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  1. Synex7254

    Epiphone Peter Frampton Texan Acoustic Guitar

    Haven't seen the specs yet but here are some pics. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2018/The-Epiphone-Interview-Peter-Frampton.aspx?goal=0_d33e24a051-9fa9d32423-56479049&mc_cid=9fa9d32423&mc_eid=a311391fe9
  2. Synex7254

    Martin John Mayer D-45

    Gorgeous guitar...just a tad pricey... https://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/custom-signature-editions/d-45-john-mayer/
  3. Synex7254

    Gibson is knocking it out of the park!

    Unfortunately I can't comment much on the more recently made Gibson's but my 1999 SJ-200 sounds like a cannon!
  4. Synex7254

    $500 Acoustic/Electric for Youth Ministry?

    Martin X series.
  5. Synex7254

    RIP Bill Collings

    Sad news to hear Bill Collings's passed away yesterday, June 14th.
  6. Synex7254

    NGD - Taylor content!

    I love it. Plays well and sounds fantastic. I also have a Taylor 214ce dlx (6 string) so already knew what the quality and sound should be.
  7. Synex7254

    NGD - Taylor content!

    My belated Birthday present finally arrived.....254ce Dlx 12 string!
  8. Synex7254

    NGD - Martin D42

    A beauty! My personal favorite Martin model too.
  9. Synex7254

    New Martin D-28 models for MF

    I got the new Musician's Friend catalog today in the mail and noticed there are 4 new Martin D-28 models called Custom D-28 Premium Upgrade I - IV, ranging in price from $2599 - $3999 and including upgrades such as 5/16" Sitka bracing, Grover vintage tuners, beveled faux tortoise pick-guard etc...
  10. Synex7254

    My first good acoustic - Martin M36

    Congrats! I love mine. Saw it in my local store and tried it and took it home.
  11. Synex7254

    Do i need an active di?

    An active DI will give you more signal and make the guitar a little louder but depending on the board/mixer/PA it's being plugged into...it may not be necessary and a passive DI would work just fine. I have a passive DI I use when live gigging and plug both active and passive acoustics into it...
  12. Synex7254

    Takamine pro series (P6JC), what to expect?

    Congrats on the new Takamine. I played a few different models at my local Guitar Store of this series when initially announced. I was impressed but somehow can't get used to the thinner headstocks. Reminds me too much of Seagull guitars and I HATE them...especially how the headstock look...
  13. Synex7254

    Guitar for tropical Island. Need advice. Luthiers please.

    I have a home on the Big Island of Hawaii and the acoustics I keep there LOVE the environment...no extra humidification needed. Then again my house is @ about 970 ft. ASL. I would think the only time you needed to worry about the environment is if you lived closer to the water. Especially...
  14. Synex7254

    Gibson J200 Standard

    Best acoustic Gibson makes hands down! You might want to also consider a used one. I picked up a 2004 SJ-200 in Wine Red finish (one of only 6 made in the color that year) for $1,800 with the HSC.
  15. Synex7254

    Takamine Guitars?

    Awesome score!!!
  16. Synex7254

    Good Used Ukelele for Under $100?

    Try looking at Lanikai or Kala ukes. They offer different price ranges and are quality made ukes.
  17. Synex7254

    NGD!...Sigma 00r-28vs !!

    Congrats...Nice guitar. I played a Sigma 00R-45VS a few weeks ago and was blown away with the sound quality. Ended up going with a 000-42R which technically isn't 000 but a OM body and scale length. A simple Google search for "Teardrop Pickguard" yielded several results.
  18. Synex7254

    NGD - Blueridge BR-60 KOA!

    Agreed. It's my second Blueridge. I also have a BR-73 and it plays and sounds on par with it's Martin cousins.
  19. Synex7254

    NGD - Blueridge BR-60 KOA!

    I stumbled across this beauty at MF and too the plunge. It's a Blueridge BR-60K. Ok it's not solid Koa but does have a solid top and bone nut and saddle and sounds very, very good. Sorry for the reflections in the pics....lighting in the room wasn't the greatest.
  20. Synex7254

    NGD - Martin D-35 Johnn Cash

    I finally heard back from Martin Customer Service regarding my inquiry about how many JC models had been produced since 2006 and as of 2012 only 799 had been made, 9 or which were left handed. So a pretty rare bird....I'm very happy with it!
  21. Synex7254

    Martin X Series acoustics

    Well today was a NGD for me. Picked up a Martin Performing Artist DCPA5K and gotta say this thing sounds incredible! It actually sounds better than my solid rosewood Martin D Custom (MF exclusive from 2005). These HPL guitars may be the best gig-worthy acoustics out there. Anyway I had a...
  22. Synex7254

    12 String Guitar Suggestions- About $500.00

    Look at the Martin X Series D12X1AE. Sounds and plays great.
  23. Synex7254

    NGD - Martin D-35 Johnn Cash

    I need to email Martin and see if I can find out, but mine is # 569.
  24. Synex7254

    NGD - Martin D-35 Johnn Cash

    My wife surprised me with the desire to buy me an earl Anniversary present and what did my local guitar shop have? A very rare Martin D-35 Johnny Cash. Now normally not something I would have gone for but I like the rare models. This one was a 2007 NOS model and we negotiated a great price...
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