit people differently so find the one that speaks to you and your needs as it'll be your Swiss army knife and...
  13. Ape Factory

    Kemper Rig Manager 3.0 Beta. The editor is out!!!

    When I tried to run the beta on Sierra, a popup window informed me I needed High Sierra or newer. I do run the cable directly from the computer to the Kemper. I have an older Mac Mini server (I think it's a 2009) that I strictly use for the musical stuff. But...snagged a late model 2012 Mini...
  14. Ape Factory

    Kemper Rig Manager 3.0 Beta. The editor is out!!!

    Downloaded the beta files and discovered I needed to run a newer OS as the beta isn't supported on Mac OS Sierra. Unfortunately my studio-only computer doesn't support the newer operating systems and I upgraded the Kemper firmware which means it's not compatible with the older Rig Manager...
  15. Ape Factory

    Eastman T386 owners- pickups, bridge replacement ? Post your pics here!

    They're not a direct swap. The bore for the tuning key shaft in the headstock isn't large enough from what I can remember. Needs to be drilled to the proper diameter first. Otherwise I found the length to be just fine. Still loving this guitar. Think I have a Re-wind low wind PAF in the...
  16. Ape Factory

    Kemper Rig Manager 3.0 Beta. The editor is out!!!

    That's a 339 isn't it? Looks too small to be a 335.
  17. Ape Factory

    Kemper Rig Manager 3.0 Beta. The editor is out!!!

    Love your rack! Details on where I can purchase?
  18. Ape Factory

    2020 PRS Prototype Review

    Will be looking hard for the right one (3) of these. I've held off purchasing anything for over a year. I'll need one of each though, SC, double cut and an HBII. Effing gas.
  19. Ape Factory

    Help me decide...50th Birthday Guitar Purchase....

    Had an R9 and a PRS SC-58. Both got pickup swaps/mods but the PRS always played just a hair better a Both had unquestionable mojo but the R9 cost twice as much and ended up going sooner than the SC. I've since sold both but miss the PRS more. Your results may vary. But if you do go Gibson...
  20. Ape Factory

    Warmoth Non-Fine Tuner Floyd Rose Build

    Very good point and you are spot-on. In my haste I neglected to mention the term cavity did need more routing to accommodate the fine tuner tail. I believe it is the 1996 but I’d have to go back and look, it’s been a while. I do have a build thread for this particular guitar, just do a...
  21. Ape Factory

    Warmoth Non-Fine Tuner Floyd Rose Build

    I did an NFT build a few years back and eventually switched out the bridge to a Gotoh bridge for more stability. The NFT's knife edges are both half moon shape and being off even half a millimeter will throw tuning off. The Gotoh has one straight knife edge which helps alleviate this issue. I...
  22. Ape Factory

    Robbed at the border

    Don't ever, ever, ever let anyone ship something to you, in Canada, using UPS. Insist on another shipper.
  23. Ape Factory

    Ngd Prs Custom 24 10 Top

    Very nice!
  24. Ape Factory

    Yamaha makes guitars too... why are they not really considered?

    The last Gary Clark Jr. concert I saw here in San Antonio, he played a Pacifica for most of the set. I didn't see the P90 SG once but he did have the Epi on a song or two. I purchased an RS502 to scratch a P90 itch on the cheap. Liked the guitar but my particular example needed quite a bit of...
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