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  1. sliberty

    Does HX Edit work with OS 12 Monterey?

    I have an HX Stomp and an M1 Mac Mini. I'd like to update my OS to Monterey, but Line 6 has not fully tested HX Edit with Monterey yet (if I am not mistaken). Have any of you been running HX Edit on Monterey? Any issues, or smooth sailing?
  2. sliberty

    HX Stomp screen glitchiness in 3.11

    Apologies if this has been covered here already. I noticed recently that when scrolling through presets on my Stomp, sometimes, the center of the display would be blank, and sometimes there would be colorful glitches near the bottom of the display. After doing the obvious (backup-reset-restore...
  3. sliberty

    Joyo Noise Blocker

    Joyo NGP - noise blocker This device is supposed to be like having 1 port of power supply isolation. I bought it quite a while ago, and when I tried it, it seemed to do nothing to help with noise. Today, I resurrected this little device, and tried it to isolate 2 devices that were attached to...
  4. sliberty

    Pickup swap: Noventa Telecaster

    Have any of you swapped out the P90 from your Noventa Telecaster? What did you install, and was it a perfect fit? I am considering a Lollar 50's Wind Soapbar, but don't want to have to "make any adjustments" in order to install it. Let me know your experiences.
  5. sliberty

    EBS Flat Patch Cables

    I’ve had really good success with the convenient and inexpensive cables - until now. Today i noticed that if i toughed or came close to one of the cables on my board, a huge hum welled up. This is the cable that connects from the output of a couple of pedals into the return of my HX Stomp. I...
  6. sliberty

    Does this guitar strap exist?

    I want a 3" wide , leather guitar strap that is adjustable to 60" in length (or more), but I want it to be adjustable via a slider, rather than the threaded ladder that most of them use. Not looking to break the bank, but these are so hard to find, I will pay more than a typical mass produced...
  7. sliberty

    Sold my frfr

    I bought an HX Stomp and a Strymon Iridium over the last couple of years, and began migrating over to modeling. Bought an Alto TS310 for output, and liked what I was hearing. But a few months ago, I found some very inexpensive Class D amplifier circuit boards, and built up a pedal sized "power...
  8. sliberty

    Anyone tried Minuendo ear plugs?

    I just watched a video about these by Henning Pauly, and they are intriguing. But, I've never stuck with ear plugs in the past due to too much high freq loss while wearing them. These guys claim they are "lossless". Are they? Is the sound really just quieter, but just as full spectrum?
  9. sliberty

    Small Class D Amp / Guitar Cab rigs for HX Stomp and POD Go (or any modeler really)

    I got into Line 6 modeling about 18 months ago, and soon after buying my HX Stomp, I bought an Alto TS310 FRFR because that is what I thought I needed in order to make proper use of the Stomp. None of my traditional guitar amps have effects loops, so going into the return wasn't an option...
  10. sliberty

    Need a compact multi-modulation pedal w/MIDI

    Aside from the H9, Mobious, and Terraform, what other options are there? (Yes, i know the H9 is not only modulation. Other multi-effects are fair game too, but i already have an HX Stomp, which this purchase will be paired with)
  11. sliberty

    Patch panel for flat Pedaltrain?

    I use a Metro 20 pedalboard, and I use 2 wireless dongle based systems. I am trying to keep the input-side receiver as far from the output-side transmitter as possible. Ideally what I would have is an input jack on one side of the board, and perhaps an output jack on the other side. Until now, I...
  12. sliberty

    HX Stomp - Global Bypass

    Global Bypass -- I watched a video on how to do this. It is exactly what I need. I have several presets in my Stomp that include an Amp/Cab block. But I use these presets in two different ways. Sometimes, I play through a powered wedge, in which case, I would want all of the Amp/Cab blocks...
  13. sliberty

    HX Stomp with expression pedal

    I've just eliminated the expression pedal from my pedalboard, at least for now, and gone back to a 2 button footswitch. it was connected to the TRS on the Stomp. I also have a MIDI foot controller which can also take an exp pedal, but I haven't tried it there in a while. The reason I eliminated...
  14. sliberty

    HX Stomp and MIDI

    I am using a Pedalbot PB-M4-U controller with my HX Stomp. I've programmed two of the buttons in Bank 1 to scroll presets up and down. This is a function in the controller that sends PC msgs to the Stomp, passing in the next or previous preset #. This method is not ideal as any manual preset...
  15. sliberty

    HX Stomp Ripple and Hum

    It seems that these are set to 5 by default on the amp models I have checked out. On the Fullerton Deluxe I find that there is a background hum with the Ripple set at 5, but it gets dead quiet if I drop it to zero. Is there any good reason to leave it at 5 and live with the hum? Seems so...
  16. sliberty

    HX Stomp overdrive / modulation noise

    My signal chain is as follows: Internal compressor -> FX loop containing 3 real overdrive pedals ->internal modulation (rotary speaker or trem or univibe or flanger) -> amp + cab -> delay -> reverb When I enable one of my overdrives and modulation, the noise is intense. And it modulates (no...
  17. sliberty

    "Enhanced" Two Button Footswitch for HX Stomp

    http://misc.sliberty.com/video/LEDRingSwitching.mov I've built a 2 button footswitch that solves two problems that I perceived with the Mosky and other similar footswitches. Both relate to a lack of feedback to the player when he steps on the switch: (1) no LEDs, and (2) no click. The...
  18. sliberty

    Help dialing in HX Stomp flanger

    I want to achieve something close to the sound that Andy Summers got with the Police on Driven To Tears (original studio recording) using my HX Stomp. I've got my overdrive and delay/reverb stuff all set, but I am having trouble selecting and dialing in the flanger effect. Which flanger model...
  19. sliberty

    HX Stomp, MIDI, Expression Pedals

    I have a Line 6 HX Stomp, a 2 button footswitch, a 4 button MIDI controller, and I am now considering getting an expression pedal to connect to my MIDI controller. I'd like one that is small and inexpensive, and ideally, I should be able to use it either on the MIDI controller or in place of one...
  20. sliberty

    Line 6 HX Stomp - add on footswitches

    I am relatively new to the Stomp, and I've added a Mosky Dual Switch to provide a couple of additional switching options. I've found it convenient to assign one of the foot switches on the Mosky to a clean boost implemented as a parameter toggle for the level parameter on the output block (0db...
  21. sliberty

    D'Addario strings on sale

    If you like D'Addario strings, they are currently running a sale on 3 packs. $9.99, so $3.33 per set. You can buy multiple 3 packs if you want more, but the 10 packs are like $4.40 per set, so don't pick that option. Here is a link to Amazon, but other retailers have the same deal too...
  22. sliberty

    Overdrive : buzzy/fizzy at low volumes

    i find that virtually all overdrives I’ve tried, and even some cleanish boosts are cleaner/clearer at loud volumes, and get more distorted/fizzier at low volumes. I am guessing that this effect has to do with the frequency response - more highs get through at low volumes, more balanced freq resp...
  23. sliberty

    Guitar shops in Belfast

    I will be in Belfast Northern Ireland for two weeks for work. Since I will be there over a weekend, I figure I'll need to check out some of the local guitar shops to fill my time. I already know about and plan to visit Dawsons. Any others worthwhile I should consider?
  24. sliberty

    Connecting microphone to interface via wireless system

    Let me preface this question by saying I am not a pro. My intention here is simply for home use. That doesn't mean I don't want good results, it just means that the 80/20 rule might apply. I have a Sennheiser E609 hanging in front of my amp so that when the urge strikes me to record something...
  25. sliberty

    Cheap Wireless Alert (Rowin WS-20)

    These are pretty good at $100, but at this price, they are a no-brainer. https://www.tomtop.com/p-i2941.html?aid=fb9i2941&mid=10000027077&utm_source=SEM&utm_medium=Facebook+Ads+%28Products%29&utm_campaign=TT_FB_I2941_LJY&utm_content=2898
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