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    my new matchless toy ....

    i finally went to collect my clubman from the guys at matchless today , mike set me up with my clubman stack in the testing room , and i played phil's les-paul through it for a couple of minutes ...... it's no longer for sale :) but that's not my new toy . i've been messing around for the last...
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    voodoo 4 amp switcher pedal ???

    anybody on here use one ? can i expect problems ? any input appreciated . thanks ian
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    Guess which sounded best .....

    A : vox ac30 cc2 . B : vox av4 into a matchless 2x12 . imho , a tele into the ac4 on 1watt and the matchless perched on top of the vox sounded more awesome than any other combination . . yeah , i'm drunk again .
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    A question for the guys running 2 amps

    Not a stereo question, but one aimed at the guys who are using an a/b switch ... How long can you keep one amp idling for before you damage it? ? Im planning on doing comparisons of a couple of matchless and a couple of satellites and im thinking of wiring switches so I can flick through all...
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    pickup options for martin performing artist

    i have the fishman aura f1 set-up minus pick-up from a performing artist which i want to fit into a martin . what would be the pick-up to use ? thanks ian
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