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  1. thecornman

    Clutch - can't wait for this new record

    Clutch are one of my favorite live bands! When I want to hear good old riff rock I turn to them.
  2. thecornman

    Got into music production on the PC recently. Made me realize how guitarists seem to be at a huge disadvantage.

    If you already know your notes, chords and scales on guitar it isn't all that hard to transpose them to a keyboard! With a little practice it does not take long before you are able to lay down chord patterns, play bass lines and play melody's on a keyboard. I guess if you are a guitar player...
  3. thecornman

    Why all the hate for blues jams and lawyers with nice guitars?

    For myself blues jams are boring and predictable! I used to go to a Saturday afternoon one here once in a while a long time ago, because there were a fair amount of talented young up and comers that would show up that made it worth my time. Locals like Jordon Cook and Wide Mouth Mason would...
  4. thecornman

    Your current favorite song to play

    I have not played a cover song since I quit my last band years ago so I guess my favorite current favorite song to play is one of the un-named originals I have been working on!
  5. thecornman

    Honest Question

    For myself no! Tried lots of stuff years ago and ended up coming full circle back to using Boss pedals for my effects needs. They get me 100 percent there sound wise, are easy to replace (not that I ever need to) and are cheap on the used market. I can't remember the last time I bought a new...
  6. thecornman

    George Lynch Is On Fire Lately

    George always comes across as a guy who truly has passion for playing guitar! Like he would still be playing his ass off everyday even if it wasn’t his job. I was late to becoming a fan of his, because I was not a fan of Dokken growing up. Now the first Lynch Mob album and his work with KXM...
  7. thecornman

    Brass Against...

    Never heard of them until now so there is that!
  8. thecornman

    Bass player without a bass? Drummer without a kit? Just some of the people who responsed to my 'musicians wanted' ads!

    Then they won't have a car either so you will have to pick them up and drop them off as well. They also might need a couch to sleep on once in a while if that is okay? I have zero interest in supporting other peoples hobbies or paying for their dreams to come true. Even a singer without mics...
  9. thecornman

    If you had to limit yourself to a 3 pedal board

    Boss OD-3 Boss PH-1r Boss DD-6
  10. thecornman

    My bass players is a better guitar player than me and other self confidence problems

    I wish I knew what to say about having a self confidence issue, but I really don't, because it is just not how I live my life! I have had a this is me and if that isn't good enough for you get bent attitude most of my life and it has served me well. I do know that people that have issues with...
  11. thecornman

    Adrian Smith liked doing EVH style tapping quite a lot....

    I have always thought Smith was the best part of Maiden! Love his recent album with Kotzen. One of the best guitar albums I have heard in a long time.
  12. thecornman

    Your favorite band right now....

    I have been on a big George Lynch kick lately so I will go with Lynch Mob and KXM!
  13. thecornman

    Mike Rutherford using Squier Bullet Strats on latest tour!

    I was reading an article about Mike Rutherford using Indonesian made Squier Bullet Strats on the latest Genesis tour! Apparently he loves them including the stock pickups. His tech does change out some of the hardware though, but Mike insists that he leaves the Squier emblems on them. Good...
  14. thecornman

    I'm done with the band thing

    I hit that place about 5 years ago! Just not worth it. Since then I have learned to enjoy playing music again on my terms with no one else to deal with. So easy to record at home these days and learning other instruments has made me more of a complete musician. Also have not had to spend any...
  15. thecornman

    Why do people confuse speed & technical skill with musicianship?

    I often wonder why it seems speed and technical skill are such a sin on this forum? Yes if someone is just blazing in high gear all the time it can get old fast, but most of the guitar players I admire do have the ability to play fast at times and have loads of technical skill, but that doesn't...
  16. thecornman

    Mick Mars

    If I remember right I think it was right before the Dr. Feel good album that Mick took lessons from Satch!
  17. thecornman

    Lynch The Hunter tone

    Agree with you 100 percent! I was never a fan of Dokken, but I am a huge fan of Lynch on this album as well as his work with KXM. He is probably in my top 5 favorite guitar players from his playing on this material.
  18. thecornman

    Band rant!!!

    My experience from when I still played in bands is there are lots of people that like the idea of being part of a band, but a lot less of them that actually put the time into doing what is needed to be part of a band! As a person who gives 100 percent in everything I do my patience for lazy...
  19. thecornman

    No interest in vintage gear

    I don't care about vintage gear anymore then I do vintage cars or vintage anything for that matter! Owning old material items doesn't bring me any satisfaction at all. It is just stuff.
  20. thecornman

    What's your fave Squier guitar?

    I had a Classic Vibe 50's Strat some years back that was a great player! I would still have it, but once I built my own partscasters I got rid of almost every other guitar I owned.
  21. thecornman

    What do I do with hundred of Guitar Player Magazines

    I purged hundreds of guitar magazines about 11 years ago when I got separated and sold our house! I am the opposite of a hoarder. If it isn't something I use all the time it is gone.
  22. thecornman

    Selling sentimental guitar? how much regret over time?

    Material items hold no sentimental value to me so never have regrets getting rid of things! I take a less is more approach to things in life.
  23. thecornman

    Boss Pedal Aficionados - Which dirt pedals are getting the most playing time in your rig? - Except for SD-1's

    I pretty much only use boss pedals and own a bunch of them! For dirt pedals my favorite most used ones are the OD-3 and DS-2.
  24. thecornman

    Remember when albums were released in rapid fire succession?

    You mean when bands actually made money from record sales? I don't blame them when everybody just goes to the internet to get all their music for free.
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