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  1. sameoldblues

    Get a Gig and Lose it in 30 Minutes!

    Fair points here, and worth considering if applicable to any given band's situation and goals. You've not knocked my grinch hat off, though. It's stapled to my head.
  2. sameoldblues

    Get a Gig and Lose it in 30 Minutes!

    Not sure of your circumstances, but from the perspective of somebody who plays for a living...I'd pass on the gig for a few reasons. Unless the money is outrageous, once you factor in the time and effort of having an entire band learn 3 hours of holiday songs over the next few months...
  3. sameoldblues

    Help! Best Open Mic in Your City?

    Thanks! And yeah, planning on being around there...
  4. sameoldblues

    Help! Best Open Mic in Your City?

    Acoustic pop kind of stuff, I guess? Here's a tune:
  5. sameoldblues

    Help! Best Open Mic in Your City?

    I'm a singer-songwriter planning to go on a national solo "tour" next month. I'll be able to book a few actual shows, but I'm kind of hoping to just freewheel it (so to speak), and my goal is going to be to hit up as many markets as possible, and to play every night. I'd really appreciate any...
  6. sameoldblues

    Is making music your hobby or profession?

    It makes up about 1/3 of my income, so...both? It's taken years to get to this point, and I'm happy to report that it's more fun than ever!
  7. sameoldblues

    Classic songs with major mistakes in them

    In "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," Dylan flubs a line. "What did you meet, my blue-eyed son..." He changes the interrogative to "Who" the second time around, and you can hear him laughing a bit when he sings the word "you."
  8. sameoldblues

    What would David Gilmour do?

    Two different questions here! How Pink Floyd kept a jam entertaining has a lot to do with the band as a whole. Rhythmically speaking, Nick Mason really just kept the beat together without too much flash (a particularly notable exception being his awesome work in the end solo of "Have a...
  9. sameoldblues

    saddest guitar solo ever?

    Roy Buchanan, "The Messiah Will Come Again"
  10. sameoldblues

    Zeppelin: Since I've Been Loving You

    A few years ago, a demo of my stuff made it across the desk/eardrums of Terry Manning through a mutual friend, and we had a phone conference about the possibility of working together at his studio in the Bahamas. I did some research beforehand, and found out that he'd engineered Zeppelin III...
  11. sameoldblues

    Congrats to Freddie King....goin' to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Always been my favorite guitarist, vocalist, and writer of all the "Three Kings." Actually, of all the bluesmen in general.
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