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  1. mazman

    Playing in a cover band doing a genre you don't listen to...Modern Country content

    The older I get (50), these gigs are less and less fun. Plus the songs are all the same. The singers are all the same. The concept is all the same. Unless your a 14-25yr old female, with minimal musical taste, it’s grueling.
  2. mazman

    Band Ethics - hiring and firing

    Ethical and musicians in the same sentence???
  3. mazman

    What guitar is the most “EVH guitar” in your opinion?

    Frankie. By far. I knew every stripe on that thing. I drew it on all my notebooks in school. After that it’d be the 5150 Kramer
  4. mazman

    Vinyl? Really?

    I don’t get the whole vinyl thing. I mean, how many still have turntables? Not to mention the scratching, skipping and the maintenance to keep one up. I don’t understand bands offering this format and forgoing CDs? Some even have cassettes! I know there are purist and collectors, but looks...
  5. mazman

    Anyone ever play AC/DC for an audience, on a Strat?

    Pretty sure I have once or twice. I’m sure it’s done frequently
  6. mazman

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    I was same way, but I’ve grown to love about 10 of their tunes. At the same time, they can sound like a bunch of 4th graders.
  7. mazman

    FS Jetter Gain Stage Blue

    Good cond $100 shipped and PP lower 48
  8. mazman

    FS RK5 FlyRig ver1?

    Version 1 I assume. Works perfectly Exc Cond $200 shipped and PP LOWER 48
  9. mazman

    Fender '51 CS Nocaster observations

    Ive had a 2002 model since 2004 and it’s absolutely the best guitar I’ve ever played. I’ll NEVER part with it.
  10. mazman

    The PRS Thread: show us your PRS

    2017 594 & 2009 DGT
  11. mazman

    Collings or Martin... (again)

    I know this…. Collins are REALLY proud of their line.
  12. mazman

    FS Jetter ODS 181

    Jetters take on the “D” style tone. Wildwood exclusive Has Velcro but otherwise Exc cond. $210 shipped and PP lower 48 only
  13. mazman

    Daddario XPND

    any info on when these will be available
  14. mazman

    Pedal repair

    This may not belong here, but who does this service? I got a few that don’t work it extremely noisy
  15. mazman

    Tom Bukovac youtube lessons

    I do, Seen everyone
  16. mazman

    Stones are better than the Beatles because...

    The Beatles are the best band. The Stones are the best rock and roll band
  17. mazman

    Guitar vibes in relation to PRS McCarty 594

    I love SGs also, but my core 594 is the greatest guitar Ive ever played
  18. mazman

    best tweed deluxe clone?

  19. mazman

    Friedman pedalboard case

    Ive got the 15x30 version and its perfect. However, the case is HUGE. Is there a company that makes this size in a hardcase?
  20. mazman

    Bernie Marsden PRS

    me too actually
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