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  1. northstar6000

    EQ Placement

    I always prefer at the beginning of my chain. This helps me get a focused and consistent signal to the rest of my pedals. Lots of folks like them after drive pedals; this is useful if you want to tailor your drive tones, but can amplify the noise floor if you’re not careful.
  2. northstar6000

    Best budget high gain amp for gigs/recording?

    I just got a PRS MT-15. It’s crazy loud. I watched a YouTube video where the guy measured it at about 25 watts. I’m running mine into a Mesa 2 x 12 slant cab and it is monstrous. This can definitely hold up in a band situation.
  3. northstar6000

    PRS MT 15 - dirty vs clean channel

    I’m considering grabbing a PRS MT-15. I played one a year ago and thought the gain channel was awesome. Loud as hell and fun for rock and metal. What didn’t do was play the clean channel that much. How is the headroom on the clean channel? I understand it’s only a 15 watt amp, but god dam if...
  4. northstar6000

    For a good "dirt" tone... can you rank these elements?

    Amp amp amp. Seriously - all tone journeys should begin with the amp. It is the basis of your tone. Everything else is just window dressing.
  5. northstar6000

    10 band eq

    Also remember EQ’s are kind of like compressors. You can end up boosting noise that is already present in your signal path. I have 2 of the 10 band MXR we pedals.It’s an awesome pedal with tons of headroom.It’s not noisy at all.
  6. northstar6000

    Looking for somewhat affordable clean pedal platform amp

    Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 20. Has power scaling (can be used at 1 watt, 5 watts, 10 watts, and 18 watts). Plus it has a direct out cab sim. Very great pedal platform. I used to own one, but have recently upgraded to the Tubemeister 36 (even more headroom).
  7. northstar6000

    What’s your favorite overdrive with PAFs?

    Another vote for the OCD. Just fantastic rock / classic rock tones all day long.
  8. northstar6000

    Good Delay in a Small Package for Slapback

    Another huge recommendation for the Boss DM2W - I never understood the appeal of slap back delay until I got the DM2. It is incredible.
  9. northstar6000

    Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz Combo - What's Close?

    I freaking love the JB. I have it in a Jackson Super Strat. This is literally the sound of 80’s thrash metal and hard rock/hair metal. If you want another classic metal/rock pickup, I would recommend the Seymour Duncan Invader. It’s what James Hetfield used on those early Metallica records...
  10. northstar6000

    Wampler Ratsbane - having huge noise issues

    Yeah that sounds like the same problem that I had. For mine it was really bad, even on lower gain settings. I hope you can resolve this. I had to send my Ratsbane back for a replacement. Good thing is the replacement does not exhibit the same issues.
  11. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    Thanks man. Another classic comp I had forgotten about. So many options to choose from.
  12. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    Thanks for the link. Didn’t know about this comp at all.
  13. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    I don’t have a preference - whether subtle or not. Just looking for something new and different from what I have. Thanks for the suggestion. This is another classic comp that I forgot to look into (option paralysis).
  14. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    I forgot about the Juicer. It’s another Orange Squeezer style. Thanks for putting that on my radar.
  15. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    Do you know what the Thorpy Fat General is based on? What type of conpressor? TGP ha been singing the praises of the Cali76 & the Effectrode for years. I’ve always been curious, butI know the price of admission is super steep for both of these. They look too-shelf for sure.
  16. northstar6000

    Looking for new & different compressor

    Howdy folks. I’m on the hunt for a new compressor. I’ve always found them useful and I love that there many different ‘flavours’. I currently own: Boss CPX-1 Mooer Yellow Comp MXR Super Comp I was thinking of getting a JHS Pulp n Peel. It looks interesting and runs a circuit I’ve never tried...
  17. northstar6000

    Phase off: EHX Small Stone nano or MXR Phase 95

    I own both either 95 & the Small Stone. Huge vote for the MXR 95. It’s just fantastic and with the 4 buttons there is quite a lot under the hood. I still love the Small Stone, but I don’t like it as much for distorted sounds. Where as the MXR sounds great both clean and distorted.
  18. northstar6000

    Wampler Ratsbane - having huge noise issues

    OP here. I do own a Proco Rat. The Ratsbane I received from Amazon HD significant noise issues. The 2nd Ratsbane I received did not have noise issues. I have lots of dirt boxes, and yes a little bit of noise is to be expected as the gain goes up. My particular experience with the Ratsbane...
  19. northstar6000

    Peavey Classic 50 or EHX MiG-50???

    I have a Peavey Classic 50 4x10. Great amp. Very loud. Sounds awesome with a band, and really cuts through. You can’t go wrong with it.
  20. northstar6000

    "Swiss Army knife" pedal recommendations please?

    There is the obvious choices - Line 6 HX Stomp - Line 6 M5 I can testify that the Stomp is incredible at how much it does in a small space.
  21. northstar6000

    How's this delay collection and what am I missing?

    The Strymon El Cap is missing. It’s a modern classic.
  22. northstar6000

    Source Audio Ventris - is it still useful without MIDI

    The IPhone does not come with a lightning to headphone cord.
  23. northstar6000

    Source Audio Ventris - is it still useful without MIDI

    I love your enthusiasm! I spent some time with the Neuro App last night. It was super easy and intuitive to use. I didn’t read the manual on how to use it. I just plugged it in and started loading user presets. Super simple and powerful. Is there any adapters available that allow you to use...
  24. northstar6000

    Source Audio Ventris - is it still useful without MIDI

    Thanks for that suggestion! I did not know you could that.
  25. northstar6000

    Wampler Ratsbane - having huge noise issues

    I hope not. I clearly told Amazon that the pedal had significant noise issues and was defective.
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