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  1. sharbono

    WTB Cooper FX Signal Path Selector

    If it isn't your thing and you want to sell, hit me up. I'll buy it.
  2. sharbono

    More Midi Devices than Midi Channels

    Hi. What do you all do when you have more Midi Devices than Midi Channels? I'm working on a build that has several CAE audio controllers, old rack gear, and new midi-able pedals. I'm just over 16 devices and worried that there is bound to be a conflict. Any workarounds? I didn't see a post on...
  3. sharbono

    Sold Boss DM-2w

    Great Condition! $120/shipped No Trades Please.
  4. sharbono

    Sold RJM Mini Effect Gizmo

    Great Condition. $250 No Trades Please.
  5. sharbono

    Sold Lollar Jazzmaster Pickups

    These are great pickups. Covers look brand new. From Lollar - Avg. DC: Neck 8.4K, Bridge 8.8K https://www.lollarguitars.com/lollar-jazzmaster-pickups/jazzmaster $180/shipped No Trades Please. Neck: Bridge:
  6. sharbono

    Sold Mesa Tremoverb Combo

    I'm selling my black Tremoverb combo. This amp is in great used condition . . . there are some scuffs and snags but all very minor. I've been keeping up with them on Reverb and Craigslist and am asking $1500. Original casters included. If shipping is required, buyer covers all costs and it will...
  7. sharbono

    WTB Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

    Hi. I'd love to buy a clean Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp. Happy to wait for the right one. I have cash ready. Anyone?
  8. sharbono

    Sold Boss Dimension C DC-2W

    This unit is new and unused. I purchased it for a rack that never came to be. $200
  9. sharbono

    Sold Strymon TimeLine Mint $375

    I'm clearing out all my duplicates. This pedal is mint and includes everything it originally shipped with. Still has the plastic on the display. $375 No trades please.
  10. sharbono

    Sold Ampeg B-15S Vintage Fliptop Portaflex Tube Amplifier

    Up for sale, an Ampeg B-15S Portaflex tube amplifier in excellent condition and recently fully serviced! This is the first year for the B-15S model, which is based on the V4 preamp and powered by a pair of 7027A power tubes for a robust 60 watt output. The B-15S sounds incredible for either...
  11. sharbono

    Sold Benson 2x12 Cabinet PRICE DROP

    This cabinet is insane . . . always sounds great. I'm only selling to downsize to a Benson 1x12. Mint condition. Ships in original box. Save some cash and buy used. $TRADED Night Moves Finish with Blue Grill Celestion G12H30 Speakers
  12. sharbono

    Sold Lefty Jerry Jones Shorthorn

    This guitar is so cool and sounds unreal. It sits perfectly in any mix. It has been my main studio guitar since I bought it from Jerry's Lefty Guitars in 2010. I'm always blown away by the ground this thing can cover . . . chime-y cleans to a ferocious growl that is clear and well defined . ...
  13. sharbono

    Sold Avalon U5 (15th Anniversary) - Black

    I've decided to launch my U5. I used it for acoustic one-offs while with Soul Asylum. It's in great shape and ships in original box with manual, etc. It's the 15th Anniversary U5 with the black face. $405
  14. sharbono

    Sold Marshall 1982BJH Jimi Hendrix ASW Crossroads

    I've decided to sell my Marshall 1982BJH Jimi Hendrix Cabinet. It's loaded with four Austin Speaker Works Crossroads speakers and sounds INCREDIBLE. I used it for a handful of shows with Soul Asylum but it mainly lived in my smoke-free studio in Minneapolis, MN. I also used it in the video...
  15. sharbono

    Sold Left Handed Gibson J-45 Deluxe

    This GIBSON J-45 DELUXE LEFT HANDED ACOUSTIC GUITAR is just stunning. I've decided to let it go because I am primarily playing electric guitar these days and I hate to see it live it's life in a case. The pickup is incredible. . . I was a little skeptical at first but my tech was right to...
  16. sharbono

    Sold Blockhead Firstborn 212

    I've decided to sell my Blockhead Firstborn 2x12 Combo. This amp was made by Ossie (3 Monkeys) and includes 2 speakers he hand picked from his personal collection...Magnavox P12N from the 50's and a Fane 20 Watt Cast Frame. White Tolex Black Tolex Sides Special Message/Drawing from Ossie...
  17. sharbono

    FS: Neo Ventilator

    I am selling my Neo Ventilator. It is in great condition and was used in my CAE rack. . . so it never really got touched. Includes Box, Power Supply, etc $310 / Shipped
  18. sharbono

    FS: Divided by 13 BTR Head and 212d Cab Great Price

    I have decided to sell my Divided by 13 BTR Head and 212d cab. I love these amps but have landed on two '62 AC30's and they fit my needs a bit more. Head and Cab are crazy clean. They have lived in road cases since I received them from Fred. The cab is loaded with two Greenbacks. Gold...
  19. sharbono

    FS: 1968 Marshall JMP50 SOLD

    I have decided to sell my favorite Marshall. It has been sitting in my studio as I travel and it really should be played. I didn't want it to get damaged on the road so it stayed safe here in Minneapolis. I bought this amp from Vintage and Rare Guitars in London in the spring of 2010. I...
  20. sharbono

    FS: Strymon Mobius

    I'm selling my Mobius. Pedal is crazy clean!!! The plastic is still intact over the display. Included with pedal are box, power adapter, little rubber feet, sticker, etc. $415 PayPal'd and Shipped SOLD No Trades!
  21. sharbono

    FS: Strymon Timeline x2

    I'm selling my Timelines. Both are amazingly clean. The plastic is still intact over the display. Both pedals include box, power adapter, little rubber feet, sticker, etc. $415 PayPal'd and Shipped (per pedal) One Sold, One Remaining
  22. sharbono

    FS: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Mark II

    I am selling my Axe Fx II Mark II. It is in perfect/flawless condition. It was "racked" but I used rack washers on both sides of the rack ears so there is NO rack rash. I have the original boxes (shipped in two, one inside of the other) and manual, stickers, etc. I will take more pics and...
  23. sharbono

    FS: Fender Vibro-King '93

    I have decided to sell my first year Fender Vibro-King. Made in the Fender Custom Shop and Hand Wired. It is in amazing condition and sounds GREAT. Serial Number 0029 making it the 29th Vibro-King ever. Upgrades: Van Den Hul Bay C5 RCA cables to and from reverb tank , Van Den Hul SCS-12...
  24. sharbono

    Random Axe-FX II Question

    I have an Axe-FX II on the way and had a wood rack built to mount it in with my pedals. I need to put the rack rail in but before I do I need to know... How far do those "handles" stick out on the face panel? I want to make sure the Axe-FX II doesn't stick out of the front. Thanks in advance!
  25. sharbono

    '68 Marshall JMP50 and Germino

    I just got my '68 Marshall JMP50 back from Greg Germino. I wanted him to look through and re-tube it to make sure it was running optimally. I purchased tubes from Gregg and Hi-Test and am thrilled with how amazing this thing sounds. I also had GG build a new 2x12 for it. It is a...
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