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  1. Fingers

    How do you dispose of your strings?

    I clicked on that link & according to it you can take your strings (metal or nylon) to your local Guitar Center for recycling. Good to know.
  2. Fingers

    Urinal encounters with famous people

    I remember my friend telling me at the Grammy Awards in L.A., when he was a songwriter nominee, he was in a stall smoking a joint when someone came into the bathroom, pounded on the stall door & a voice said "Police! Open up!" My friend, in a panic, instantly dropped his joint in the toilet &...
  3. Fingers

    Urinal encounters with famous people

    Larry Hagman in a tiny bathroom off a movie studio soundstage. Hm, that sentence reads like the stupidest game of Clue ever.
  4. Fingers

    Vintage Champs

    I am also blessed with a fantastic '62 tweed. It was almost 30 years old when I got it almost 30 years ago. Fortunately for me, it had spent much of its earlier life sitting in a church storage room.
  5. Fingers

    Rock Concerts you took your kid(s) to...

    When my daughter was in kindergarten around 2000 I took her to see Ringo, who she already loved, & she went Beatlemania-wild singing along to Beatles tunes. It was fitting, because back in Feb. 1964 my dad took me to my first concert, which was the Beatles at Carnegie Hall (3 days after the...
  6. Fingers

    Gibson trying to invalidate Satellite Amps coronet trademark

    AFAIK, Gates & his friends bought the not-ready-for-primetime DOS, then called QDOS (for Quick & Dirty Operating System) to adapt it to the specifications IBM wanted for their forthcoming personal computers. They paid $60,000. Gates' father was the biggest contract lawyer in WA.
  7. Fingers

    D'Pergo Guitars - Your Thoughts

    Leo Fender didn't want to use a truss rod, but his sales guy was told without one the dealers wouldn't want the guitars.
  8. Fingers

    D'Pergo Guitars - Your Thoughts

    I bought a used AVC years ago (so I didn't pay anything like what people quote in these recent threads, for those who think that blinds the spender into defensiveness) & I immediately sent it to Stefan to go over it & make sure it was as it should be. As far as the truss rod, he said it seemed...
  9. Fingers

    If you could only have 1 acoustic guitar?

    I've only ever had one. I bought my Martin D35 50 years ago & it has aged at least as well as a lot of people I've known over that time.
  10. Fingers

    D'Pergo Bakersfield

    The trope of accusing people of "drinking the kool aid" has been used often enough in the many years since Jonestown – & even since the acid tests – to fairly generalize that people who employ it almost never know what the hell they're talking about.
  11. Fingers

    Has Anyone Ever Tried Using a Pack of Really Old NOS Strings?

    I came across a box of never-used strings I'd had since the late 1970s & have been putting them on guitars (electric) recently – no problem, no hint of rust on any, they were all from the pre-shrink-wrap days, stay in tune, still have flexibility. Mostly Guild (which I think were made by...
  12. Fingers

    Which Strat - Lentz, Gil Yaron, Fender Jason Smith Master Built, GVGC

    I have to second sidekick's opinion. I got a D'Pergo AVC used also, & it's remarkably similar to the '58 Stratocaster I played for 25 years (& which had been a Guitar Player cover girl before I got it) & then started to miss after selling. Both were just over 7 lbs. The biggest differences were...
  13. Fingers

    Should I Sell My 1954 Tele or Not?

    When I sold my '58 Strat after 25 years I thought interest in paying for vintage electric guitars wouldn't last much longer since they weren't manufacturing any new baby boomers – I was dead wrong on that score, I still could've sold it for much more in recent years. But if you don't need the...
  14. Fingers

    Why no talk of D'Pergo Lately?

    What a beautiful clip! – melodically, whammy-ly, emotionally, moodily, tonally, touchingly, etc. etc. Held my interest & then some. Sure sounded like a D'Pergo with new strings, but the playing is just masterful aside from that. Might I enquire what string brand this was, & your impression of...
  15. Fingers

    Lentz review with D'Pergo comparison

    Jeez, I feel sorta guilty for bringing up my non-understanding of the "piano-like" adjective of praise for electric solidbodies – didn't mean to start a riot, I just wanted to assure people that whatever it meant, it didn't mean a D'Pergo couldn't rock or put out intense sounds (i.e. wasn't too...
  16. Fingers

    NGD – Tom Anderson Drop Top

    What a beautiful guitar! I got a DT in '94 & kept it for 18 years – only got rid of it because the PITA Floyd Rose was causing me to leave strings on for years as well as turn the wrong thing when tweaking tuning. I'll bet this one's even better. Play it in good health & spirits.
  17. Fingers

    Lentz review with D'Pergo comparison

    Thanks for that interesting & drool-inducing write-up, Strats Of Plenty. I've never been around a Lentz, & I'm sure they're wonderful, but regarding D'Pergo & people wondering if they might be too "refined", I always scratch my head (figuratively, though I guess sometimes literally if I'm...
  18. Fingers

    Martin d-35 opinions wanted

    I bought a D-35 in early 1970 (one of the last ones with Braz. rosewood back & sides) & I still have it. It has improved very noticeably over the years, in both sound & playability.
  19. Fingers

    Anyone here ever see Humble Pie live?

    I saw them in the fall of 1969 at Fillmore East in NYC. I didn't really know who they were, but they were exciting, rockin' & dynamic and the audience was quickly won over & enthusiastic. The band they were opening for, though, was even better – Derek & The Dominoes, the set that was mostly...
  20. Fingers

    Guitar Cleaner/Polish

    Does anyone know what's in D'Pergo's cleaner/polish? I have a bottle of it & gotta say, it's really quick, easy, safe for finish/hardware, & the results are outstanding. I've used a number of good products over the years, some recommended by other fine luthiers & experts, but this stuff...
  21. Fingers

    Yaron vs DeTemple Blackguard- Thoughts?

    So if you mainly go for the D'Pergos, is that why you're curious about just checking out whether Yaron might be more to your liking than your DeTemple, since you're basically set no matter what? What I'm curious about is what might you find lacking in the Bakersfield that you'd like to find in...
  22. Fingers

    anderson guitars flooded

    Tom, I hope your insurance co. is as righteous as you are.
  23. Fingers

    You don't know joy until you've found a Blue Chip Pick that was lost for 3+ months.

    It being more expensive hasn't made me more careful. I almost never lose picks – I still have really cool picks from the mid-'60s - except for losing Blue Chip picks twice. So I've felt your pain, but also your joy & relief, as each time, the pick eventually came home. After buying a...
  24. Fingers

    The Best Vintage Amp You Have Ever Owned

    No, '62 was still exactly like late '50s ('56 & later) model, narrow-panel, 1 knob that goes to 12, 3-tube tweed. Not a transitional model; I think Champ may've been the last amp to get the blackface treatment by Fender.
  25. Fingers

    Best amp that lets you swap multiple power-tube types?

    My Siegmund Midnight Special does the no-biasing tube switch thing but, like the Emery, it's single-ended & low-power so there aren't a lot of tubes there to switch. It seems to sound terrific with each type I've tried, so I mostly just switch power & rectifier tubes depending on whether I want...
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