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  1. eddie101

    FS Vintage Gibson PAF pickups for sale

    100% original Gibson PAF pickups which read 7.81 and 7.94 respectively. $10k shipped. If interested, please PM me. Best, Ed https://reverb.com/item/47635975-vintage-gibson-paf-pickups
  2. eddie101

    Sold Set of Vintage Gibson PAFs

    From my personal collection. The pups read 7.17 and 7.37 and they are great sounding pups. SOLD! No trades please. Pm me if you're ready to purchase. Thank you, Ed
  3. eddie101

    1958 Flying V neck measurements

    Anyone know how fat/thick they are; a thickness on the 1st fret, 12th fret etc. Were they on par with, say, '58 burst necks?
  4. eddie101

    Current value of vintage PAF pups?

    Any idea how much they're going for these days? Thank you in advance.
  5. eddie101

    1971 "Pale Yellow" Fender Strat

    1971 Olympic white maple capped strat that has faded to a beautiful custard yellow finish. This guitar was used by the great Mick Taylor when he toured the US with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers back in the '80's. You can see Mick jamming with the strat along with the late Albert King in the...
  6. eddie101

    Reliced Explorer

    Any pix of tastely reliced or naturally reliced Explorer that you can post? Thank you in advance.
  7. eddie101

    Looking for a Gibson raised logo for flying V

    As stated. Where can I find them in US? Thank you in advance.
  8. eddie101

    James Tyler guitar question

    First off, I researched, but no dice. What is the difference between JT Studio Elite HD, and JT Studio Elite, and what does HD stands for anyway? So, which model is "better" or, uh, more popular? Thank you.
  9. eddie101

    Split V headstock issue?

    Can any of you experts tell me if a split V HS can/will cause any intonation or tuning issue? My builder thinks a Split V could cause those said issues since some of those strings are touching each other before the nut. Well, if that's the case why would Gibson still make those HS anyway? Do...
  10. eddie101

    Les Paul JR SC vs DC

    Which shape or model do you prefer? I didn't play enough of DC to say one way or another. I do prefer a SC, however, for the reason that the shape alone just makes more sense to me. What say you and why?
  11. eddie101

    How often do you use your bridge pup of your strat?

    I don't have a classic strat anymore because I have no freakin' talent to make it sound good as other folks can. When I was playing it, however, I would (not almost but) never touch the bridge pup - boutique or not - as it renders that tinny thin tone which I abhor. I, like many others, love...
  12. eddie101

    What would be the easiest key to play in?

    I had an argument with our church director once about the "easier key" to play for a Bass guitar. (Note: we had no bass player at the time, and I'm the only guitar player in our group) I said it's probably E, but she disagreed. As you know, with a guitar preferred key would be either E or A or...
  13. eddie101

    Harvey Mandel, the original finger tapper?

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but it's always cool to see where finger tapping originated from. I think someone like EVH took it, and embellished it more for his style of music.
  14. eddie101

    Wildwood spec custombuckers

    Does anyone know the DC resistance readings of Wildwood spec pups? How low are they? Thank you in advance!
  15. eddie101

    C# note over Em chord?

    I saw a guy playing over Em chord, and ended with a C# note. Sounded good, but I can't figure out why since C# in not part of the Em scale. What am I missing? Thank you in advance!
  16. eddie101

    Sold Bludo 2x12 Oval Back cab

    Loaded with 2x12 ASW (Austin Speaker Works) Elegante speakers. The cab (w/Vox motif) is in MINT condition with no issues. SOLD. No trades. Please PM me, if interested.
  17. eddie101

    Explorer HS Question

    I'm thinking about ordering a '58 Explorer replica, and I'm sitting on a fence about the HS shape. Banana or split V? I think V is much cooler, but is it practical, and does it stay in tune well? Any experts out there?
  18. eddie101

    Sonic guitars experience?

    http://www.sonicguitars.com/ He's an Italian builder who also builds some vintage replicas, and I'm wondering if anyone tried his guitar. Thank you.
  19. eddie101

    Who's still gigging with a "classic V"?

    As we all know that a Flying V is an iconic instrument although it's not popular as, say, a Les Paul or Strat. It looks as cool as it gets, but it's not "user friendly" unless, of course, you're playing standing up. It sounds huge, - bigger than even LP, I think - and I love its woody tone. I've...
  20. eddie101

    Buddy Rich - Jerry Lewis: The legendary DRUM BATTLE - 1955

    Just one word; WOW
  21. eddie101

    Santana has a new guitar?

    Perhaps I'm late to the game as usual, but what is he playing here? It's some variation of a SC GT, but what else can you PRS experts tell me? :)
  22. eddie101

    Young Boy is Amazing with Electric Guitar During Church Performance

    This kid got soul man, and he's that "Crossroads/Vai" vibe going on here! His proud daddy's reaction is off the chart! LOL My daddy never did that, and yeah there was a reason for that too; no talent here :(
  23. eddie101

    Please name this guitar!

    https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/89505287_105958401029479_1772914945910898688_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&ccb=2&_nc_sid=09cbfe&_nc_ohc=7mBGIv382XgAX_A9jlH&_nc_ht=scontent-iad3-1.xx&oh=8124d7c958144d46406703efcf4ac5ae&oe=6028B5E9 Any idea what brand of a guitar Bill Holter is playing here...
  24. eddie101

    FS Rare Sakashta Smoky Signal EL34 version

    I'm the original owner, and I'm only selling it because I have two. It's in excellent condition with no issues. No trades. $3,500 plus fees. Free shipping to CONUSA.
  25. eddie101

    Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Bring It On Home To Me" (with Sharon Jones and Doyle Bramhall II)

    Classic Sam Cooke tune with some soulful spices, and Derek is killing it. Sharon Jones who was the female version of James Brown - she went way too early. RIP
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