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  1. mdog114

    In Praise of the mighty Les Paul

    Although I started playing on a dual humbucker back in the 70’s, I’ve been a Fender guy for most of my adult life. My three primary players are two Tele’s and a Strat. I also do a lot of jazz stuff with typical arch-tops. I’m currently playing with three different groups of guys and the latest...
  2. mdog114

    Stomp Loop Question?

    I’ve been noodling around with this thing for a month now and it really has a lot of potential for my applications. I just noticed that it states in the manual that the send/return (trs/ts-ts) can be individually controlled. How does this work? It doesn’t seem that clear in the manual. Can you...
  3. mdog114

    Stomp Preset Naming

    Just looking for some ideas about naming presets on the HX Stomp. How do you guys end up organizing and naming your patches/presets?
  4. mdog114

    Boss ES-5/HX Stomp Pedalboard suggestions

    I recently purchased a Line 6 HX Stomp XL to use as my mini-rig for small rooms. It replaced a small rig and really simplified things nicely. I was a bit concerned since I really didn’t like the converters in the initial Line 6 products, but this thing sounds really good! My large board...
  5. mdog114

    New HX Stomp XL, Questions

    I’m looking to redo my little pub rig with this new box. I’d like to replace everything except the volume/modulation pedal and the Quilter Interblock 45. I’ve been able to dial this current rig into a real good substitute for my usual, and much larger tube amp rigs and it works great as a ‘grab...
  6. mdog114

    Picked Up an Stomp XL

    I have one of the purple, and one of the blue large format, 4-switch pedals that they came out with years ago. They’ve been living in my “Coffin of Obsolete Pedals” chest for years. Prior to purchasing those pedal, my experience was likely as most, the kidney bean “Pod”. I thought that product...
  7. mdog114

    NGD:Strandberg 7

    My first taste of the headless/fanned fret territory. I’ve just spent the last 3 hours playing this thing and I have to say I’m impressed. The guitar definitely has cut some nice, new design lines. The shape of the back of the neck is the most radical aspect of the design and I really like it...
  8. mdog114


    Do you guys intonate/tune a tad flat to compensate for the pressure of fingering notes on the fretboard?
  9. mdog114

    Strandberg Question

    I’m looking at the specifications for these guitars and they state an odd spec. Instead of listing an actual nut width, they list a “space between strings” spec. For the 7 string models they list this as 1.65”. This seems about right for the “actual string spacing” but would be crazy...
  10. mdog114

    Using Your ES5/8 System

    I picked up an ES5 after X-mas and I’m just now getting around to redoing my sadly aging studio pedalboard. I have a smaller board I use for playing out but I use this one for our regular live jam sessions at the studio. This would normally be a bit overkill, but I’m involved with a lot of...
  11. mdog114

    Ibanez AS80

    I’m tracking for some friends project the first two weeks of March and I’ve been asked to do the majority of the guitar work. I had some time tonight to break a few guitars out of the store room and audition sounds for the project. One example was an Ibanez AS80, it’s a 335 copy that I kept over...
  12. mdog114

    Cubase IC Pro Help

    I’ve been using Cubase since version 3, longtime user. I just purchased an app they offer that supposedly allows remote control of the software through a typical home WiFi network. Problem is, I can’t get it to work at all. They have a video tutorial on their forums, but it years old and for...
  13. mdog114

    Suhr Reactive Load IR

    Looks like these things are as rare as hen’s teeth! I just ran the entire dealer list at Suhr.com and nobody has these things. Is there any “word on the street” info about when these might be available again?
  14. mdog114

    Question about Henderson Suhr model

    I’ve been playing one of my Strats more than usual for the last year, it’s evolving into my favorite guitar. I put a set of Fralin Real 54’s in it they really work with this instrument! It’s a chambered body SSS hardtail with a roasted maple neck, and it’s very light. It’s the most lively and...
  15. mdog114

    My New Mini Rig

    I just put this together as a small travel rig. I built a copy of one of those Barefaced cabinets with the deflector in the back, and having built cabinets since the late 70s, I must say they have come up with something different. The cabinet sounds much, much bigger than the 1x10” that it is...
  16. mdog114

    IOS question

    Can I import a windows video file into my iPad?
  17. mdog114

    NPD: Source Audio Spectrum

    I have one of their programmable EQs and the Gemini chorus and I like both pedals. The EQ is on my main pedalboard. I was thinking about getting something to replace the micro Q-Tron on my board and saw a demo of the Spectrum. It arrived yesterday and I got a chance to check it out last night...
  18. mdog114

    Need Tele Wiring Schematic

    I’m thinking of pulling out the 4-way on one of my Teles. I like the 4th position, but I keep throwing it into that position when I’m looking for the neck. I’d like to push/pull the volume pot to put the pickups in series to mimic what the 4-way does. Does anyone have a link or graphic for me?
  19. mdog114

    Lindy Fralin Real 54’s

    I purchased a set of these pickups about a year ago and put them in one of my favorite strats. I don’t normally gush about products because it’s rare that I encounter something so outstanding in this day and age, but these things simply sound awesome! I must have half a dozen strats, with all...
  20. mdog114

    Blues DeVille 4x10

    I just pulled this out of the storeroom and I can’t believe I haven’t used it for years. My Teles and Strats sound glorious. The blue speakers sound awesome!
  21. mdog114

    Building a Hybrid Cabinet: Pics Added

    I’m a finish carpenter and I had a pretty busy summer doing a lot of build-ins. I subsequently have a ton of Birch plywood scraps left in my shop and I want to clean it out. Perfect excuse for a project! I’ve got enough guitars and amps but we can all use more cabs, and I have some speakers...
  22. mdog114

    What’s the most basic dual EL84 circuit?

    How difficult would it be to design a truly simple amp circuit, or are there already existing designs out there? I would assume there are. I’m thinking real basic, with the purest signal path along with either a simple tone control or bass/treble. An overbuilt robust platform would be nice...
  23. mdog114

    X18 Air users?

    I've been using an X18 for the last month or so to record some rehearsals and it's worked perfectly. I have a powerplay 16 and the drummer has been using it to monitor the bass, guitar and vox in his cans while we play. Last night I tried to set up some monitoring of some tracks and a click...
  24. mdog114

    4 EL84 amps?

    Are there any stock offerings that have this compliment of tubes
  25. mdog114

    IPad Rig Question

    Thinking about trying out an IPad Rig, would a standard IPad 128 (not a pro) be enough horsepower to run a decent midi rig? I don't need if to do anything other than playback midi input.
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